Meet the Military-Industrial-Wall Street Complex: Blackstone Hires General Wesley Clark

So how’s a private equity company snatching up homes all across America, pushing average citizens out of the market and then renting these homes back to the once middle class, but now indentured servitude masses supposed to hedge itself against future backlash?  Simple, put a former General and NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe on your payroll.  That’s exactly what Blackstone has just done.

According to Bloomberg, Blackstone has hired General Wesley Clark to “to advise on its investments in energy companies.”  This makes perfect sense since General Clark may be privy to information regarding which countries’ oil wells and refineries may be next in line or liberation by America.  From Bloomberg:

Blackstone Group LP hired Wesley Clark, the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and a one-time U.S. presidential candidate, to advise on its investments in energy companies.

Private-equity firms hire high-ranking executives and former officials to expand relationships with corporations and governments worldwide, as well as to benefit from their industry experiences. KKR & Co., the buyout company run by Henry Kravis and George Roberts, hired former CIA director David Petraeus last month to run a new unit for public policy and economic research at the New York-based firm.

Clark, a retired four-star general and graduate of West Point and Oxford University, left the military in 2000. He ran unsuccessfully as a Democratic candidate for president in the 2004 elections.

Congratulations General Clark.  You join a long list of prominent men and women in America, who would rather snatch all the money they can rather than attempt to restore the nation to liberty, the rule of law and defend the masses being exploited by the institutionalized cronyism rampant these days.  Classy.

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