Coming to a Protest Near You…A Drone That Blasts Pepper Spray

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.38.44 PMWhat’s a crony status quo to do when it is ultimately confronted with an unruly mob of plebs frustrated with the fact median wages haven’t increased in forty five years, while the 0.01% has stolen everything in sight with the help of the Federal Reserve and corrupt Washington D.C. politicians?

Well, naturally you’d launch the South African made Skunk Riot Control Copter, fully equipped with a suite of high-definition and thermal imagine cameras, strobe lights, speakers and a pepper spray firing paint ball gun which can fire 80 shots per second!

We learn from The Verge that:

Crowds of protesters could soon come under attack from riot control drones outfitted with paintball guns, strobe lights, and speakers. The Skunk Riot Control Copter, built by South African company Desert Wolf, has a suite of cameras and four paintball guns strapped to its chassis to help its operators monitor and control unruly crowds. The guns can fire ammunition from four different hoppers, meaning the drone operators can shoot protesters with dye markers, solid plastic pellets, or small capsules of pepper spray.

The first batch of drones will reportedly be deployed to mines in South Africa later this month, where lengthy strikes at some of the country’s biggest facilities have resulted in violence. Mine owners hope that the drones will be able to control and subdue their workers by blasting them with flashing lights, blaring messages of control, and shooting them from the sky. Kieser says he hopes its success in the country will lead to more orders for the gun-toting drone.

Oh you silly little miners want higher wages? You may want to think twice about going on strike, unless you want a couple pepper spray pellets to the dome.

Sky News adds that:

The drone has a payload capacity of around 40kg; it can carry up to 4,000 projectiles and fires up to 80 shots each second.

The eight-rotor aircraft also has high-definition and thermal imaging cameras.

It needs two people to control it; one to maneuver the aircraft, and one to control the array of tools and weapons on board.

Complete with a ground control station, it will cost around 500,000 South African Rand (£27,400).

A spokesman for Desert Wolf said more orders were in the pipeline from customers around the world.

These include security companies, police units and businesses.

Only two people needed to control it. Just imagine how many protesting slaves you can blast at one time. So efficient! Unfortunately, for pepper spray happy cops like John Pike, who received a $38,000 settlement for pepper spraying seated, peaceful protesters at the University of California Davis, the easy money may be gone. Yes, this guy:

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 12.09.35 PM

My only question at this point is; can drones collect pensions?

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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  1. Looks pretty flimsy to me. Will this drone be able to operate in a threat environment? I doubt it.

    • Michael Krieger

      I guess we’ll find out soon enough, the next time South Africa platinum miners get uppity.

  2. Dear God, John Pike (any relation to Albert Pike?) gets 38 grand for being a grade A prick?.

    Desert Wolf? Who owns the mines in South Africa? The wider Wolf family of course, as in Guelf, Welf etc. They, like Wolves, like to piss on anything they claim as theirs, and it’s all t’heirs, right? Divine right of kings and all that rot – wot!

    Yes, Serfdom truly sucks, but call it Socialism and the suckers will buy it…

  3. Why did Pike get a settlement?

  4. I say hack the damned copters and redirect them to more appropriate targets… surely this is doable or at a minimum, I bet a really cheap kamikaze drone could be deployed to to take these suckers out.

    • Well let’s hope you can hack it prior to someone shooting it out of the sky….which WILL happen. Gonna be great!

  5. If state legislators don’t do the “right thing” according to the globalist agenda, will these apparatus be turned loose on State capitols too?

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