“Dead Broke” – Meet the Clintons’ $100,000 3-Week Hampton Rental

If being “dead broke” means dropping $100k on a 3-week rental in the Hamptons, then I’d like to be dead broke too.

In case you aren’t aware of what I’m referring to, recall that:

Clinton told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in a June interview, “We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.” The former first lady cited legal fees that she and her husband had to pay during his White House tenure.

Of course, this is total nonsense. The only true part about that statement is they were indeed “dead broke” compared to the oligarch level of wealth they have attained since. After all, delivering speeches to very wealthy, bailed out financial criminals pays extraordinarily well. 

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So what’s a dead broke couple to do? Spend six figures on a Hamptons rental naturally. From the Daily News:

Former President Bill Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are slated to arrive in the Hamptons hamlet of Amagansett Thursday, where they’re renting a palatial home owned by private art collector Andre Nasser and his wife Lois.

The political power couple will reportedly pay a total $100,000 for the three-week stay.

That’s quite a chunk of change but pales in comparison to the $200,000 they dropped on a Sagaponack hideaway last year.

The Clintons are likely to run into a string of celebrities during their stay. Their other next-door neighbor will be their close friend, Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

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  1. Hey Mike, get a life.

    • Michael Krieger

      Hahaha, best comment ever. Thanks for making my day!

      Michael Krieger

    • I’d have to concur with RR, get a life. This is pointlessly cheap political hackery. They left the WH fifteen fucking years ago, bro. How does them renting a $100K mansion today impact on what Hillary said then?

      These people are stupid and venal, no doubt. Don’t follow in their footsteps with stupid shit articles like this.

    • Michael Krieger

      The Clintons pay their internet trolls well. You guys are quick, and almost sound real. Almost.

      Michael Krieger

    • Mike, Chumba has been on ZH from the beginning. He is hardly a “Clinton troll”. Not only that, he is correct. The Clinton’s are worth tens of millions now. Your story is not accurate.

    • Michael Krieger

      Nonsense, that’s just a name someone picked for themselves. All of the commenters that rushed to demonize my story on the Clintons were “new commenters.” People who never commented on my site before. That includes you by the way. This never happens. It only happens if people are being paid to criticize a post. Had regular readers on my site made those comments, I would accept them as genuine criticism, but as I said, ALL of you are new commenters. All of you are paid trolls. It is obvious.

      Michael Krieger

    • Hogwash Mike, we all read your stuff over at ZH, That’s why we don’t post here. Ive been over there over 4 years commenting. Go look me up.

    • Michael Krieger

      So let me get this straight, you’ve been reading my stuff for 4 years and the one post that got all three of you so motivated to come over to my site to post a comment is the one poking fun at the Clintons? Bizarre motivation considering all the content I produce. Please.

    • We’re sick of your poorly researched hyperbolic shit, Mike. If you don’t want us “Hillary supporters” visiting your shitty blog then its a simple matter of telling Tyler to stop running your garbage on Zero Hedge.

    • Michael Krieger

      Actually “Chumba” you never commented on my “shitty blog” until I poked fun at your patrons the Clintons. After which you had an emotional breakdown and put aside you negative feelings for my “shitty blog” to comment on it. Moreover, you’ve commented twice now, which clearly demonstrates either:

      1) You have nothing better to do in your spare time than comment on various blogs, including shitty ones.
      2)You are a paid troll.

      Probably both.

    • I wish I was paid to troll your site, Mike. Maybe I could afford some new work boots.

      BTW, that last article you wrote about Ferguson was TOP NOTCH. That’s the kind of shit I like to see out of you. I read it again on ZH. You can see me commenting to the same effect there.

      Paid troll out.

  2. See on Google images “President Pilgrims Society” to see the image I fed into the web in December 2004. Both Clintons are members of The Pilgrims Society—outer circle members to be sure, as all Presidents and Secretaries of State are automatically made “honorary” members. Leaked documents in addition to this one also identify Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan as members. The Society assuredly takes care of its helpful outer circle members such as the Clintons. This organization is the secret society dreamed of by Cecil Rhodes, the South African diamond trust organizer. Bill was a Rhodes Scholar before being inducted into the higher, nearly invisible, organization, and Pilgrims members always run the Rhodes Trust and the Association of American Rhodes Scholars. The most important Rhodes Scholars later become Pilgrims Society members, such as Alfred Hayes, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York back in the war on silver coinage, and more recently, Tom Killefer, chairman of U.S. Trust Company at 45 Wall Street, an Astor family entity.

  3. Damn Oligarchs….they are never happy.

  4. hey mike, how could mention this u.k. tabloid article about our royal house of clinton without mentioning the moomoo hillary is wearing.frankly i’m shocked at your oversite. UNBELIEVABLE!

    seriously, if you haven’t already, take a look at the moomoo. Some people spell it mumu, but either way it’s a bovine type dress.

    also the suggestive nature of those pictures seems to imply that the the hispanic guy with manboobs is not only there to take care of the dog, but maybe to perform personal favors for hillary or bill, OR BOTH?!

    frankly, i don’t wanna know. but i’d like to hear your thoughts on the mumoo. And if could get david stockman or mike shedlock or wolf richter or one of the panoply of bloggars to chime in as well it would be much appreciated.

    that moomu!

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