The New Orwellian Term for Americans that Disagree with Government: “Paper Terrorists”

I first started writing publicly about how the U.S. government was going to ultimately switch the “war on terror” to an internal focus and demonize American citizens that express dissent back while I still worked on Wall Street, five or six years ago.  While I was mocked and accused of hyperbole at the time, it has become quite clear that this is exactly the direction we are headed in…and fast. Let’s not forget that the FBI classified peaceful Occupy Wall Street protestors as terrorists as that movement was gaining momentum.  Furthermore, why else would the Department of Homeland Security be buying ammo in such enormous quantities unless the U.S. oligarchy saw its real enemy as the American public itself? The 99.99%.  From the LA Times:

Finch teaches police and public officials around the country how to deal with self-described “sovereign citizens” like Wright. Finch and his partner, Det. Kory Flowers, have trained nearly 15,000 police and 5,000 public officials to combat sovereigns, zealots who refuse to recognize government authority in virtually any form.

Violent confrontations are rare, but the FBI says at least six police officers have been killed by sovereigns since 2000. A man tied to the movement shot and killed a California Highway Patrol officer who stopped him in Contra Costa County last year. A responding officer shot and killed the assailant.

The agency calls sovereigns — who number between 100,000 and 300,000 — a “domestic terrorist movement.”

You’ve gotta love the FBI.  They can’t recognize or jail any of the financial terrorists that have already pulled off the greatest heist in American history and continue to plunder, but once an average citizen complains about their government being criminal and corrupt, THEY are somehow the terrorists.

“To them, a police officer is just a man in a Halloween costume,” Finch said.

Other police departments began requesting their eight-hour seminars. Finch and Flowers now train agents of the FBI, DEA, ATF and Homeland Security — as well as district attorneys, clerks of court, judges and registrars nationwide. Finch says they are the only officers in the country who offer such street-level training.

They teach police to recognize sovereigns by their convoluted legal jargon and “mouthy” defiance. “Sovereign citizens are more likely not to obey their commands and more likely to commit violence during a traffic stop,” Finch said.

Even nonviolent sovereigns can cause headaches through what Finch calls “paper terrorism.” Some squat in foreclosed homes and file phony deeds claiming ownership, “paying” with photos of silver dollars. Sovereigns believe U.S. currency has no value but recognize precious metals as valid currency.

Sorry Finch, if anyone is spreading terror, it is you.

Officials from Greensboro and other cities pushed for a new North Carolina law that makes filing false liens a felony rather than a misdemeanor. Finch said the law, coupled with training of court officials, has helped block or dismiss many phony liens and nuisance lawsuits.

What a total opportunistic shill this Rob Finch is.  The FBI admits, that since 2000 six, I repeat six, officers have been killed by what they call “sovereign citizens,” yet Finch scares police departments and intelligence agencies all over the country by saying they are “more likely to commit violence during a traffic stop.”  I guess it makes sense, after all, when you are trying desperately to demonize a segment of the population you don’t agree with and want to make money off of it facts don’t really matter.

The good news is that the LA Times has a poll at the top of the article which asks: “Is the FBI right to consider this a domestic terrorist movement?”  The responses are 3% say yes and 97% say no.  Sorry, we aren’t going to fall for your nonsense.

Full article here.

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  1. It’s time to push back!!!

  2. The term “sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron, and the continued use of such is in ignorance by numerous law enforcement and media outlets. And yes, Finch is nothing more than a fear-monger and anti-constitutional domestic terrorist.

  3. Good article, Thanks!

    One would hope that the Federal Reserve is included as a “paper terrorist” organization! LOL

  4. I stopped reading when you suggested that the Occupy Wall Street people were peaceful. So that must have been peaceful rape, and peaceful defacation on police cars, and peaceful horacement of local business people that was going on.

  5. “To them, a police officer is just a man in a Halloween costume,” Finch said.

    No, to me a police officer is not merely a man in a Halloween costume. He’s a lethally armed man in a Halloween costume who suffers from normalcy bias and a deeply flawed character. He actually believes he has the right, even the duty, to threaten, kidnap, harm, or kill anyone who doesn’t submit to an organization’s authority that itself was purchased through violent coercion.

    the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

    To me a police officer is a terrorist in a Halloween costume who enforces slavery.

  6. check out ex-CIA agent Susan Lindauer:

  7. Just like anything the government apparatus infects, it mutates into something contemptible and stupid. And this includes every bizarre list that Janet Incompetano can dream up with her pointed little head. I’m just waiting for one of those dweebs to dream up a list of the government “leaders” that need further surveillance upon their asse(t)s.

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