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About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized, relatively anonymous alternative currency developed by cryptographic experts. Bitcoin currency comes into being through “mining” on computers (solving complex mathematical problems that takes a long time and a lot of computer power). The total quantity of Bitcoin currency is limited by the foundational algorithms that brought it into being. Anyone and everyone who participates in the decentralized network of bitcoin transactions can, through their own software, cryptographically verify every single bitcoin transaction that takes place in the network. Thus all transactions are communally verified and validated and no central organization or entity has the power to exert arbitrary influence over the value of the currency. It is as close as the world currently gets to a perfectly free market currency.

You can read more about bitcoin and how you can start using it HERE.


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  1. Great idea Michael. That was my virgin Bitcoin purchase. As long as you continue to spread the good word, I will continue to contribue.

    • Michael Krieger

      Thank you very much for the generous contribution! Any currency out of the grubby hands of the Central Planners is worth trying out.

  2. you won’t regret getting involved in Bitcoin

  3. Love your content Michael. I’ve seen you on the Keiser Report and I’m a fan of your clear eyed and honest analysis. GIABO!!

  4. Excellent work! I found out about you on Zero Hedge. Keep shining the floodlight. Will make a modest BTC donation. Thanks

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