Ex-NSA Chief Keith Alexander is Now Pimping Advice to Wall Street Banks for $1 Million a Month

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.31.41 AMSo what’s a Peeping Tom, anti-democratic, Constitution-trampling intelligence crony to do after leaving decades of “public service?” Move into the private sector and collect a fat paycheck from Wall Street, naturally. Following in the footsteps of some of the other top tier public sector cronies looking to cash out after doing their best to destroy the Republic, such as Banana Ben Bernanke collecting $250,000 per speech and Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner hopping over to private equity giant Warburg Pincus, Mr. Alexander is in good crooked company.

So what is Mr. Alexander charging for his expertise? He’s looking for $1 million per month. Yes, you read that right. That’s the rate that his firm, IronNet Cybersecurity Inc., pitched to Wall Street’s largest lobbying group the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA), which ultimately negotiated it down to a mere $600,000 a month. In case you need a refresher on how much of a slimy character this guy is, I suggest you read the following posts:

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We learn from Bloomberg that:

As the four-star general in charge of U.S. digital defenses, Keith Alexander warned repeatedly that the financial industry was among the likely targets of a major attack. Now he’s selling the message directly to the banks.

Joining a crowded field of cyber-consultants, the former National Security Agency chief is pitching his services for as much as $1 million a month. The audience is receptive: Under pressure from regulators, lawmakers and their customers, financial firms are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into barriers against digital assaults.

Alexander, who retired in March from his dual role as head of the NSA and the U.S. Cyber Command, has since met with the largest banking trade groups, stressing the threat from state-sponsored attacks bent on data destruction as well as hackers interested in stealing information or money.

Alexander, 62, said in the interview he was invited to give a talk to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, known as Sifma, shortly after leaving the NSA and starting his firm, IronNet Cybersecurity Inc. He has met with other finance groups including the Consumer Bankers Association, the Financial Services Roundtable and The Clearing House.

The ex-NSA chief is leasing office space from Promontory Financial Group LLC, a Washington consultancy that focuses on the banking industry. Eugene Ludwig, Promontory’s founder and chief executive officer, joined Alexander at a meeting with Sifma, Wall Street’s largest lobby group.

Alexander offered to provide advice to Sifma for $1 million a month, according to two people briefed on the talks. The asking price later dropped to $600,000, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the negotiation was private.

Former U.S. intelligence officials are part of the burgeoning Internet security industry. Michael Morell, who last year was deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency, now works for Beacon Global Strategies LLC and appeared at a Sifma event to warn financial firms about cybersecurity threats. CrowdStrike Inc., a security-technology company that does work for the largest banks, has former FBI officials on its staff.

“It’s consumer confidence; it’s consumer protection; it’s the way money is moved,” he said. “It’s the integrity of the entire global system.”

Integrity? Who the fuck do you think you’re kidding.

Full article here.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. When your in bed with the ruling elite you get a kiss in the morning

  2. You literally cannot make this stuff up. In 100 years (provided humanity doesn’t destroy itself) the history books will tell a comedic, satirical story of this time and these people. In the meantime, it’s somewhat scary.

  3. “Integrity? Who the fuck do you think you’re kidding.”

    Well said. As usual!

  4. Not that I condone anything he’s ever done, but I don’t see an issue with him offering his services for a price that someone is willing to pay. He’s a total douche, but the system is the problem. Not his ability to earn a ridiculous living.

  5. Keith is on a list of Persons of Interest who I regard as likely members of The Pilgrims Society, Wall Street’s top secret organization. In fact, I feel he easily may be an executive committee member, based on past known patterns. This group is unusual in many ways one being that since 1980, available information has plummeted due to no one who has a roster has made it available, and the group is not cooperative. You can however see their site at http://www.pilgrimsociety.org which went up five months after http://www.silverstealers.net went up in January 2011. Walter Beddell Smith was on The Pilgrims executive committee as of 1959 and Allen Dulles as of 1971. Smith was head of the Central Intelligence Agency, 1950-1953, after which Dulles was head till 1961. Dulles International Airport was named after his brother.

  6. Alexander is so damn good at assuring IT security that he let Snowden steal the entire NSA vault of dirty secrets.

    Wall Street would be better paying DB Cooper or Bernie Madoff $1,000,000 per month to protect their assets.

    But then again maybe it is Karma in action…Wall Street may just deserve an incompetent sleaze bag like Alexander.

  7. If you want to puke on yourself, utoob up the video interview with ex-Marine wife Kay Griggs re: these power elite bottoms…..

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