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Introducing Liberty Blitzkrieg Contributors

Liberty Blitzkrieg was launched two and a half years ago on April 19th, 2012, the day after the 237th anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and if not for the tremendous support of my faithful readers, would not have been possible. The interest my work has generated, the thoughtful email messages of encouragement, the passionate comments, and of course the generous and entirely voluntary Bitcoin donations has touched me and inspired me to improve my writing and content generation every single day.

When I first started out, I figured maybe a few hundred people would come and visit per day. As 2014 comes to a close, those expectations have been exceeded greatly, with Liberty Blitzkrieg averaging 65,000 unique visitors and 123,000 page views per month so far this year. What can I say except: Thank You!

My philosophy on writing has always been, and continues to be, that I’d prefer to write one or two powerful and incisive posts per day, rather than five or six watered down articles. As such, I feel my current capacity for daily content is more or less maxed out. This leaves me with a great deal of topics left unaddressed, partly due to personal time constraints, but also because I lack the expertise and interest to cover certain subjects. Enter Contributors.

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Do You Receive Free Lunch at Work? The IRS Wants to Tax it…

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 3.37.44 PMThe IRS. There are few agencies more hated, corrupt, and degraded in the entire nation, and that’s saying a lot.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you are well aware of the fact that the IRS was caught consistently abusing its extraordinary power in order to selectively target groups with which leadership disagreed with politically.

We also know that the IRS, and its former director of the Exempt Organizations Unit, Lois Lerner, subsequently destroyed evidence of misconduct by claiming emails had been lost and are unrecoverable, in a ludicrous series of purported events.

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Statists Declare War on Free Speech – College Students Banned from Handing Out Constitutions in Hawaii

There appears to be a growing war against free speech on college campuses across America, and it is a battle we as a society and culture simply cannot lose. If you recall, last fall I highlighted a case in which a student at Modesto Junior College in California was prevented from handing out Constitutions to fellow students on Constitution Day. I suggest you go back and take a read and watch the very troubling video: California Student Banned from Handing Out Constitutions on Campus.

Well it appears that the Constitution is also considered contraband in the state of Hawaii. According to the Daily Caller:

Students Merritt Burch and Anthony Vizzone, members of the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at UH-Hilo, were prevented from handing out copies of the Constitution at a recruitment event in January. A week later, they were again informed by a censorship-minded administrator that their First Amendment-protected activities were in violation of school policy.

Young Americans for Liberty is a great organization by the way.

The students were told that they could only distribute literature from within UH-Hilo’s “free speech zone,” a small, muddy, frequently-flooded area on the edge of campus.

Administrators further clarified their level of respect for students’ free speech rights, making comments like, “This isn’t really the ’60s anymore,” and “people can’t really protest like that anymore,” according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

Administrators also maintained that university policy took precedent over Constitutional rights, according to the complaint.

“It’s not about your rights in this case, it’s about the University policy that you can’t approach people,” said Ellen Kusano, director of Student Affairs, according to the complaint.

While the above is absolutely ridiculous, and more representative of a totalitarian state than anything remotely resembling freedom, there is some good news. The same law firm that sued on behalf of the Modesto student I mentioned earlier (who won a $50,000 settlement), is suing on behalf of the University of Hawaii student.

Fox News reports that:

Two students at the University of Hawaii at Hilo are suing the school over alleged First Amendment violations after they were told by a campus official that they couldn’t approach fellow students to hand out copies of the Constitution.

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Top Obama Advisor Travels to Hollywood to Encourage “Obamacare” Mentions in Movie Scripts and TV Shows

Just when you thought the Truman Show that is the U.S. these days couldn’t get any more ridiculous, a headline like this comes along to shock you back into dazed incredulity.

Hollywood shenanigans aren’t a focus of this website, but I have covered them previously. The most recent example was almost exactly a year ago with my post: How Hollywood Became “Propagandist in Chief” by John Pilger.

Now from the Weekly Standard:

A top of advisor to President Barack Obama is in Los Angeles to try to get Obamacare written into scripts of TV shows and movies. Valerie Jarrett explained in an appearance on Top That! on

“That’s the cool thing,” a host said to the presidential advisor. “You’ve been reaching out to people that are, you know, outside of the norm of what the president might work with. Who else are you working with? Like celebrities, personalities, things like that?”

“You name it,” said Jarrett. “That’s part of why I’m in L.A. I’m meeting with writers of various TV shows and movies to try to get it into the scripts.” When Jarrett says “it into the scripts,” she’s referring to getting references to Obamacare, the president’s signature legislation, into the scripts of TV shows and movies.

This is what America has devolved into. Now watch the clip itself.

Full article here.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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U.S. Senator Wants to Ban Bitcoin – To be Followed by Book Burnings and Witch Hunts

Before the U.S. gets too far behind the curve on this important topic, I urge the regulators to work together, act quickly, and prohibit this dangerous currency from harming hard-working Americans.

- Senator Joe Manchin, in his letter calling for a ban on Bitcoin

Whenever you hear a politician say he or she wants to do something to “protect hard-working Americans,” you know this person is so full of shit that whatever proposal being peddled should be treated with extreme skepticism. It’s incredible to me that this sort of infantile and transparently superficial language actually still works on people, but apparently it does.

Seemingly frustrated that the cessation of actives at Mt. Gox hasn’t destroyed Bitcoin, Senator Joe Manchin III is taking matters into his own hands. You know, for your own good. His solution is to “ban” Bitcoin, and he outlined his rationale (if we can call it that) in a fear ridden, garbled letter to a diverse group of power players in D.C., which include Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen.

Let’s examine some of the low points in this incredibly desperate and pathetic letter. Mr. Manchin III writes:

By way of background, Bitcoin is a crypto-currency that has gained notoriety in recent months due to its rising exchange value and relation to illegal transactions.  

Um, no not really. It has gained notoriety recently for being accepted at major retailers such as and the fact that its largest exchange has collapsed.

Lie number 1.

Secondly, no currency is more utilized for money laundering than the U.S. dollar and our banking system that actively supports it. If the government was really so concerned about such behavior why did HSBC get off the hook for laundering billions on behalf of Mexican drug cartels with a mere slap on the wrist?

Lie number 2.

That is why more than a handful of countries, and their banking systems, have cautioned against the use of Bitcoin.  Indeed, it has been banned in two different countries—Thailand and China—and South Korea stated that it will not recognize Bitcoin as a legitimate currency.  

Since when are we taking cues from Thailand (a country where you get thrown in jail for insulting the king), or China, a country that censors huge swaths of the internet?

Plus China didn’t ban Bitcoin, and South Korea was making significant BTC investments last I checked.

Lie number 3.

I am most concerned that as Bitcoin is inevitably banned in other countries, Americans will be left holding the bag on a valueless currency.

Well many Americans, including people I know, have likely lost significant BTC at Mt. Gox. Not a single one is calling for a ban on Bitcoin. So perhaps we should listen to the individuals actually affected, rather than some self-righteous political hack.

Lie number 4.

Look we all know what is actually happening here. You are doing your best to protect the parasitic legacy financial system that has done more harm to the U.S. economy than Bitcoin ever could. You are just the latest in a long list of historical opportunists looking to scapegoat ideas that don’t fit into a corrupt status quo you depend on.

Advocating the ban of revolutionary technology is no different from Nazis burning books. We all know what happens next.

His full letter can be found here.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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Meet “” – Real Time Map Analysis of Bitcoin Transactions by Country

This site is pretty sweet. It uses data from the three major Bitcoin exchanges for which data is published, Mt. Gox, Bitstamp and BTC China to show you which countries and which currencies are moving in and out of bitcoin in real time. I really like the table at the bottom which keeps a tally of all the data by currency since the moment you loaded the site. The website is called and a screenshot of it is below. You can also click on the screenshot to get to the page.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.02.57 AM

In Liberty,

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The Definitive Chart on How to Identify a Terrorist

A little over a year ago, I wrote an article titled:  You Know You Are a Conspiracy Theorist If…

It proved a useful description of the varied afflictions that might overcome your fellow man on the path toward becoming a sentient human being. These include critical thinking, the enjoyment of nature and the distrust of mainstream media.

Well now we have the United States Government Terrorist Identification Chart. This should further aid you in identifying if there are enemies in your midst. Pay close attention serfs.

Terrorist chart

Great job to whoever created this.

In Liberty,

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Anti-Euro Party in Germany Makes Significant Headway into Parliamentary Elections

I haven’t been paying all that much attention to Germany as of late considering the incredible amount of scandals that have been emanating from the Obama administration, in addition to its ridiculous and dangerous attempts to catalyze World War III. However, with parliamentary elections set for September 22, it appears there are some interesting things afoot.

In case you haven’t heard of it, a new party was formed in Germany on February 6, 2013. The party is known as the AfD, or the “Alternative for Germany.” It is strongly anti-Euro and has gained surprising strength in the polls despite its very brief history.

On a related note, reading this article made me think of a comment made by Angela Merkel the other day when she said:

This is my approach and you can say that I’m doing all these things because I’m really a European at heart.

I found this odd, because while I do not live on the continent, I have spent some time there and in all my travels I never once met a European. I’m wondering, does this species actually exist outside of the catering halls of Brussels? Where do they live?

Now for more on the Afd from Business Week:

German parliamentary elections are coming up on Sept. 22, and Chancellor Angela Merkel has a problem on her hands. A euro-skeptical political party known as AfD is rising in the polls and could deny her Christian Democratic Union and its coalition partners the majority they need to continue governing.

AfD, or Alternative for Germany, currently holds no seats in the Bundestag, and until recently it barely registered in public-opinion polls. But a survey released on Sept. 4 by the Forsa polling group showed it with 4 per cent support—just shy of the 5 per cent needed to win Bundestag representation. Peter Matuschek, Forsa’s chief political analyst, says the poll may have underestimated the party’s strength. Many supporters, he told Spiegel, “are too embarrassed to admit that they are planning to vote for the AfD,” which wants Greece, Spain, and other crisis-hit countries to leave the euro zone, and possibly break up the existing monetary union itself.

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The Inside Bitcoins Conference is Almost Here – July 30th in NYC

It’s only two weeks away and I am getting excited about attending my first ever Bitcoin conference in NYC on July 30th. Bitcoin has held a spot in my psyche ever since I first heard of the crypto-currency a couple of years ago and learned of the motivation behind its creator. It’s been amazing to watch the project grow, evolve and even start to get some mainstream attention in such a short period of time.

I now plan on furthering my knowledge of Bitcoin and also meeting some of the industry’s leaders at the Inside Bitcoins conference in NYC. It will also serve as an excellent opportunity to meet some of my readers that I don’t know yet personally, who are interested in both Bitcoin and liberty. Here’s some more info:

Meet with top experts and providers of virtual currencies this month at the Inside Bitcoins Conference, July 30 in New York City. You’ll hear a keynote presentation by Charlie Shrem of Bitcoin Foundation and BITINSTANT and participate in 11 sessions to get perspective and insight on the future of Bitcoin.

Speakers include professionals from BitPay, The Genesis Block, American Banker, U.S. Government Accountability Office, Freedom of the Press Foundation, Let’s Talk Bitcoin, DirectPayNet, and more. You’ll also be invited to a cocktail reception to network with these industry insiders.

Chris Larson is the CEO & Co-Founder of OpenCoin, which built the first open source, decentralized payment network. He will speak on legal and regulatory issues facing virtual currency businesses. Jaron Lukasiewicz, CEO of Coinsetter, will explore FinTech business trends that will make people money. View the full program here. 

You’ll meet fellow developers, entrepreneurs, investors, finance professionals, consultants, lawyers, media, online retailers, and more. 

Attendees are able to pay for tickets in Bitcoin. Each registrant will also receive a Bitcoin paper wallet with 0.01 BTC.

Even better, Liberty Blitzkrieg is pleased to offer a 15% saving on your conference pass with our code LB15.  Register here.

See you in New York!

“Bought with Bitcoin” T-Shirts

Liberty Blitzkrieg is pleased to announce an experiment in Bitcoin related retail.  As regular readers know, I am a strong supporter of Bitcoin as a weapon in free humanity’s arsenal to combat the ever encroaching authoritarian corporate-fascist state.  One of the major gripes about Bitcoin has to do with the limited places in which to spend it so I decided to create my own option. For those looking to spend a little BTC as well as receive an extremely comfortable, creative and message spreading t-shirt in the process, you’ve come to the right place!  Just wearing this shirt in public is sure to spark debate and elicit questions from people wondering what Bitcoin is.  It’s a great way to introduce people to Bitcoin.

All of the shirts are high quality American Apparel and are available for the equivalent of $20 per shirt (plus shipping and handling).  They are only available in Bitcoin. If you live outside of the United States and want a shirt, please send me a message and we can hopefully figure something out (the shipping is quite expensive).

All of this information can be found permanently on the main menu below the header image.

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To purchase the shirt click the button below: