20-Year CBS News Veteran, Sharyl Attkisson, Details Massive Censorship and Propaganda in Mainstream Media

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.00.00 AMJournalists should be dark, funny, mean people. It’s appropriate for their antagonistic, adversarial role.

– Matt Taibbi, in this New York Magazine article

Reporters on the ground aren’t necessarily ideological, Attkisson says, but the major network news decisions get made by a handful of New York execs who read the same papers and think the same thoughts.

Often they dream up stories beforehand and turn the reporters into “casting agents,” told “we need to find someone who will say . . .” that a given policy is good or bad. “We’re asked to create a reality that fits their New York image of what they believe,” she writes.

– From the excellent New York Post article: Ex-CBS reporter’s book reveals how liberal media protects Obama

Earlier this week, I published a piece titled, Former CBS Reporter Accuses Government of Secretly Planting Classified Docs on Her Computer, which I thought was incredible in its own right, yet the information in that post seems almost trite compared to the flood of information Attkisson has revealed to the New York Post’s Kyle Smith.

The following excerpts from the piece will confirm all of your worst suspicions about mainstream media:

Sharyl Attkisson is an unreasonable woman. Important people have told her so.

When the longtime CBS reporter asked for details about reinforcements sent to the Benghazi compound during the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack, White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor replied, “I give up, Sharyl . . . I’ll work with more reasonable folks that follow up, I guess.”

Another White House flack, Eric Schultz, didn’t like being pressed for answers about the Fast and Furious scandal in which American agents directed guns into the arms of Mexican drug lords. “Goddammit, Sharyl!” he screamed at her. “The Washington Post is reasonable, the LA Times is reasonable, The New York Times is reasonable. You’re the only one who’s not reasonable!”

Interesting, because as Matt Taibbi notes in the quote at the top, investigative journalists are not supposed to be reasonable. I digress…

In nearly 20 years at CBS News, she has done many stories attacking Republicans and corporate America, and she points out that TV news, being reluctant to offend its advertisers, has become more and more skittish about, for instance, stories questioning pharmaceutical companies or car manufacturers.

Working on a piece that raised questions about the American Red Cross disaster response, she says a boss told her, “We must do nothing to upset our corporate partners . . . until the stock splits.” (Parent company Viacom and CBS split in 2006).

Reporters on the ground aren’t necessarily ideological, Attkisson says, but the major network news decisions get made by a handful of New York execs who read the same papers and think the same thoughts.

Often they dream up stories beforehand and turn the reporters into “casting agents,” told “we need to find someone who will say . . .” that a given policy is good or bad. “We’re asked to create a reality that fits their New York image of what they believe,” she writes.

Reporting on the many green-energy firms such as Solyndra that went belly-up after burning through hundreds of millions in Washington handouts, Attkisson ran into increasing difficulty getting her stories on the air. A colleague told her about the following exchange: “[The stories] are pretty significant,” said a news exec. “Maybe we should be airing some of them on the ‘Evening News?’ ” Replied the program’s chief Pat Shevlin, “What’s the matter, don’t you support green energy?”

Says Attkisson: That’s like saying you’re anti-medicine if you point out pharmaceutical company fraud.

One of her bosses had a rule that conservative analysts must always be labeled conservatives, but liberal analysts were simply “analysts.” “And if a conservative analyst’s opinion really rubbed the supervisor the wrong way,” says Attkisson, “she might rewrite the script to label him a ‘right-wing’ analyst.”

In mid-October 2012, with the presidential election coming up, Attkisson says CBS suddenly lost interest in airing her reporting on the Benghazi attacks. “The light switch turns off,” she writes. “Most of my Benghazi stories from that point on would be reported not on television, but on the Web.”

Two expressions that became especially popular with CBS News brass, she says, were “incremental” and “piling on.” These are code for “excuses for stories they really don’t want, even as we observe that developments on stories they like are aired in the tiniest of increments.”

Hey, kids, we found two more Americans who say they like their ObamaCare! Let’s do a lengthy segment.

When the White House didn’t like her reporting, it would make clear where the real power lay. A flack would send a blistering e-mail to her boss, David Rhodes, CBS News’ president — and Rhodes’s brother Ben, a top national security advisor to President Obama.

I had no idea that the President of CBS News’ brother was a top national security advisor to President Obama, did you?

Attkisson, who received an Emmy and the Edward R. Murrow award for her trailblazing work on the story, says she made top CBS brass “incensed” when she appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio show and mentioned that Obama administration officials called her up to literally scream at her while she was working the story.

One angry CBS exec called to tell Attkisson that Ingraham is “extremely, extremely far right” and that Attkisson shouldn’t appear on her show anymore. Attkisson was puzzled, noting that CBS reporters aren’t barred from appearing on lefty MSNBC shows.

No interview with Holder aired but “after that weekend e-mail exchange, nothing is the same at work,” Attkisson writes. “The Evening News” began killing her stories on Fast and Furious, with one producer telling Attkisson, “You’ve reported everything. There’s really nothing left to say.”

Sensing the political waters had become too treacherous, Attkisson did what she thought was an easy sell on a school-lunch fraud story that “CBS This Morning” “enthusiastically accepted,” she says, and was racing to get on air, when suddenly “the light switch went off . . . we couldn’t figure out what they saw as a political angle to this story.”

The story had nothing to do with Michelle Obama, but Attkisson figures that the first lady’s association with school lunches, and/or her friendship with “CBS This Morning” host Gayle King, might have had something to do with execs now telling her the story “wasn’t interesting to their audience, after all.”

The who charade is completely incestuous.

Meanwhile, she says, though no one confronted her directly, a “whisper campaign” began; “If I offered a story on pretty much any legitimate controversy involving government, instead of being considered a good journalistic watchdog, I was anti-Obama.”

Yet it was Attkisson who broke the story that the Bush administration had once run a gun-walking program similar to Fast and Furious, called Wide Receiver. She did dozens of tough-minded stories on Bush’s FDA, the TARP program and contractors such as Halliburton. She once inspired a seven-minute segment on “The Rachel Maddow Show” with her reporting on the suspicious charity of a Republican congressman, Steve Buyer.

All I have to say is thank you CBS, or should I say SeeBS. Thank you for being so horrible at reporting that you have opened an enormous gap for myself and countless others in alternative media to fill. I genuinely couldn’t have done it without your incompetence.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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48 thoughts on “20-Year CBS News Veteran, Sharyl Attkisson, Details Massive Censorship and Propaganda in Mainstream Media”

  1. Hmmm

    Not a word about Israel. Not a word about the US Israeli lobby and the complete lock that Jews and Jewish interests have on essentially the entire US media. Not so much as a whisper about the corrupting and destructive effect this influence has on not just foreign policy but the domestic agenda as well. This blatant attempt to frame the problem in terms of partisan politics is as dishonest as the MSM itself. Good Grief.

    • Where to begin.

      First of all, you are reading the site of someone who was raised Jewish, has many Jewish friends, all of whom are wonderful, moral, decent human beings. None of whom are involved in any media conspiracy or any other evil plot.

      Are you suggesting that I am also part of some Jewish conspiracy to take over the world and control alternative media? One of us has dedicated their lives at this time to expose corruption. On Wall Street, in Washington D.C., in corporate America and in the military-industrial complex, without any love for either political party. What do you do?

      You comment on blog sites with irrational and ignorant hate-filled nonsense like a little child. Before saying “good grief” you should look in the mirror and grow up. There are wonderful people in all religious and ethnic groups, and there are horrible people in all religious and ethnic groups. If you don’t understand this, you are either extraordinarily dumb, or extraordinarily ignorant.

      The simple-minded way of dealing with problems is to pick a group and say they are the source of all your problems rather than engage in a debate of ideas, which is what matters.

    • Dearborn Michigan – the new Arab Muslim capital of the USA. What is interesting is that the poster, either a Muslim, who speaks English, illegally occupying land that belonged to the indigenous native people who lived there OR is an Anglo WASP whose ancestors substantially exterminated the indigenous natives living there.

      In either case, it is clear that Israel will have to divorce itself from the USA as it slowly turns into a Jew hating place.

      Thank You for allowing me to post this

    • to be fair she did say a bunch of “New York” executives and “we’re asked to create the reality of the New York image” sums it up quite well for anybody who would understand what’s she’s talking about any way. New York = Zionist headquarters USA

    • To also be fair, as someone who lived in NYC 28 years and is a huge critic of the culture there, there are hundreds of thousands of non Jews there with that “New York” mindset.

    • @DDearborn

      You are 100% correct… and not a single politician or editor need say a word about it… only those within eyesight of retirement dare take on the tribe.

      As for Michael… “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

      Yes Michael, lets hear your explanation of how and why 2% of the population running Washington (Bibi to Barack: Don’t ever question me again!) is just great for America… tell us Michael. And send a copy to
      Helen Thomas, who was lost a prized 25+ year career for a single comment!

      “Where to start” indeed!

      How about an apology to DDearborn?

    • Any group with too much influence on the U.S. government is bad. Whether that is Monsanto, or a Jewish lobby that pushes Israeli interests in such a biased manner that it clouds judgement. That is my view.

      However, the fact that Jews have amassed wealth and power in America itself is no conspiracy. As someone who grew up in Manhattan around many more Jews that you, I can tell you that many people I know of Jewish background are struggling mightily in this economy, just like everyone else. If there was a “help a tribesman out hotline” please let me know the number to call.

      So, please enlighten us about how this 2% gained so much power and influence. Be specific too, because when you tell me the secret to getting in the club, I’ll be sure to pass it along to my Jewish friends struggling with money so that they can join the fun.

  2. Here we go again. Deflect and distract when the subject of Israel is raised.
    Though Ddearborn may have in-artfully stated it. He is right. There is a media blackout on any criticism of Israel. In fact, the media champion Israel as some great democracy to be emulated. Why? B/C the major New York point of view Atkinsson is mentioning is a Jewish/New York point of view which dare not speak bad about Israel. It’s not a conspiracy theory! Krieger just labeled his critic a conspiracy theorist. How dishonest. His point is that the Israel lobby has way too much control of media and that is why the crimes of the apartheid state of Israel cannot be discussed with a “New York point of view.”
    Is it a conspiracy theory to state an obvious fact? Of course not.
    Who runs most of Hollywood and the major New York media? Is it the Colombians? Nah, I don’t thinks so. Ok. Maybe it’s the Mexicans? No, try again. Could it be the Amish? Don’t think so. Maybe Catholics? Nah…Oh how about the Quakers? The Protestants? Close…but no cigar. Oh yeah, they just happen to be Jewish names at the top of management of media/Hollywood. Would they dare to run bad stories or movies about the apartheid in Israel? Not if they don’t want to lose their jobs. Wake up…man.

    Is it a conspiracy theory to say one magic bullet in Dallas in 1963 caused all the damage to the President and the Governor? Of course it is…it is the government’s conspiracy theory. The conspiracy is right in your face and you pretend not to see it–b/c it is convenient for you.

    • Nothing about my response had anything to do with denial or distraction. If DDearborn had left it at Israel or the Israeli lobby I wouldn’t have responded. It was when he or she mingled Jews with it that I responded, because I personally know many Jews who have nothing to do with Israel, who call Israel out for its heinous deeds, etc. This is where the ideas versus mindless scapegoating come into play. One makes a choice to lobby for Israel, or to support it. Of course many Jews fall into this camp, as do many Christians as well. I am not one of them, nor are my Jewish friends. That was the point. It was a simple one, but clearly too far above your head to recognize.

      As I said, it’s the most childish and simple minded thing in the world to blame one group of people for all your problems. It reduces the world into a nice neat little package toward which you can direct the anger emanating from your three brain cells.

      Naturally, Jewish names must be at the top of Communist China as well and control their firewall.

      You have actually done the impossible. You’ve made DDearborn look sane. Congratulations, I did not think that was possible.

  3. The problem illustrated here between DDearborn and MK is neither simple or easily dismissed. Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of times should be convinced MK is a firebrand for freedom. So what gives about his being Jewish?

    The problem is that DDearborn has made a very good point about the hugely disproportionate influence of those who are Jewish in not only media but finance, government and other areas critical to our culture. By hugely disproportionate, I mean relative to their number as a religion. Statistically it is an outlier that can’t be denied. So what does it mean? Is it bad?

    Well, the only Jews I know are some of the nicest, most helpful people I’ve met so it can’t refer to them. But that avoids the question: How did so many of them rise to such positions of prominence and is that a good thing.

    I, for one, don’t buy the line that Jews are smarter, work harder or have better family discipline than everyone else. And yet we don’t have a Palestinian-American Fed boss and Hollywood isn’t controlled by Farsis. What gives?

    Mike, the influence of ZIONISTS are being conflated with that of Jews. If not, you would never see Jews in Israel fighting to help those in Gaza. Jews of Zionist persuasion are the problem. What you see is the same problem good cops face: there are so many instances of bad policing being noted that ALL cops are being tarred. I think the same is true with Jews.

    There is NO WAY that any other group could wield this much influence in American and yet be so totally isolated from criticism…maybe not from your Mike but certainly from many others. So much so that I am always relieved when I hear Jews stand AGAINST the many injustices that I think Zionists are responsible for.

    You can’t blame DDearborn for expressing, however inartfully, that truth. Bad Jews who are Zionists have gotten a free ride that they are completely unworthy to enjoy. And in the process, they are providing easy pickings for those who conflate every Zionist excess with all Jews. It’s not fair. It’s not accurate. But it is definitely human nature and ones that good Jews everywhere will increasingly impact them.

    • Thanks for your post. Finally a little rationality.

      I get very frustrated, because as someone who has dedicated his life at this point to freedom, civil liberties, and a whole host of other important issues, people still come to this site and blame this group or that group.

      There is no doubt that Jews have amassed a lot of power in this country. Power corrupts and power has corrupted many of them. I guess my point is this is why we need to LIMIT POWER. Focusing on what ethnic group has the power is actually the distraction. In Saudi Arabia it is the Wahabists, in China the Communist Party. The answer isn’t demonizing either one of these groups, it is recognizing that allowing them all of the power is the problem. Which is actually what America’s founding fathers understood most clearly and why they were such geniuses.

    • lol. jews are isolated from criticism? like how someone in the obama administration just claled netanyahu a “chickenshit” and a couple weeks ago we just sent 200 million more in aid to palestine where that money goes to hamas, but i guess thats good cause hamas ran out of rockets to store in UN schools.

      this is what happens when you get someone driven by ideology, whether that ideology be islam, or something a bit more advanced like suspicion of the government or even liberterianism… you can’t analyze a unique situation… and it ends as hate for israel.

    • Hit the nail on the head… there’s nothing wrong with “Jews”… (a religion) but there’s plenty wrong with Zionists (a political ideology) whether they are Jewish Zionists, Christian Zionists (like Joe Biden) etc.

      But unfortunately for the State of Israel Zionist influence dominates the country’s culture presently. And that’s not good for anybody, anywhere.

  4. VERMONTISM is the issue. VERMONT is responsible for all of America’s problems. The greed, gay marriage, the pollution, cross dressing, the debt, all of it.

    The US must destroy VERMONT if the USA is to regain its former self.

    Vermont is .0003% of the USA. Israel is .0002% of the Middle East. This is how stupid DDearborn and BuckTurgidson sound.

    I believe that Israel should divorce itself from the USA for several reasons:

    1) The invading Anglos were responsible for the effective extermination of the native indigenous. It is a shame that Israel accepts money from a country, largely controlled by this group

    2) Divorcing itself from the USA will effectively shut down DD and Buck and their ilk forever. If the USA wants to park its subs in the Med, the USA will spend 2x – 5x the money on oil. Park the subs along Egypt and Syria or Libya.

    3) The West is falling and much of it is self induced. The debts are beyond reason and Russia and Gold are importing gold and silver and America is importing Ebola.

    • this comments discussion is aids. this is reminding me of the zerohedge “watch out for yellen and the jewish illuminati!”

      israel may have problems, though im not sure what they are, but its really nothing compared to the ideology of islam and backwardness of most or possibly all islamic countries. israel gets so much criticism compared to a country like, say, saudi arabia it is insane. and mike, you post about our allies saudia arabia too and know about this problem.

      it is just lacking all perspective to criticize israel in the same way that saudi arabia should be criticized. while crazies like the people in this comment thread talk about zionists who secretly take over the world, they 9/11 truthers also say that the jewish illuminati was behind 9/11 for a power play. interestingly, saudia arabia actually was behind 9/11 with rich saudi’s donating money to terrorists. that is not a secret and not disputed.

      still though, let’s blame it on israel and talk about how the media is run by israel.

    • @Dan Ashman
      You believe that Islamic countries are crazed and backwards because that’s how the Zionist-owned media caricature them.

    • There is nothing good to say about any Islamic country, except Turkey. The rest are disgusting examples of hatred and filth. They have given the world 0 in the last 2000 years except for stunning architecture and an unpronounceable and at times an unreadable language.

    • Mainstream media invented Saudi Arabia beheading 59 people this year?
      Mainstream media invented the fact that women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia?

      Why does everyone need to pick a side? Just because you criticize Israel doesn’t mean you need to celebrate the Gulf Monarchies, and vice versa. PLENTY of blame to go around.

    • Mike, I wasn’t defending Islamic governments; I was defending the peoples and their cultures.

      But to your point about the Saudi
      monarchy and it’s draconian laws, they continue to exist only because of a promise by Henry Kissinger that the U.S. will guarantee the security of the monarchy so long as Saudi Arabia accepts only U.S. Dollars for sales of oil to any country. Thus, the Saudi people cannot overthrow the monarchy.
      The U.S. eventually made such deals with all the middle eastern oil-rich countries.

    • Sure the citizens of all nations should be defended.

      I don’t demonize or stereotype the populations of any nation. I recognize that the power structures are the problem. Yes, the U.S. funds evil regimes all over the world, Saudi Arabia being one of the worst. The Saudi monarchy deserves harsh criticism, as does the U.S. government. Such criticism is about 50% of all the content on this website.

      Tribalism = ignorant = how the power structure wants us to think.

      I don’t care what tribe. We are all human beings and all deserve equal respect. This entire thread started when someone ignorantly said “Jews.”

      I’m just making it clear that anyone so mentally and emotionally backwards to blame “blacks” or “Jews” or “Muslims” or whatever, needs to be called out for thoughtless stupidity.

    • That is very cowardly of you to say that I love Israel so much and link it to a lying leftist freak. Is he your soul brother or do you hate every body?

      I like the truth and the truth is that the West has a gloomy future

  5. Thank you MK, Ddearborn and others for that thoughtful exchange. It’s been quite some time since I’ve read a thread of comments from start to finish. It seems to me that our ability to confront this particular discussion with reason and decency will be tested in the decades ahead. You’ve demonstrated that this can be done.

    This discussion seems to have contained a blindspot from literally the dawn of recorded history: yes, the Jews in power are often self-serving hyporcrites, but we seem to be blind to the fact that so are all the prophets, including Jesus,who are literally sacrificing their lives to point this out and fight back against it.

    We’re all in this together folks, there is good and evil among us all.

    As MK asks above, what are you doing about it?

  6. Hmmm

    I noticed that several people responding to my comments made personal attacks of one sort or another against me. Resorting to the age old Ad Hominem approach, or waiving the flag of Anti-Semitism at best signals they refuse/cannot debate the facts. In the final analysis these tactics weaken their position. Refute the facts presented, debate the conclusions but leave the name calling for the school yard.

    There are in fact a large number of Jewish Zionists as well as non Jewish Zionists. This is well established fact. Therefore discussing these issues framed within that context is entirely appropriate.

    Tragically many millions of Muslims have been killed in the Middle East over the last 25 years at the hands of the US/Israel and their allies. Fortunately only a handful of Israelis have died. And less than 10,000 American soldiers while invading /occupying have sadly died as well. Let it be said that I stand by the ideal that all men are created equal. I therefore find it hard to square those facts with the notion that it is Islam and its followers who are the evil ones. It is a common fallacy promoted by criminals that it is the victim who is to blame.

    • First, it’s quite touching that the person who started this entire thread by demonizing an entire religious/ethnic group is now so sensitive when it comes to personal attacks.

      Second, you didn’t say Zionists, you said Jews. So don’t try to rewrite history. You can apologize for your hateful ignorance in the first post, and I will respect that, but don’ try to pretend it didn’t happen.

      Third, I never have demonized Islam, and in fact, one of the key themes on this blog relates to all the killing and murdering of innocents in the Middle East due to America’s horrific and evil foreign policy, and I was raised Jewish!

      Incredible, right? Must be a plot.


    • The relation between Jewish identity and zionism has been explored at length and very articulately by Israel-born author (and world-class jazz saxophonist) Gilad Atzmon in his writings. Read his book “the wandering who?” ((http://www.gilad.co.uk/) and you may realize that things are less clear-cut than you make them out to be.

    • I’m not making anything clear cut. I am stating a FACT, that I know many people who identify as Jews who do not to ascribe to Zionism and are highly critical of Israel.

      Therefore, by simply saying “Jews” you are alienating people and demonizing an entire group. This isn’t rocket science.

    • Islam should be demonized. Canada has already had 3 Muslim attacks. Contrary to dhimmi Ron Paul, Canada has the right to enter any country where there is war to assist. Ron Paul says no but is silent regarding Muslim emmigration.

      Burn the mosques, burn the koran, bannish all Muslims from the West and deport them to Saudi.

      That would save a lot of women from being raped and make the West a lot safer.

    • 3 Muslim attacks in Canada. How many U.S. attacks on Muslim countries? Give me a break. State violence that is not in direct self-defense and kills civilians is just as bad as terrorist attacks. Violence is violence.

    • Michael, I agree with all your comments except this one. I understand your revulsion to DDearborn conflating Jews and Zionists. But consider that the Zionist media in this country have been doing that for decades. Also, consider that the majority of American Jews are Zionists, and themselves believe a good Jew is a Zionist. Until recently those who were not Zionists didn’t dare speak out (except the rare Chomsky or Finkelstein). Jewish criticism of Israel was, and largely still is among the older generations of American Jews, voiced only privately with other Jews. So DDearborn may well not personally know Jews who don’t support Israel.

      Although one becomes aware that “Jew” does not equate to “Zionist”, after many years of being led to believe that all Jews support Israel, and thinking in terms of “Jews” and “the Jewish media”, not “Zionists” and “the Zionist media”, the tendency is strong, out of habit, to still talk in those terms.

      After 9-11, I was heartened to hear and read more and more Jews disavowing Zionism and learn that many in 1948 were against the creation of Israel. But when I talked about it, I frequently still said “Jewish”, not “Zionist”, out of habit. I eventually got out of the habit.

      So I suggest cutting DDearborn some slack. He should apologize, but I think the extent of the attacks on him put him on the defensive and it didn’t occur to him an apology was owed.

      Your write an excellent blog.

    • Thank you for your comment. I am not convinced that the majority of Jews are Zionists based on my personal experience, but it’s possible. Even if that is the case, I’d say it skews to the older Jewish population. I would say millennial Jews are much less likely to be Zionists.

      As you mention, the perception that all Jews are Zionist is intentionally perpetuated by the media. They do want people to think that. Furthermore, as you say, many Jews that aren’t that way just don’t speak up about it (they should).

      I always hoped that as someone who was raised in Manhattan as a Jew (I am not a practicing one by any means), who does speak in ways in which most people think Jews would never speak, I could not only do some good, but also break some stereotypes.

      Tribalism = ignorance and stupidity. We are all humans.

      Thanks again.

  7. “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” — Richard Salent, Former President CBS News.

    “News is what someone wants to suppress. Everything else is advertising”. — former NBC news President Rubin Frank

    Asked to give a toast before the prestigious New York Press Club in 1880, John Swinton, the former Chief of Staff at the New York Sun, made this candid confession [it’s worth noting that Swinton was called “The Dean of His Profession” by other newsmen, who admired him greatly]:

    ” There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job.

    If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell the country for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes. “

  8. What is clear is that the American public are waking up to the vile, racist and criminal policies of Israel, and support for Israel is waning big time. Israeli policies are under a microscope and the view is not pretty. The BDS movement is rolling and gaining momentum every day. Support for Israel is bad for America and every one is beginning to realize it. We need to vote out the Israeli supporters in Congress and take our country back .

  9. Well the comments on this site reinforce my long held belief that you can have a lively, intelligent debate/discussion with a Jewish person on any subject under the sun and the whole thing will be dealt with in a logical, rational way except for one topic: Israel! As soon as Israel is mentioned emotion and irrationality take over. Why is that?

  10. Need an example of quantifiable bias of MSM news outlets? The PBS NewsHour has not had one skeptic climate scientist guest on its program from 1996 to now, to offer either stand-alone detailed viewpoints on global warming or to offer rebuttal responses to the NewsHour’s many pro-global warming scientist guests: http://junkscience.com/2012/07/13/pbs-newshour-global-warming-coverage-ipccnoaa-scientists-18-skeptic-scientists-0/

    Further, when a person like me directly confronts the (at that time) top administrator of the NewsHour with a 1000 word+ letter asking for an explanation for this apparent exclusion of half of the science discussion, all that’s received is a two-sentence 100% sidestep of the inquiry: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2011/08/pbs_and_global_warming_skeptics_lockout.html

  11. it sis funny that we read nothing of Palestine in the paper/media unless in the cliched context of “Israel defending herself from” Pal is almost an invisible country; We never read of its people, its culture, interesting places to visit, what life is like there (besides the constant rain down of Missles….)

  12. Americans need to have a frank and open discussion about Jewish (and Israeli) influence in our public and cultural life. It’s huge. It’s real. It’s has consequences. Often, Jewish influence and Jewish agendas are hidden or covered up completely. This denial built into the fabric of American life and professional journalism. Deny deny deny. It’s a taboo without a name. Even discussing ‘Jewish power’ is basically ‘off limits’ now in America and the West.

    But the over-representation of Jewish money in Washington that’s there to advance Jewish causes and to sustain political privileges enjoyed by the state of Israel is a scandal in and of itself. The silence on this topic is deafening.

    The concentration Big Media ownership (including news, information and entertainment) by by Jewish moguls and Jewish billionaires also needs to be addressed. It’s too bad that ethical Jewish journalists and Jewish intellectuals deny the reality of immense Jewish power in America and change the subject to other issues when this subject is raised.


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