Ecuador to Transfer More Than Half its Gold Reserves to Goldman Sachs in Exchange for “Liquidity”

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.45.48 AMThis is a great example of how the game works. In a world in which every government on earth needs “liquidity” to survive, and the primary goal of every government is and always has been survival (the retention of arbitrary power at all costs), the provider of liquidity is king. So what is liquidity and who provides it?

In the current financial system (post Bretton Woods), the primary engine of global liquidity is the U.S. dollar and dollar based assets generally as a result of  its reserve currency status. Ever since Nixon defaulted on the U.S. dollar’s gold backing in 1971, the creation of this “liquidity” has zero restrictions whatsoever and is merely based on the whims and desires of the central planners in chief, i.e., the Federal Reserve. As the primary creator of the liquidity that every government on earth needs to survive, the Federal Reserve is thus the most powerful player globally in not only economic, but also geopolitical affairs.

The example of the so-called sovereign nation of Ecuador relinquishing its gold reserves to Goldman Sachs for “liquidity” which can be conjured up by the Fed on a whim and at zero cost tells you all you need to know about how the world works (read my post: Why Fiat Money is Immoral).

Now from Bloomberg:

Ecuador agreed to transfer more than half its gold reserves to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. for three years as the government seeks to bolster liquidity.

The central bank said it will send 466,000 ounces of gold to Goldman Sachs, worth about $580 million at current prices, and get the same amount back three years from now. In return, Ecuador will get “instruments of high security and liquidity” and expects to earn a profit of $16 million to $20 million over the term of the accord.

“Gold that was not generating any returns in vaults, causing storage costs, now becomes a productive asset that will generate profits,” the central bank said in the statement. “These interventions in the gold market represent the beginning of a new and permanent strategy of active participation by the bank, through purchases, sales and financial operations, that will contribute to the creation of new financial investment opportunities.”

This isn’t the first South American country we’ve heard about sending their gold to Goldman. Recall my post from late last year: Is Venezuela Selling Gold to Goldman Sachs?

This gold is headed straight to China or Russia. Good luck ever getting that back amigos. Just ask Germany.

Full article here.

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  1. Wall Street concerned over China’s gold hoarding

    Leung said that the US Federal Reserve loans gold to investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and others every year to trade in the market. The amount of gold ranges between 400-500 tonnes and the move acts to artificially suppress gold prices. When the prices are in their favor, these investment banks buy back the gold and return it to the Fed.

    But this measure is absolutely useless because China’s is hoarding the gold and does not follow the rules, Leung said. When it sees that gold prices are going down, the first thing it does is buy them, and does not sell when prices continue to fall. It seems that Wall Street cannot do anything to counter China on this, according to Leung.

    The analyst said that the People’s Bank of China is putting pressure on Washington and Wall Street as the US dollar has been linked with gold prices since its rise as the leading global currency. The Fed hopes to manipulate gold prices in its favor, Leung said, but the Chinese central bank is standing in its way.

  2. Hard to believe Ecuador is that stupid. It doesn’t make sense.

  3. Goldman Sachs says gold is going down this yeaR. why then would they want to take half of Ecuador’s gold. sounds like a bad investment if gold is actually going down. something’s not right here…………Duh

  4. Um how is Ecuador’s gold not already a very liquid asset?

    Do they even possess it or is Ecuador getting a payment (of sorts) for something that’s already been stolen from them?

  5. This is beyond belief.You would give up your gold now when we all know that fiat will explode and disintegrate and Ecuador does this with Goldman Sachs to boot, naw I ain’t buying this!

  6. The oligarchs of Ecuador can extract more wealth from the people by selling the gold otherwise they wouldn’t do it. They don’t get paid to act responsibly!

  7. Spot on. It’s been engineered to satisfy contracts with China and Russia since the warehouses in the West are almost dry. They’ll never get it back

  8. Interesting that it would be Ecuador and Venezuela that would do this, and in the case of Venezuela after getting the jump on everyone by repatriating their gold. Ecuador and Venezuela are(/were?) two of the leading countries of the new Latin American left… And Ecuador’s very popular Rafael Correa has a PhD in econ from the Univ. of Illinois, so he presumably understands what he’s doing. Furthermore, Ecuador uses the US dollar as its currency.

    Can anyone connect these dots for me?

    • Just more dots….V & E are both Socialist like the USSA. Are both signed up for the Bankster NWO? Probably. Ecuador has gold mines. Present gold prices are Below the cost of mining/refining gold. Soros and Buffet recently got out of USSA bank stocks. so what? CYA, comrade is all I can say.

  9. DON’T DO IT!!!

  10. And more recently, I believe that Ukraine gold has been transferred to the US.

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