The Department of Agriculture Launches Proposal to Purchase Submachine Guns

The following solicitation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture almost defies belief. We’ve seen this type of bizarre behavior before, but it has mostly originated from the American Gestapo, aka the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). I highlighted this trend early last year in my post: Department of Homeland Security to Purchase 7,000 “Assault Weapons”.

Here’s a screenshot of the solicitation from the Department of Agriculture (click on the image to get to the source page):

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.05.18 AM

What is so important to understand about the current war/civil unrest cycle that the world has now entered into is that it will affect different regions and nations differently. It appears tensions in the Ukraine/Russia region and Asia/Pacific may rather quickly erupt into a war amongst nation-states. This could ultimately lead to a world war. For the United States region, I predict more of a rebellion and civil unrest scenario that consists of the status quo versus the people. I also think it’s obvious the status quo knows this, which is why they are stealing everything in sight and setting up a total surveillance state. Things are going to get dicey, but the status quo is in the wrong and they will need to be tossed aside peacefully.

The solicitation can be found here.

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger.

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  1. The Student Revolutionary Strike Force fears that the embedded power structure is so firmly ensconced in all aspects of the USA that only a full-scale military coup can make any meaningful changes in those many systems that work together to create the greater whole that is the USA.

    • Michael Krieger

      I think a military coup is a horrible idea. We need to push forward with decentralized systems that can actually allow progress. Not replace one corrupt centralized system with another one.

      Michael Krieger

  2. I dunno Michael, I don’t think Ralph Nader is planning on running for President again in 2016. Besides, no one ever voted for him anyway.

  3. There are many professional disinformation operatives in marketing, sales and politics etc. You cannot convince or get acknowledgment from a committed professional salesman that his product is defective. But you can personally RECOGNIZE the COMMON PATTERNS OF UNTRUTH, known as “Fallacies,” and avoid the untruths. They were invented and described by the ancient Greek “Sophists school” who sold them to would be deceivers. “Fallacy” comes from the Latin word for methods of “deceit.” “Sophistry” means using Sophist’s fallacies to deceive. These common patterns of untruth are destructively everywhere in today’s world!

    We all need to be able to recognize the classic deceitful patterns, they use. The pattern of, intentional tricky untruths or “fallacies,” are succinctly described on the following links. Please copy and paste this message and its following links everywhere and every time, these professional fallacious deceivers are working to suppress the truth and “prove” lies. Call them out and prove to their audience that deceitful fallacies being used! Let us ALL, DISARM these professional, fallacious deceivers, and their deceived current dupes.

    Deceitful Distractions

    Deceitful Attacks

    Deceitful appeal

    False Causation

    Deceitful Ambiguity

    Hasty generalization

  4. It looks like the USDA Forest Service is about to be militarized.



    mike the FCC meeting today. this 30 second video says EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND.


    i know the lawyers , i am one, i can pick them out. this is a room full of lawyers.

  6. Guess what caliber most of those 2 billion + bullets homeland security bought in the last few years? .40 caliber! What a coincidence!

    • According to a former neighbor of mine, who worked for the tsa, one department might buy weapons or other stuff to give to another department that has exceeded its budget. Apparently those rifles bought by dhs were given to the army.

      I very much doubt that these government entities will wage a shooting war on its own citizens – they are manned by other citizens. An economic war, now that’s a different story – every time i go grocery shopping, the prices have risen.

    • If a private citizen bought guns for another “entity” that is illegal. That could mean jail time. One gov. entity that gives it to another gov. entity is probably also illegal. For a gov. entity to financially account for this type of transfer would most likely also be illegal. When the ATF trafficked thousands of guns to the Mexican cartels that was as illegal as you can get.

      No one went to jail and the mgt. heads were promoted to keep their mouths shut.

      There is way too much illegality in this system with no accountability.

      We have no idea what the gov. is planning to really doing since they keep a lot of stuff secret. T

      he end result of this tyranny is what is occurring in Ukraine. Don’t be surprised when it finally shows up here. That’s why they need thousands of militarized drones in the air patrolling and taking out protest groups. In a few years time the fed. gov. will have a militarized grid setup that will be nationwide to squash any and all dissent.

      This is not good for the people of the USA who will get to experience what the freedom fighters of Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. experiences on a daily basis. Then the pro-war idiots of this country will know what it is to experience senseless loss of a loved one.

      What you inflict on “someone else” results in the same thing being inflicted on you. If you want to be safe, then make sure others are safe first.

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