Commuters Herded Like Cattle as China Escalates its Own “War on Terror”

I have often said that while 9/11 was a horrible event, our collective response to it has been the real tragedy (read my How I Remember September 11, 2001 post). A terrible event is no excuse to become such scared children that we would relinquish the basic freedoms our ancestors fought so hard to secure for us.

The only people who really benefit from an expansion of the surveillance state and a loss of liberties are the rich and powerful. With China’s economy in free fall and increased violence occurring, it appears the leadership there is taking a page out of our post 9/11 playbook. This is what the commute looks like at train stations in Beijing:

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.46.34 AM

This is what cattle in pens look like:

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.35.50 AM

Actually, the cattle have more space. Seriously though, this is all security theatre. As I have mentioned on prior occasions, I have never gone through one of those naked body scanners. Instead, I opt out for the TSA “freedom grope.” Why? Because I know it’s total bullshit and I’m not going along with it.

I fly from Denver to New York City quite a bit and you know what I’ve noticed. While every machine in Denver is now a naked body scanner, all of the machines from the security checkpoint I use in New York are regular metal detectors. I find this bizarre. If the number one target for terrorism can get away with metal detectors, why can’t everywhere else? Because people like former head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Michael Chertoff, need to get paid.

More from the Wall Street Journal:

Already difficult commutes in China’s capital became even more punishing this week, as Beijing beefed up subway security checks in the wake of deadly attacks targeting civilians.

Hundreds of unhappy commuters stood in long lines across the city Wednesday morning to undergo enhanced security screenings, which now include body checks as well as bag screenings in several stations. At stations in the city’s north, subway staff said passengers had to wait between 20-30 minutes to get through the security line, up from about 10-15 minutes prior to the new screening requirements.

“This is such a hassle,” said Zhi Yajuan, 23, as she stood in line Tuesday at Tiantongyuan North Station. “It’s just going through the motions. They don’t care even if the machine beeps.”

Security measures have stiffened across China in recent weeks, following a series of violent attacks since the start of the year. In the most recent incident, 31 people were killed last week in an attack at a market in northwest Urumqi. In March, dozens were killed in an assault by knife-wielding assailants at a train station in southwest Kunming. Authorities have labeled such episodes terrorist attacks and attributed them to separatists in northwestern Xinjiang.

They better ban knives, and quick.

Additional security measures in Beijing now include helicopter patrols, while cities across the country have been further arming their police forces, as well.

I don’t care what kind of security you put in place, if some maniac wants to do something crazy they are going to do it. Personally, I have no interest in living in a society where everyone is scared of their own shadow 24/7. We are all going to die, stop being afraid and start living. Free.

Full article here.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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4 thoughts on “Commuters Herded Like Cattle as China Escalates its Own “War on Terror””

  1. “… I opt out for the TSA “freedom grope.” Why? Because I know it’s total bullshit and I’m not going along with it.”

    Good for you. Another reason not to go through the machines is health. Of course the government says there’s nothing wrong. As with any subject, believe them at your peril.

    BTW, I quit flying after they started this crap. I had had enough run-ins with TSA before so when they took their stupidity to the next level that was it. I drive now. I always have a window seat, my bags never get lost, and I don’t need a rental car when I get where I’m going.

  2. news is they are scaling out these machines because they suck , but instead of just trashing them for parts and salvage, they will now be used in prisons–so they can still be profited from leasing/sales.

  3. I did 115,000 actual flight miles in 2013. Never once did I go through the TSA porno-scans. Anyone who thinks they are standing up against the govt, yet goes through the scanners, is just playing a mental game with themselves. You submit, you comply, you are enslaved.
    If 1/2 the people would opt-out, the machines would be decommissioned within a week.


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