Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 3.24.43 PMMy name is Michael Krieger, and I am the creator and editor of Liberty Blitzkrieg. I’m originally from New York City.

As far as my academic and professional background, I attended college at Duke University where I earned a double major in Economics and Spanish. After completing my studies in 2000, I took a job at Lehman Brothers where I worked with the Oil analyst in the Equity Research Department.  In 2005, I joined Sanford C. Bernstein where I served as the Commodities Analyst on the trading floor. About halfway through my time there, I started to branch out and write opinions on bigger picture “macro” topics that no one else at the firm was covering. These opinion pieces were extremely popular throughout the global investment community, and I traveled extensively providing advice to some of the largest mutual funds, pension funds and hedge funds in the world.

I loved my job, but as time passed I started to educate myself about how the monetary and financial system functions and what I discovered disgusted me. I no longer felt satisfied working within the industry, and I resigned in January 2010.  At that point, I started a family investment office and continued to write macro pieces on economic, social and geopolitical topics. That summer, I drove cross country for six weeks and ultimately decided to leave the crowded streets of Manhattan for the open spaces of Boulder, Colorado, where I currently reside.

In the years that followed, I gradually recognized that my true passion centers upon writing on issues of significant societal importance given the extremely challenging times we live in. This realization culminated with me losing interest in financial markets and eventually launching this website in early 2012.

If you are interested in a more detailed description, replete with colorful anecdotes, of how I ended up making this bizarre professional transition, take the time to watch the video below.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. Hello ,
    I am the owner of btcwallet.org , i like you’r work and would be glad to exchange links with you’r blog , I am realy want to make a good connection between the bitcoin community and the economic reality .
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  2. Michael, You have a very excellent Blogsite and the articles are informative. I ran across your blogsite by accident. I plan to return when I have more time. I am of the opinion that Obama and his cronies, etc. will lead to the ultimate destruction of the United States – Economically and morally. The only true hope for our country is a nationwide Revival which I do not believe will come. Obama from my research is a Marxist Muslim who was and is funded and directed by George Soros who’s goal is to destroy the United States because it stands in the way of his globalist goals for the World. What God did at the Tower of Babel shows God’s displeasure with Globalism. Even though many people believe that Globalism is the ultimate solution for World problems, they are wrong because God has never allow this to this date. According to Holy Scripture a final One World government will be created but it will be the worst disaster that mankind has ever seen.

    “there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time:” Dan 12:1 (KJV)

    21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. Matt 24:21 (KJV)

    15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. Rev 13:15-18 (KJV)

    Personally, I do not believe that this time is very far off. I have been research these type issues for 50 years.

    In Christ,
    Rev. Thomas Clark – Phil. 3:14

    • Thank you- striking how close we are to this being implemented. ( see recent info about govnmt proposal for cashless society in future)

      I can hardly wait for the “I told ya so” day, to all thoe whom think it impossible. Hopefully, it will my miss my generation (babby boomer), but not my kids nor theirs. I hate to be selfish, but I just don’t want to be around to see the “sheeple” be so agreeably manipulated today by mainstream media and government .

      Thanks again for the post. Reminds me of a book I once read in the 1970’s ” when money fails: the 666 system” or similar.. People thought the ideas “crazy” back then and many in the book are now facts.

    • Amazing how the Bible, written thousands of years before advent of even simplest machines or pencil and pen, foretold of the all but implemented cashless society which would require a specific identifying number be assigned to individuals to be allowed to either buy or sale goods. Perhaps, more amazing is how such a large segment of the population today ridicule those who point out truths found in biblical writings which have already or clearly will soon transpire before their own eyes. That is the power of controlled media and organized political forces with common goals which truth threatens, to make the truth obvious be disbelieved and those who share it to be ridiculed and ostracized. How easy to mislead so many when truth stares into their very eyes? So powerful is acedemia’s persuasion as to shaping the student mind that those seeking truth through higher education cannot see truth with the same open minds our universities demand from them in freshmen science courses.

  3. I used to live in Boulder until 2009, would have been good to have you around then. I studied international affairs and Chinese at CU and also was thoroughly disgusted by the end of my education! Anyhow, lived in Wyoming in the mountains for a few years thumbing my nose at the BS, now in NYC beginning to work in finance as an outlet for engaging with the system. Not sure if engagement or disengagement is the answer. They say it takes money to make money and with the central planners fucking our futures, finance seems to be one way to still make money. I dunno. Either way, I’ll follow the blog and have appreciated your pieces in the past. Peace.

  4. Mike, I really enjoy your site and articles. PLEASE keep up your great work! One suggestion, I wanted to ask a question on the Darden Restaurant strategy for the Affordable Health Care (not) Act. Do you have a feedback link to your articles?

  5. 9/11 appeal – Dimitri Khalezov has asked for help
    Dimitri Khalezov alerted us to the nuclear demolition scheme of the WTC two years ago. He dropped out of sight for a while but has resurfaced to ask for help. He has been writing a book on 9/11. This is now finished and will be released very soon. However, he does not wish to to be killed for his revelations. So he is asking people to download a set of encrypted files from his websites. If anything bad happens to him, his friends will make public the passwords for the files (which hold highly sensitive information that is very damaging to Thailand, where he lives).
    To recap, this is the information which Dimitri Khalezov released in 2010:
    [Links to the 26 part video interview with Khalezov are at the bottom of the webpage – #4 is on the WTC nuclear demolition scheme and #14 is on Building 7]
    English version of the Nexus article (German edition):
    Please note that the site is erroneously flagged as having malware.
    This is the appeal:
    There are transcripts to the videos at:
    and also in the comments at:
    The following is from video #1:
    Please download, keep secure, and re-distribute as widely as possible, encrypted archives with the following file names:
    You could find these 4 zip-archives on my web sites such as (each file will be followed by its control sum – either CRC32 or MD5 – to verify its integrity and its authenticity):
    These zip files have highly sensitive information which can seriously damage the Kingdom of Thailand.
    These are securely encrypted.
    If anything happens to me, my friends will publish the passwords.
    I may add more files.

  6. many thanks for the links above!
    This guys analyses definitely make sense. Everything is clear for me now regarding 9/11. This theory should get more broader audience.

    • You can sign up on the right sidebar to get emailed updates whenever I post something and there is also a “follow on twitter” button on the right sidebar as well. I suggest using both! Thanks, Mike

  7. Mike – I’ve been following your blog for about a year and was on the verge of deleting it. Not that I don’t like your writing or don’t appreciate your efforts, but I’ve recently decided to focus on change of consciousness and SOLUTIONS vs.learning evermore about the bottomless hole of corruption and fraud we seem sunk in. And then today, you write your Mission Statement for 2013: Solutions! I don’t think we’re alone in this change of focus – there are MANY exciting experiments in decentralization, community equity, local food, alternative financing happening right now. So, I’ll certainly be staying tuned to your blog as this year unfolds!

  8. The article about plastic printed guns, was nothing short of misleading. It’s aan example of absolute dreack that circulates on the net by people with no understanding of science, materials, technology and the like. You could have vetted that article with a call to any gun smith, but you didn’t… that speaks volumes that you don’t need facts for you to write anything at all.

  9. a truthful world a better world an honest world a loving world, what a wonderful world to bring a child into. thanks for being brave enough to try.

  10. Just stumbled across your site as I googled “debt slavery,” a phrase I hadn’t heard until I listened to a Guardian interview with the former British politician and socialist, Anthony Wedgewood Benn. When one thinks this notion through, it’s astonishing what lives of diminished liberty most Americans live! Keep up the good work and wishing you lots of success.

  11. Great A2A today!

    Thank you for answering my question about fears about becoming a target do to voicing my discontent with “the state”. While we do reach out to like minded Americans, have get togethers, talk about gardens, preparing, solar, water, and the Fed. I was really expressing a fear I keep inside, and one that pops up before I say or do most things.

    You are right! I do not like feeling like this, but I do like my constitutional rights! I will keep your words in mind!

    best to you!

  12. oh, and…

    Could you pay your IT guy some BTC to get you a website icon? I “pin” sites I check in with daily in Firefox, which shortens them down to just the site icon. Yours is blank (TF’s is a yellow cowboy hat) 😉

    • Thanks for listening in and engaging! By icon, do you mean the yellow hat to the left of the site’s URL? I am working on a logo and other improvements to the site as we speak. Hopefully have everything up and running by the end of the year!

      Michael Krieger

  13. Yes! 🙂 And, that’s cool.

    Sorry, I’m a software engineer… so, this is what you also get back from me (engagement wise) 🙂

    If the comment (or reply) gets larger than the fixed “Leave a Reply” box, the “Post Comment” button gets scrolled off the bottom. But, I guess that’s one way to keep comments short. 😉

    Thank you for indulging my having just learned… at 50, that I am a libertarian.

  14. The single greatest threat to Liberty and Freedom is the US legal system. Those who sacrifice the most…benefit the least. When I hear the word terrorist or terrorist organization I don’t think of Al-Qaida or the Taliban, I think of judges and the US legal system. For-profit prisons, above the law judges, politicians and those with wealth, militarized law enforcement and etc. etc, we’ve seen this play before. Some say we are losing America, I say we have lost her but I believe she can still be saved. God Bless America and all those who serve her.

  15. Hi Michael, very excited to have come across your blog. I knew I would like your content as soon as I read, “My name is Michael Krieger and I am a recovering Wall Street employee.” I work at a financial publishing company, Wyatt Research Investment in Vermont (believe it or not) and many of us here can relate to and appreciate your mission to restore liberty (and honesty) to investors and Americans alike!

  16. Really nice writing Michael….very balanced and non-confrontational. First time reading you and I look forward to more. Best wishes on your writing career.

  17. Greetings from Erith in Kent, UK…I’m late to the party here, but glad to arrive nonetheless. Great site, keep up the fab work.

  18. Great blog, lots of good articles to read. I spread links to your aticles to friends, relatives or bloggers. Please keep up!

    Thank you for your efforts from Germany.

  19. Michael, your 2/4/15 “Bankers for Hire – Former Bank of Baltimore CEO Admits He Worked for the CIA” is at the center of what some experts are calling the biggest corporate espionage scandal in this country’s history! Take a look at “Baltimore Lawyer Threw Own Client’s Case To Protect Bank-Robbing Banker From Scrutiny” a/k/a “The Price of Shining Light on the Dark World of Corporate Espionage” by investigative journalist Christian Stork. Ed Hale/1st Mariner Bank is the ‘Bank-Robbing Banker’ and Beckett Brown International (BBI) is the criminal enterprise that committed the break-ins to steal extremely sensitive proprietary information and trade secrets from the Bank of Glen Burnie in a hostile takeover attempt by Hale and 1st Mariner. My crooked attorneys at Semmes, Bowen & Semmes threw my case as detailed in Stork’s shocking expose’ and a massive cover-up orchestrated by Semmes continues at full-throttle today. BBI was hatched and launched INSIDE the U.S. Secret Service Financial Crimes Division by Regional Supervisor Paul Rakowski just before he retired. Multiple BBI successor companies with the very same saboteurs and predators of the corporate underworld are thriving today. The Louisiana RICO action against South African giant Sasol cited by Stork was settled late last year with zero publicity (Sasol has threatened me for harming them) and actress Robin Wright’s mom – Gayle Gaston – is currently trying to get some justice in her victimization by BBI and Mary Kay. Both stories were featured on CNBC’s Crime Inc. ‘Secrets For Sale’ a few years back. More documentation of BBI racketeering crimes can be found at http://www.spygate.org or googling “Beckett Brown International” and there’s much, much more yet to come out…

  20. some people who are looking into instituting public banks contacted me. During the discussion with the Canadians trying to do this, it became clear that while we think we are arguing about who gets to loan the nation’s money, what we were really arguing was who gets to print it…

    … and as it turns out, the population at large thinks that these are the same thing. So do G. Edward Griffin, Bill Still, James Corbett & Max Keiser.
    Here’s what I mean. The way we are told it happens is that the federal government issues a bond for an amount of money, and the Fed prints it, and it is owed back. To which I ask the question “Why do we owe it back? It isn’t their money.”

    It seems that because we are told this is the way things work, most people accept it. But let’s think this through: if I had a printing press capable of printing all the bills of the nation’s currency, and I was contracted to do so, you mean everybody would owe me back all the money I printed? Really? Why? Does it cost $5.00 to print a five and $100.00 to print a one-hundred dollar bill? I don’t think it even costs a dollar to print a one! And just a second: all the money printed? Isn’t the money you earn with your labor paid to you by a company with their profits included in this money printed? According to this system, you owe back all the money you ever earned plus interest?

    Am I the only starting to smell the strong scent of major fraud?
    Because we intrinsically know that money has to somehow be “generated”, that it doesn’t grow on trees, we accept this description. But look at it without that precept: we are allowing them to print their own money and charge us for a service they aren’t providing. That money isn’t pre-owned! How can they own it before it’s printed? Then once it is printed, how does it become the Fed’s? Why doesn’t it belong to the driver of the truck who then transports it to where it goes so we can get ours? Why are we paying all the money in existence for a print job?
    We know some of the financial system is manipulated, but this is the king of them all. It isn’t their money to charge and they’re getting it all based on nothing more than government saying so?
    In three European countries we witnessed banks steal the life savings of their private clients and give it to governments who then paid it back to the banks – in payments that only paid down the debt, not the principle no less. In the U.S.A. government stole private citizens’ money and gave it to the banks who then paid it back to government in the form of campaign funding, super-pacs and lobbying to get the bailout in the first place. Yes, there needs to be an over-riding structure that the system runs within, but the one we have is pure bs. And there is more, but I think this is enough to get your attention.

  21. Just read your piece in Zero Hedge. Finally, an article I totally agree with. I don’t usually follow like minds, as I think it’s a waste of time, but in this case I like to hear more from you. I look forward to reading other articles by you Mike.

    • Organized religion is about as dependable and realistic as the U. S. economy these days so, I can not fault you there. I do hope you have faith in God, however.

      I see you will be Greg Hunter’s guest on Sunday 09/11, USA Watchdog. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Liked your intro video on your About Page. Way to many unbelievable but all to real events, occurring today, to consume our time and interests regarding our present and future lives. Continued success with your web site and writing.


  22. Inspiring story and great site you have here. By the way: I came here through the list of interesting alternative news sources so helpfully provided by the Washington Post … I will be sure to check back :o)

  23. Mike,

    In my considered opinion, you are one of the premier thinkers and writers of the post- (so-called) Great Financial Crisis™ era, which episode in US economic history has probably spawned more fundamental reassessment — and, yes, even outright condemnation of and calls for rebellion against the Economy of Corruption that has assimilated and will continue to assimilate all who yield themselves to its enticements.

    I’ve read a very high percentage (75%+) of your posts over the course of the past two years (since my personal “awakening”); I suspect I’ve listened to / watched most, if not all, of the podcasts / video interviews you have given during that same period. I’ve highly recommended (with links) several specimens of your thinking and perspectives to my wife, my brother, and others.

    I greatly regret not having, heretofore, expressed my gratitude — be it by way of a supportive comment to one of your articles, or in the much more functional form of a monetary donation. With this post, I’ve remedied the former; I will shortly remedy the latter as well.

    One last comment: I watched your 2013 address embedded above. I was simultaneously surprised, impressed, and intrigued by your discerningly observant eye as manifest in your brief commentary on the fascinating (and, I believe, highly instructive) cultural oddities you experienced during your visit to Salt Lake City. Although I now live in southern Utah, I was born and raised in the SLC area. I think I may write you and offer my personal “insider’s view” of the extraordinary cultural drama which has been playing out for several decades — in ever heightening crescendo — in, of all places, Salt Lake City, Utah. And although it most certainly presents several peculiarly unique aspects, it is nevertheless (in my estimation) a highly revealing microcosm of the cultural tensions that are currently playing out across the entire globe.

    In any case, I extend to you my sincere admiration and commendations for the great work you do.

  24. Dear Michael,
    With regard to your comments on the Keiser Report. “Those groups are in this more primitive state of consciousness. And we can sort of understand and include, the good values that each of those sides has. And right now we’re just fighting in tribes, and we’re not going to get anything done. The only thing that’s going to happen if we keep doing this, is that we’re going to have some sort of civil war”. As Jonathan Swift suggested through the Lilliputians, and their conflicts centred on which end up to open eggs. What really matters in actual confirmable reality, is that there are enough eggs to go around. Consider this: Isn’t a believer someone unwilling/unable to share the infallible methodology they personally used to confirm the accuracy of their own preferred certainty? And isn’t an atheist someone claiming to possess that all-knowing capability entirely exclusive to a supernatural entity, who they incongruously assert is nonexistent? Humans appear able to hold two totally incompatible ideas in their head, without registering the cognitive dissonance (doublethink) concomitant with such an unrealistic, impractical, and paradoxical practice. Fortuitously this is an easily remedied failing. Although not a venture suitable for the fainthearted.
    The solution to this situation was identified two and a half millennia ago by the ancient Greek Socrates. Who discovered that asking anyone a series of bespoke questions, prompted them to contradict their own ideological narrative. A breakthrough, which an alarmed establishment ruthlessly suppressed as an existential threat to those without answers. Yet there is nothing magical nor mystical in such a feat. It is simply that all ‘understandings’ of reality are devised by humans. But all humans are fallible. Ergo all human ‘understandings’ of reality are fatally flawed. As a universal generic alternative to said face to face enquiry, try this thought experiment: Take up virtual pen and paper, then reverse engineer the means by which unadulterated reality finds its way into the human brain. Should you determine that it never could, nor ever can, you will have experienced a revelation. If that task proves too onerous, try this:
    Q1: Is your understanding of reality 100% correct?
    Given that an unwise claim that it is, could quickly be disavowed by the posing of a few elementary enquiries.
    Q2: What percentage of that unique personal ‘understanding’ of reality is incorrect?
    Posing such queries can result in the creation of a notional void, where untested certainty once held sway. But persisting with that enquiry protocol does identify some potentially potent possibilities, capable of subsuming the newly freed space.
    Question A: What is the most important function human beings perform? (Purpose). Potentially there are as many different responses to that as there are individuals to devise them. However nothing entirely dependant nor wholly reliant on the existence of humanity can occur, in the absence of humanity. Including the practice of religion and science. Thereby rendering those two both subservient, to an all encompassing primary requirement and enabler. Thus isn’t the meaning of life, life itself; ensuring continuity of the species? Although even if it is not, and some greater yet undiscovered purpose exists. Does not securing longevity for our kind, constitute an indispensable prerequisite for that endeavour too?
    Question B: Why wouldn’t humans appreciate something as elemental as this? Maybe there is some unregistered constructional shortcoming in the human means of perception. If homo sapiens had a passive aperture in their craniums, through which the mind could directly experience reality, probity might theoretically be possible. But cursory examination reveals a series of limited bandwidth active sensors, distorting and encoding one medium into another analogous form. Which a remote and insular decoding device, is charged with decrypting. When we dream we are fully prepared to accept, without question, a ‘reality’ completely confined to the inside of an hermetically sealed enclosure. When we wake we encounter another experience, which can serve as a comparator for that lower level example. However we can never attain a higher level of consciousness, represented by direct connection to actual reality. An all-knowing condition, which would provide the means for crosschecking the accuracy of the wakeful state. Without experiencing this third level consciousness, we cannot but blindly believe that wakefulness is synonymous with the real reality experience. Hence all our ‘realities’ differ from each other, and often confirmable reality itself.
    We are missing a (classroom) credo that tells us to think, not what to think. For truth risks nothing from enquiry, as it could only be strengthened by continual verification. Untruth however, dare not permit examination that would inevitably expose it as falsehood. Would that Socrates had ‘corrupted’ our young, by teaching them how to cogently test-question everything. Since our species would thenceforth have effectively been rendered immune, to future infection from all inane ideologies promoted by idiotic ideologues. Best regards, al.

    p.s. Even that belief system known as science (all fallible methodologies involve faith), is now belatedly becoming aware of this fundamental design flaw in consciousness. Through enquiries conducted by Dr. David Eagleman. If (hu)man made global warming is real, who gifted humanity the means to destroy itself? Time for another (E)nlightenment (=)equals (m)ental (c)ertainty (c)hallenged moment?

  25. Great to discover your post on Theresa May’s plans for controlling the public’s access to the internet(I live in the UK). Fortunately she may not find it so easy to introduce them as she is in charge of a minority government.(Unfortunately she’s propped up by the Ulster Unionists who will support her in these matters, for example being anti LGBT etc). This is yet another example of the “nanny state”, which the Conservative Party purports to oppose. So called “child pornography” is a serious problem. In certain parts of the world there is a traffic in children for these purposes. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY VILE. Children should be allowed their childhood. They should be allowed to accustom themselves to their sexual feelings GRADUALLY as they mature, hopefully under the guidance of adults, e.g. parents or other responsible persons. HOWEVER, what Mrs May’s government, like many others, will do is to imply that ALL ADULT MATERIAL CONTAINS “CHILD PORNOGRAPHY”, or that ALL ADULT MATERIAL IS EQUALLY REPREHENSIBLE. They will find vociferous supporters here. I would say “What’s wrong with an adult viewing adult material in his/her own home?” But, unfortunately, there’s more. This government will, in the same way, will use the excuse of Islamic Terrorism to limit access to social media sites etc. In this country there’s a long history of governments(of all parties) using the excuse of NATIONAL SECURITY to cover up GOVERNMENT SCREW-UPS. I have a degree in Law and I’ve passed the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice. In my study of Constitutional Law(strange definition, as we don’t have a document called a constitution like the United States), I had to learn these cases. Michael, I’m glad to have discovered your site. I’ll be watching it with interest. There may well be several already, but I feel that I might like to create a UK site rather like yours.

  26. Great blogg Michael and a fine Bio, many thanks. Keep up the good work; some day it will change but it’s going to need a lot of people to get the message before change is effected. Let’s hope that the coming crash will start the ball rolling – I’ll be there pushing, rest assured.

  27. Michael –
    I heard of your site while watching The Liberty Report, hosted by Dr. Ron Paul. If you’ve found the financial system disgusting, you’ll find our judicial system even more disgusting. If you’d like to talk about partnering with Sara and I, reach out. We are experts in our field, and our book is now ranked ahead of 12,000+ others in 7 categories on Amazon. It is now in the top 1% best-selling books there as well. Our respective projects may be complementary.



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