Why Increased Consciousness is the Only Path Forward

Today’s post will be the fifth and final article this week exploring how a human consciousness development model known as Spiral Dynamics can help us understand the increasingly insane world around us, as well as chart a path forward. To fully grasp the concepts in today’s piece, you should read the prior four articles. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I wouldn’t have dedicated my entire first week back from a break to this stuff if I didn’t think it was of the utmost importance.

Lost in the Political Wilderness

What is Spiral Dynamics and Why Have I Become So Interested in It?

How a Breakdown in Liberal Ideology Created Trump – Part 1

How a Breakdown in Liberal Ideology Created Trump – Part 2

We’ve all heard variations of the famous quote by Joseph de Maistre that: “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” I’ve spent the last decade or so rejecting this. After all, it’s hard for someone who has dedicated his life to flushing out the severe societal problems we face to accept that this is our destiny.

Fortunately, the framework of Spiral Dynamics has helped me see the truth in this observation, at least when it comes to America, where we have far more avenues for liberty than more autocratic nations. According to Ken Wilber in his recent e-book, Trump and a Post-Truth World: An Evolutionary Self-Correction, America’s descent into a parasitic, unhealthy, increasingly authoritarian society is a function of traffic jam in the evolution of consciousness that occurred due to the total failure of green level thinking to develop many of the initially positive realizations that sprung up in the 1960’s. As Wilber explains:

One of the paradoxical reasons that it is so important that our culture at large understand the general basics of a developmental view is that such an understanding would allow people to see the general limits of just how much they will be able to agree with each other in the first place.  All “1st- tier” stages (crimson, magenta, red, amber, orange, and green), as we saw, think that their truth and values are the only genuinely real and important truth and values. That is not likely to ever change fundamentally (it hasn’t for the last hundred-thousand years that it’s been in existence). But the degree to which those beliefs are held, and the aggression that is invested in such a belief, can indeed be softened, opened, dosed with a bit of kindness and compassion—and the example for this must come from the leading-edge. That’s one of the things that a leading-edge does—while being the “highest” level of evolution at that point, it leads all levels—it provides a direction that can energize the population at large—and failing that, it simply fails to lead. But that is exactly one of the problems that the collapse of green ended up generating—all other values were not met with an open compassion but were aggressively “deconstructed” and decommissioned and tossed in the “basket of deplorables,” and anyone who continued to believe them was subjected to harsh, vocal, and unrelenting ridicule. The “culture wars” (which, by the way, are exactly the battle between amber, orange, and green—between traditional mythic religion, modern science and business, and postmodern multiculturalism) —but the culture wars, under green “leadership,” went nuclear. What green was teaching this culture, by example, were sophisticated ways to despise (and deconstruct) those who disagreed with you—they aren’t just wrong, they are the source of every major force of oppression, injustice, slavery, and worse. You do not want to embrace them with kindness and understanding, you literally want to deconstruct them (while you yourself ounder in aperspectival madness, cackling loudly with each new victory helping move others to an equal infestation by aperspectival insanity). What so desperately needs to be understood, from a developmental and evolutionary perspective, is that each major stage of development becomes a possible station in life for those who stop there, and there is nothing that can be done about that—except make sure that all the means of further development are made as widely available as possible (a core task of the leading-edge), and—just as importantly—making room in the society for individuals who are at each station of life (red, amber, orange, green, or integral), and douse the whole affair with outrageous amounts of loving kindness—and do so by example.  

Green hasn’t been doing so by example, as everyone knows by now, and based on some of the recent insane outbursts of violence at Berkeley, for instance, I’m not particularly optimistic that green will get it’s act together and lead the way forward. As such, I gravitative towards Wilber’s second possible resolution to the problem, if we are to move forward.

The one other option, slightly different, is for evolution to leap-frog to an integral stage of unfolding as its new leading-edge, which would inherently perform all of the tasks now required of a regenerated green. This “leap- frogging” would not constitute skipping a stage (which is not possible), but it would mean building a higher stage on a diseased predecessor, which lands it with a handicap right from the start. The integral attitude, however, is designed to effectively spot and route around such roadblocks, and this we would expect to see.

The most likely course of action, however, is some mixture of both. That’s not a cop-out, it’s a precise prediction. Green simply cannot function, not even on its own level, if it continues in its extreme, mean-green-meme (vindictively seeing “deplorables” everywhere), hyper-sensitive, over-the- top politically correct, dysfunctional, and pathological form in which it now exists. Its inherent contradictions are increasingly being seen and felt, and ways to work around them are being explored (which incorporate the partial truths of green but not their extreme and pathological absolutisms).

That lessening of green’s pervasive hostility and vindictiveness toward all previous stages of development is what we identied as “step one” in the requisite self-healing of green. There is at least a decent likelihood that this will—and to some degree already has—begun to happen. On the other hand, “step two”—the realization that growth holarchies provide the actual basis of the value judgments that green is already making, and that these growth holarchies also are the only truly effective means to displace the dominator hierarchies that green correctly ranks on the bottom of the list of social desirables—is a bit less likely to occur at the green level itself, but will most likely depend upon the transformation to integral 2nd tier. My strong suspicion, therefore, is that green will perform a good deal of step one on its own, and that this will have a very positive effect on culture at large. (And conversely, to the extent that at least this first step is not taken, then the self-corrective drive of evolution will continue to push, and push, and push into existing affairs, driving more Trump-like “disasters” as evolution redoubles its efforts to force its way through these recalcitrant obstructions.)

But step two will likely be taken at this time only by integral communities themselves, and otherwise will await the growth of 10 percent of the population which would initiate a tipping point and propel the integral stage into being the next-higher leading-edge, with altogether stunning repercussions.

Contributing to this growth and increase in truly inclusive awareness, and under the drive to discover “what’s next” after postmodernism, various Integral theories and metatheories are increasingly gaining ground, and wherever they do, they automatically correct the green dysfunctions that they unearth. Little by little, in other words, an Integral awareness is helping to embody an evolutionary self-correction in its very actions.

It is this Integral view that I wish to recommend to any who are ready for such…In embracing all of yesterday, it opens us to all of tomorrow. And it will provide a leading-edge of evolution the likes of which humanity has literally never seen before.

This is indeed the next, authentic and genuine leading-edge, and it has already begun its inevitable emergence. It carries with it the inexorable drive to “transcend and include” literally all of the previous stages of development and the stations of life that they now inhabit—but minus the inherent rancor that each of them, on its own, feels for the others. Humankind has never had a leading-edge like this at any previous point in history. It is indeed “cataclysmic,” “a monumental leap in meaning,” and it is here for each of us to embrace and express should we so desire. And it is the one, sure, and certain balm—if authentically inhabited—for the isolating, regressive, repressive, mean-spirited, and fragmenting state in which the world now nds itself rapidly drowning.

This week’s series of posts aren’t meant to speak to everybody. These five pieces were written because the Spiral Dynamics model initiated me into a powerful framework that spoke to me on a very deep level and provided me with incredible understanding. As such, I felt the concept would resonate equally powerfully with a minority of you, and based on the response so far, this has definitely been the case.

As noted earlier, Wilber thinks 10% is a key tipping point. In other words, if we can get 10% of the population to center around a yellow second-tier level of thought, which consists of a momentous leap in consciousness, the entire world will change for the better. I agree. I’m not here trying to sell you a seminar on how to expand your consciousness; rather, I think these article can help spark some sort of revelation in the minds of many of you who are already at yellow, or at least at the cusp of such a transformation. Since consciousness can and does regress under conditions of stress and fear, it’s extremely important to be conscious of your consciousness so that you don’t fall back into lower states.

Unfortunately, I see many people regressing at the moment, and I see the media as an intentional force in trying to get people to lower their consciousness. A perfect way to tell if someone is operating at a low level of consciousness is if they’re constantly placing tens of millions of their fellow citizens into an outside group they subsequently demonize. It’s perfectly fine and healthy to harshly criticize the system itself and the many powerful individuals doing awful things within it, but once you start dehumanizing large swaths of the population as a matter of your worldview, you are most certainly on a very counterproductive path that will lead to merely a blackhole of nothingness for society.

At this stage, many of us are able to diagnose the problem, but that’s not going to be enough to truly change the world. I believe the determining factor as to whether we emerge from this dark period on the other side of a far more enlightened world, will be the way we respond to the situation. This is why second-tier thinking, or integral (yellow) consciousness is so important. It can be difficult to put this higher stage of consciousness into words, but here’s a snippet from Wilber’s book:

Beginning two or three decades ago, researchers began to notice the emergence of a stage that, in its actual contours, was very confusing. Each major stage to date had a common characteristic: each thought that its truth and values were the only real truth and values in existence—all the others were misguided, infantile, goofy, or just plain wrong. But this new stage had a radically new quality: it believed that all the previous stages had some sort of significance, that they all were important, and that they all must be included in any approach that hoped to be comprehensive, inclusive, and truly integrated. For this reason, it was usually called things like “integrated,” “systemic,” “integral,” and so on. But it marked a staggeringly new and radically different type of evolutionary stage altogether, unique in the entire history of humanity. Clare Graves, a pioneering developmentalist, called it “cataclysmic” and a “monumental leap of meaning.” As noted, around 5 percent of the population has reached this stage in our ongoing unfolding (and we’ll have more to say about it in a moment).

If you’re still confused, I’m going to try to describe it with a couple of real world examples. First, in the monetary realm. As I tweeted yesterday:


If Bitcoin blew you away when you first discovered it, and continues to do so to this day, Spiral Dynamics can help explain why. Bitcoin was an expression in the physical world of the newly emergent leading-edge integral level consciousness. It drew lessons from history and attempted to take the best of orange and green worldviews and incorporate them into an entirely new form of money. We see the clear presence of free markets and individualism, as well as the intentional separation of the system from dominator hierarchies (bureaucratic government meddling), which had corrupted all money before it. Its greenness is evident in the fact that by design no individual or company controls the network. Global, decentralized, revolutionary technology. This is perhaps the perfect example of integral consciousness operating on our planet at this time from an economics standpoint, and why it has captured the imagination of so many, while at the same time being violently rejected by so many others (mainly those operating within the pathological green framework, with Paul Krugman being the perfect example).

We can also see integral consciousness at play in the different ways people choose to protest. A great example of very low level consciousness at play was the mindless violence at the University of California Berkeley a couple of weeks ago (for more on this, see the post: Lost in the Political Wilderness). Contrast that lunacy, to the way two cities decided to fight back against Wells Fargo. NPR reports:

Seattle’s City Council has voted to not renew its contract with Wells Fargo, in a move that cites the bank’s role as a lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline project as well as its creation of millions of bogus accounts. As a result, the city won’t renew its contract with the bank that expires next year.

The unanimous vote will pull the city’s more than $3 billion in annual cash flow from the banking giant, the council says. Seattle says the bidding process for its next banking partner will “incentivize ‘Social Responsibility.'”

Not long after Seattle’s vote, the City Council in Davis, Calif., took a similar action over the pipeline. It voted unanimously to find a new bank to handle its roughly $124 million in accounts by the end of 2017.

If you want to engage in politically potent protest that can truly scare the powerful, that’s how you do it. Not by macing young women wearing Bitcoin hats.

But what about Washington D.C. itself? That’s going to be much harder considering I believe politicians on both sides consist of some of the worst individuals society has to offer.

Bipartisan today means taking the worst of liberalism and conservatism and agreeing on it. When it comes to war, bailing out Wall Street, and striping the public of civil liberties we are overflowing with bipartisanship. We need to do the exact opposite, by taking the good parts of both, and integrating them.

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In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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30 thoughts on “Why Increased Consciousness is the Only Path Forward”

  1. Wow, these examples are fantastic. Really appreciate this series of posts! I went through a huge “Wilber phase” years ago but then went through a cycle very similar to what Mark Manson described in his article “The Rise & Fall of Ken Wilber”–I was disheartened by the lack of real-world applications of integral theory, and sick of the elitist tone of the self-described “integral” crowd….What has been lacking is exactly the sort of thing Wilber has done with the new book you’ve been quoting, and what you are now doing with this series: concrete applications of the theory, both in describing what’s going on culturally and politically, and in prescribing the way forward. Bravo, and thank you! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  2. Yes, I have been meditating for over 45 years and this is what we know to be true. We have to meditate and create a situation where our mind and body are integrated and can have clear thinking. So when a stick is thrown on the ground and someone says it is a snake we see only a stick.

  3. Fascinating. for sure.

    Michael, you say gold-backed currency is low consciousness… but it has benefits over Bitcoin, like resilience in the face of societal collapse. Can moving forward include valuable things from the past that were discarded as a result of the stalled evolution? Other examples would be care of the land/soil, mom-and-pop businesses, that sort of thing. Or are those things all discarded as part of “evolving”?

    • Be aware that I intentionally said a government backed gold standard. E-gold is interesting as a free market option. There’s a big difference. I am also an advocate of holding physical gold for the reason you mentioned and other reasons.

      Yes, of course. That’s the integral approach. All of the layers have something to offer, what ends up happening in first-tier thinking is the next stage always thinks it is 100% right so is quick to degrade all the important accomplishments that came before it. The integral consciousness is able to choose the good and discard the bad.

  4. Actually I found this approach very interesting and constructive.
    Integration was collectively implemented without more consciousness, in a very controlled way, still is. The integration was fueled by instilling “need”, increasing the need in individuals to force them to be codependent more and more and meant to be really “controlled”.
    When I say “need”, that is abstract for the need for safety, the need for economic security etc.
    Need ALWAYS translates in more control, less freedom, like going one step down from consciousness, thus the reaction to step back.
    So your approach is very healthy for a true integration that needs awareness and understanding, certainly not “need” driven. In couples is the same thing, the best wish that can be given is “may your love for each other always be stronger than the need to stay together”, because this implies an awareness and a conscious desire to be together… that being non existent it turns any couple into a voluntary or involuntary unbearable prison…?

  5. In reality their is no such thing as good or bad there just is. When one places judgement on being either high or low one is still caught up in self importance. Problem with man is he is programmed to judge every scenario and is constantly on a wheel not recognizing all problems lie within; each persons own perception of reality. Until one wakes up and observes ones own thoughts and consciously creates ones own reality and makes a quantum leap to a new reality one is doomed to the past. It is becoming increasingly more difficult with all the hype presented; fake news, constant propaganda, on how to think, technology expanding at a high rate, the majority has lost the capacity to think. The deep state with their mind controlled operations and bombarded 24/7 by talk radio, the majority no longer in charge of their own thoughts. to break loose and quantum leap in consciousness. In truth our whole system is a reflection of human consciousness entangled within the web of the quantum field and we indeed have been programmed to be slaves and serfs to a handful of tyrants, at the expense of the many. Perhaps it will take great hardships and tribulations to make the quantum leap to super consciousness and for humanity to rise up. Thanks for your articles concerning this very important subject. As master teacher Ramtha, has taught consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality. The real journey is to conquer oneself and one’s own attitudes and raise one’s consciousness to be a contributor to the human race The journey continues………………

    • creating “need”, is precisely creating the perception of a void that has to be filled, and we are invited to fill that void using tools graciously made available by the same folks that create the illusion, kind of ironic…
      Surely, it would be easy to just look inside to see the voids disappear, yet apparently it is not so easy. I is not a logically explainable state. It is a feeling, and I am not sure that is the best term to describe it either. It is like a door that doesn’t have a lock or a handle, it just opens but not necessarily when you try to open it.

  6. He he he, I am reading your articles backwards. But yes, the leading green hedge of consciousness apparently is having a moment of embarrassing regression into lower stages, and trapped there for good… 😀

  7. I very much enjoyed this series of posts, that Michael…

    A little musing I imagined…

    Humour, like compassion, immediately ‘transcends’ all levels, and laughter is a sort of knee jerk ossilation in recognising contradiction and paradox… A kind of, ‘we thought it was serious, but it’s not’ moment.. everyone can laugh at a person falling over in a comical way, especially a supermodel, businessman, or someone seeming to one moment be doing something serious, and the next a flayling heap of sillyness…

    ‘Higher’ tiers bring us back to a playful, comical, creative sense of the world, a childlike wonder.. and also included in high yellow is a certain degree of passivity, in certain ways, even if we still do stuff and take action..

    In this sense, I feel the ‘higher orders’ are a sort of spontaneous arising when we realise life isn’t serious, and is never not whole… even the idea of evolution of consciousness is play, in that it has no final destination, and could never become frozen in a final pure integral enlightenment state, awakening neccistates falling back to sleep, it’s all ossilation …

    Of course this then gives an existential, postmodern, meaningless feeling of well what’s the point, if we aren’t on a linear path to something greater, as evolution theories of consciousness may suggest, but kinda just riding one wave of limitless vibrations..

    But I think ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and somewhere we find existence truly is pure, whole, singular love .. and this transcends the fractures of postmodernism and existentialism which are intellectual, but not ‘perceptual’ positions

  8. I have my quibbles with Spiral Dynamics. But I really like how you’ve used SD as a basis for discussing and comprehending social trends in this series of articles. Thanks for putting it out there.

    Regarding the examples of integral consciousness you gave in this article, I’m not convinced that Bitcoin is an ideal example in the monetary realm. To my mind, repealing legal tender laws works a little better. I did really like your examples of Seattle and Davis pulling their custom from Wells Fargo because of the pipeline fiasco. I thought those were right on the money. So to speak. 🙂

    Keep the good stuff coming. Cheers.

  9. “Therewith, all you human beings of Earth, opens up the ‹Goblet of the Truth›, the teaching of the truth, the teaching of the spirit, the teaching of the life, and the ‹Teaching of the Prophets› as a comprehensive prophetic and true teaching book, that it may redound to the prosperousness of your consciousness-evolution and to your well-being of life, so that you do not continue to go forth in evolutionary consciousness-darkness and you no longer curse yourselves, but instead go towards the light of the truth of all truth and follow and fulfil the laws and recommendations of the Creation Universal Consciousness; and in this wise you shall do, so that true love, freedom, harmony and peace may come about in you yourselves and amongst your whole humankind and that you may free yourselves from your unrighteousness, consciencelessness, irresponsibility, unfairness, hatred, revenge and retaliation, murder, terror, war and from everything that is unfair, evil and ausgeartet which you have imposed upon yourselves as a curse since time immemorial.”


  10. Hi Michael. I am a huge fan of Wilber’s work and have only recently (last 6 months) discovered your stuff and really like it. Great to see those two things coming together. If you want more on how Integral and Spiral Dynamics can impact our political understanding check out the work of the Institute For Cultural Evolution run by Carter Phipps and Steve McIntosh. They are very much trying to move past political polarization. Check out their sections on Political Polarization and Evolving The Left and Evolving The Right. I think you’ll find their work very interesting.

    Also worth checking out along these lines is the work of Jeff Salzman at The Daily Evolver. He’s a close colleague of Wilber’s and a good friend of McIntosh’s. He does a podcast that usually looks at how the Integral View can reshape our political understanding. Jeff took a bit of a fawning attitude to Obama but he’s truly brilliant on how the mean green meme and its clashes with orange and amber have impacted our politics.

    I’ve written some stuff on Wilber and know his stuff well so if you have any questions maybe I can help.

    All the Best

    • I’ve read much of the Integral material over the past 15 years. Like most ideas, it’s important to appraise them critically. I recently ran across a website that does so: https://aqalblog.blogspot.com/ . Jeff Salzman and McIntosh are critiqued at the site. Interestingly enough, since reading a great deal of Spiral/Integral material, I have become more libertarian (see Bookchin and Hoppe) and post-liberalism (see any book by John Gray- philosopher). While McIntosh pushes for a world political order, I am inclined to think that local is the answer because of the resource situation.

    • Right-on, Matt. Local is what we are inherently wired for and capable of.
      Anything more than that requires layers of complexity, expense and inefficiency, and also destroys local efficiencies.
      Bookchin did his best to find the irreduceable minimum and refine it. Ocalon and the Kurds are beta-testing it.

  11. Bitcoin is not the answer. The elites are ignoring bitcoin right now because it is irrelevant. Once bitcoin becomes relevant they will just form laws banning, controlling or taxing it. Then it will be the same as any other currency. Bitcoin is a symptom of the problem and not the solution.

    We need to develop a new economic theory. A new economic theory properly down and that goes main stream is desperately needed. Read Michael Hudsons “Killing the Host”. Michael describes the damage the FIRE sector has done to the productive side of our economy. The elites from the FIRE sector have spent 80 years lobbying and buying campaigns for politicians to get the rules rewritten in their favor. Adam Smith a 19th century economist used to measure gdp in two different categories. One called earned income and the other called unearned income. The FIRE sector falls in the unearned income category that is feeding parasitic in nature off of the productive part of society that is called earned income. Without a strong functioning productive side of the economy, there is less and less to go around. The middle class keeps shrinking. The Fire sector elites have spent 100 years rewriting economics and then forcing academia to accept its corrupt version called neoclassical economics. We need to go back to economist like Adam Smith and develop a new form of economics. In the process we need to add a Earths sustainability factor to this new form of economics that Adam Smith didn’t need to think about 150 years ago.

    • Note that I never said Bitcoin is “the answer,” I merely explained that I believe it is a manifestation of second-tier thinking within the economics/monetary realm, and why I thought that. I don’t think for a minute that Bitcoin is going to solve all of our problems, indeed I think higher consciousness is necessary for that.

      In any event, thanks for the rest of your comment. I completely agree with what you write about FIRE. Our economy incentivizes rent-seeking parasitic behavior, as opposed to productive enterprise. I do agree that realigning incentives in a more sane direction is extremely important.

    • I think your articles are great!! You bring up real important discussions. Sorry for my brutal honesty. I have a habit for saying what I think without a worry if I offend the person writing the article. Bitcoin does have a lot of advantages and is a step in the right direction. I appreciate the topics you bring up and really enjoy reading your stuff.

  12. Michael, you’ve made Ken Wilbur accessible and relevant to me.
    I really tried reading his stuff for a couple of months in 2002 or so, but I was stuck in the “blue” orderliness of his designations of everything, waiting for him to tie it all together with practical application, which he didn’t do.
    I could only delay gratification for so long.
    As a public health doctor, bike commuter, husband, father of four healthy young adults, vegetable gardener and practicing Buddhist, I do feel like I can engage everybody at some meaningful level.
    Even in “hip and progressive” Austin Texas, I think there is nothing for “integral” types to do but work on projects and wait for them to become relevant enough for others to notice, based on emergence of needs for things like cabbage and a ride to work. My 3 year and 5 year succession-rotation gardening protocols for central Texas, climate zone 8a, keep all beds in planting and production year-round, while building soil and avoiding build-up of pests and disease. http://www.johndayblog.com/2016/07/liberty-garden-central-texas-climate.html

    • I agree with Dr. Day’s prognosis. ( I am also in Austin so thanks for the garden rotation suggestions.) We emergent yellows will probably have the most influence leading by example, but it may take some time before our examples are noticed.

      Anyway Mike, thanks for the fascinating 5-part series; it certainly put a new perspective on what looks to me like group(s) insanity. I sincerely hope the optimistic outcome you share with Ken Wilbur is realized. In the meantime, I’ll tend to my garden.

    • I’m having to adjust my rotation schedule to this very early spring, Lisa.
      I’m sure it’s actually spring, because aphids have appeared on my kale and collards, already. I’m counter-attacking by moving volunteer tomato seedlings from last year’s tomato bed into that row, to take over when the aphids start to win. IT sure was a nice day to garden, today.

  13. Interesting critique of the moment. Veers easily into psychological generalities when speaking of the future. Few examples of the past which would force the structure to be more concrete and therefore debatable.

    Rene Girard said that advancements in knowledge also lead to advancements in danger. We can see this in your structure as the “green” thinking leads to new ways to attack your enemies from a defensive intellectual position.

    Mimetic Theory has the advantage over the competing meme approach because as an explanation for advancement, it can accommodate new ideas taking over from old without a simple antagonistic clash, even if the process is one of violence and war. In mimetic theory we claim to be seeking the same object, claim to be different even as we battle and behave more and more like each other. He claimed that social sciences were afraid to leave materialist motivations and investigate the mimetic side because it inevitably leads to religion.

    Girard’s approach though is incredibly rich because he draws on the bible, the novel, and great writers like Cervantes and Shakespeare to explicate. Believe me I would love it if explanations were available that did not lead to religion!

    For instance even in the spiral theory, Jesus Christ is hardly a Blue figure, and even way ahead of a Green figure. If you see him and other figures in founding world religions as representing those at the top of the spiral, then the historical operation of development is perhaps enriched? or completely disordered?

  14. Michael, I saw you’re interview on Max Keiser and I like what you’re saying regarding Ken Wilber’s integrative viewpoints. The very process of Wisdom itself is the integration of truths, workabilities and the highest ethical considerations of apparently opposing ideas, theories and paradigms. I have a blog wisdomicsblog.com where I have placed my internet postings to various places on the internet over the last several years to places like Steve Keen’s youtube and Debtwatch sites, Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Google group and Mish Shedlock’s current blog. I hope you will visit it. I am compiling my economic, monetary and philosophical writings into two books entitled “The Cosmic Code: The New Integratively Scientific Theory of Everything” and “Wisdomics/Gracenomics: The Policies of The New Economic and Monetary Paradigm”.

  15. very encouraging article and perspective thank-you and look forward to more please…..
    people have to take the best of libertarianism/social justice, anti-war and neo- colonialist eco perspectives , limited or no private and commercial central banks and anti- corporate rigged globalization), leave the crap of phoney ‘left’ n ‘right’ and psuedo degenerate postmodernism behind and scientifically – with GREAT heart! – defeat the NWO to realise humanity’s soul! C’mon folks! Good folks of the world Unite!
    Getting beyond phoney Green (Obama) and regreesive red/blue/orange (Trump).
    eg old Hegel knew a thing or two,
    ” the term Aufhebung has the apparently contradictory implications of both preserving and changing, and eventually advancement (the German verb aufheben means “to cancel”, “to keep” and “to pick up”). The tension between these senses suits what Hegel is trying to talk about. In sublation, a term or concept is both preserved and changed through its dialectical interplay with another term or concept. Sublation is the motor by which the dialectic functions.”


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