New Interview with The Keiser Report – Spiral Dynamics

Thanks to Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of the Keiser Report, people all around the world googled Spiral Dynamics over the past week, and for that I am forever grateful. As you’ll see in the interview below, even scratching the surface of the topic in 10 minutes is an impossible task, but my hope is many people will hear the term and become curious. Based on the feedback I’ve had so far, that’s definitely been the case.

I come in around the 12:30 mark. Enjoy.

If this interview piqued your interest, I suggest reading my five-part series exploring Spiral Dynamics below:

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10 thoughts on “New Interview with The Keiser Report – Spiral Dynamics”

  1. The size of a group plays a major part in how it draws leaders out. The 99% group is by far the largest group we have ever seen on the worlds stage, all because of web technology. More at Pledge 2 the Planet (P2TP) Face Book was a good idea but this will be bigger as it evolves. will you be on-board for the ride?

  2. mike, be careful. when you talk about people ‘not understanding it’ you can come off as a bit haugty and academic to other people who don’t know you better.

    it’s best to address problems of explaining complex theories with a bit more nuanced description of your audiences intellectual involvement in understanding (your) paradigm that you are endorsing to them.

    max , in a silly way, tries to deflect this by refering to smoking marijuana , alluding to various indian spiritual descriptions, and other refernces associated with loose and unrigorous intellectual approaches. i think he’s did it not to knock you down but to smooth over the opposite impression that you might be givving his(your) audience by forcefully declaring that your complex notions are not only rigorous, but that they are estoric and over the head of other people because other people are unsophisticated.

    the problem with confusion is that the human ego wants to blame one side or another side for confusion in explaining and undrestanding. so , that doens’t have to be a problem though if we can patiently put our ego aside while listening/talking/explaining and comprehending. i think if you kept that in mind more max would have reacted or chose his words differently, in aniticpation of his audience .

    had it been anyone other than yourself on his show, someone without whom he had any history, he would have dispatched with spiral theory as you presented in, in an entirely more crude manner………

    anyways……… just trying to be of help. this wasn’t the worst interview. but it certainly wasn’t one of your best……….and maybe it could be. i hope to see more…….

    • I thought it was a good quick explanation relative to the situation

      I find the title ‘spiral dynamics’ makes it sound both overly esoteric and overly intellectual in the first place… So you are kinda backpeddling from the get go

      The idea of levels and layers of conciousness functioning and assigning colours to them etc, is very simple

      But the minute it is called a theory of the evolution of conciousness called spiral dynamics, that sound like something fully loaded as something to not understand..

      So it’s a case, as with all clever sounding stuff of peeling back the wrapper, but that’s not always easy as everyone expects everything to be a bit hard to understand, complex theories etc, which is why you would be invited on the show in the first place.. to explain the complexity.. you aren’t really given a platform to build up an idea in a simple way, more deconstructing the apparent complexity

  3. Hello Mike, it’s very important that you are contributing to broadening the terms of the debate, particularly given the progressive dumbing-down of public discourse in recent decades. This desperately needs reversing. People are not stupid and they are more than capable of taking on board new concepts; what they do need to surmount is the pervasive anti-intellectualism that keeps us tied to crude rhetoric and sloppy thinking.

  4. Michael, I have to thank you at a personal level. I was reading your articles, and I was indeed curious about spiral dynamics. Beside helping in understanding social dynamics, it really helped understand myself. I realize I was expressing judgements, when I was not supposed to, and I saw how those judgements where creating a barrier in communication with the people that I was involuntary judging. Judgement is like a shield that we build up, a separation from others that prevents any form of meaningful communication and understanding. This was really at a personal level. So I really have to thank you for bringing the subject up.

  5. Mike, quick comment here, just wanted to let you know, in the improbable case that you didn’t know already, that there’s actually no Wikipedia article for Sprial Dynamics in English, although there actually exist entries for it in Spainsh, Portugese, German, Dutch, Esperanto, Macedonian and Ukranian.
    it definetly looks like my kind of thing, so if it catches my attention maybe I’ll put an entry up myself, translated from the Spanish one, it being my mother tounge.
    best regards,



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