Desperate for Hillary – Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem Claims Young Women Support Sanders to Attract Boys

When people get desperate, they do desperate things, and Hillary Clinton supporters are very, very desperate.

Indeed, it’s now become clear the Hillary support team understands it can’t win the argument with the American people on the issues, so it’s focusing all of its energy into guilting women to superficially supporting her simply based on gender.

Just yesterday, I highlighted how that tactic is offensively playing itself out on the campaign trail in the post: Clinton PANIC – Madeleine Albright Says “There’s a Special Place in Hell for Women Who Don’t Help Each Other”. If you missed that post, check it out, it’s a must read.

Moving along, just when you thought Clinton supporters couldn’t get any more condescending, feminist icon Gloria Steinem went ahead and made the following insulting and sexist comment about young American women on television:

“They’re going to get more radical as they get older,” Steinem said. “And when you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys?’ The boys are with Bernie.”

Getting beyond the fact that she stated young American women aren’t capable of thinking outside of their pants, she mentions women “get more radical as they get older.” This directly implies that activism consists of voting for someone based on gender as opposed to the issues. This is supposed to be feminism?

The truth of the situation is that young American women are demonstrating a considerable degree of maturity and critical thought by intellectually moving beyond her gender to focus on the issues.These degrading comments are sure to backfire spectacularly by pushing more young women over to Bernie’s camp.

Meanwhile, I think the following tweet likely sums up the reaction of tens of millions of women across the nation:

Now watch the clip. It gets going at around minute four. You can tell she immediately realized she messed up after saying it, but the damage was already done.

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In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. So Steinem thinks young women are airheads who do not consider political issues, but attach themselves to a candidate because that is where the boys are?

  2. GloriaS. and Hitlery have BOTH BETRAYED women and all that women value in this world. THEY DO deserve a special place in hell….. far from any power whatever, political or otherwise.

  3. Requiem For A Chunky Parasite

    Here’s anecdotal evidence that the !Hillary! campaign death spiral is accelerating. I have a 65 year-old female friend who was 100% in Hillary’s camp six months ago. Today, I told her I was voting Bernie and she said, “So am I.” I was shocked. This person is a feminist in a positive way, and felt it was way past time for a qualified female to lead the country.

    That she would throw a female candidate overboard for an old white dude tells me 1) !Hillary! is way past her sell-by date with THINKING females and 2) Bernie message is getting through.

    The only ones who seemingly support !Hillary! are 1) dumb ass women who think it would be cool to have a women doing presidential press conferences and 2) house organs like the NY Times who are so hopelessly co-opted they look like they could have written pro-slavery opeds in a previous incarnation if the price was right.

  4. Sexist or what!
    Why not because they’re trying to attract girls?

  5. #bernsohawt #berningdesires

    lmao I might as well claim that young men are voting for Hillary to get in girls pants. (* the men voting for Hillary, already wear girls pants)

  6. Madeline should know about Hell. She starved hundreds of thousands of little Iraqi children to death. Her soul will be at the right hand of Satan.

  7. I recall GloriatheBunny once saying “If gun control can save one child’s life it would be worth it.” She was wearing a T-shirt stating “I’m proud to have had an abortion.” This is all one needs to know about her.

  8. Don’t shoot the messenger. To discount Steinem as “outdated” shows one’s lack of substance and awareness. There’s some truth in what she says, regardless of the offense taken. Many adults, let alone college kids, have a tough time correctly disseminating all the information coming at them. Bernie is a fantastic motivator and has successfully driven an important message across America. Bravo. But it’s not enough. If you believe in that message, then you must go deeper into what’s what – not just about Bernie’s questionable capacity to make those changes, and his lack of qualifications to be commander-in-chief as well, but what’s really true about Hillary and her track record. If these young people are as bright and proficient and as impervious to all the crossfire of misleading information as you’d like to believe, then I’d have to question why many of them are so passionately misguided about all Hillary has done for women, children, minorities, healthcare, etc etc., leading to profound change. I’d question one’s ability to think deeply, as an individual rather than part of an inspired group mentality, to learn the what AND the why. It’s not popular. It’s a lot of work and responsibility. Kids don’t want to be unpopular. It’s tough enough for adults, who’ve walked the walked, to disseminate information, and make choices that are rooted in reality rather than pop-belief. If you truly believe that our younger generation is immune to these challenges, you’re kidding yourself. And that’s what people usually do – let’s face it. It’s what you’ll find at the base of mob mentality, bullying, racism, sexism, all the bad little things in our society. You can surely resist this message, or shoot away. But what you’re ultimately rejecting is a responsibility and a demand for truth and clarity and reality in a democratic country. (and on that note, Bernie would be ashamed, by most of his supporters, with their hateful, misleading smears – he would disagree and reject most of this rhetoric re: Hillary…and yet, he’ll accept it all for now…hmmm.)

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