Video of the Day – John McAfee Proclaims “An Apple Backdoor is the End of America”

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When it comes to Apple vs. the FBI, you can listen to Donald Trump, or you can listen to someone who knows what he’s talking about. If you’d like to do the latter, take a watch.

As I wrote in a lengthy piece published Friday, this showdown is not theater. The U.S. government has been waiting for a terror incident to set a precedent to destroy all privacy and security efforts underway in America. This is a big part of that effort.

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In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  2. Ricardo Ali Fernandez

    For sure this is the number one issue!

  3. I just can’t get over how incredibly stupid those news people are. I stopped watching tv news year and years ago. Is this normal for tv? Incredible.

  4. Here’s a thought. Since Uncle is unable to predicate logic in a logical way there is a solution that Uncle will embrace. Ready? Here it comes – as Uncle proclaims encryption is dead and only used by undesirables. Okay, let’s flow with that…since encryption is the bane of existence, it should just be banned everywhere it is used. Not only personal use but business use and, most significantly, government and military use. Everything free and open for anybody to take a whiff at anything they want. Now wouldn’t that be great?

  5. Is that all you can focus on?

  6. Simple, deliver the phone to Apple. Apple recovers the data via the special process. Apple returns the phone and a dump of the data. Apple destroys their special process. Are you telling me noone at Apple knows how to properly destroy data?

    • Michael Krieger

      It’s actually not that simple. I have personally consulted people with technical expertise on this. Once the code is created, the cat is out of the bag and the chances someone else, internally or externally, did not get a hold of it are next to nil. It would simply be way too valuable.

      Best not to ever create a security flaw, which McAfee also mentioned.

  7. You know Obama’s motto of never let a crisis go to waste! Another chance to steal more of our dwindling bill of rights.

  8. The FBI probably already knows what’s on the phone. They want to be able to snoop on all phones “legally”!

  9. IF all this spying were contained to just the USA,I say its what you get for being cowards and butt lickers of the government,BUT no you’ve given the power to the TERRORISTS OF the FBI and they’ll give it to everyone else for a price,AND THAT will bring in the RUSSIANS and CHINESE who will bomb the CRAP OUT OF YOU,and you deserve it…BETTER to be dead and your country radioactive ash then say NO,americans TRUELY ARE STUPID……….

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