Video of the Day – Reporter Reveals White House Press Conferences are Entirely Scripted Nonsense

I hold the world but as the world, Gratiano;
A stage where every man must play a part,
And mine a sad one.

– The Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene I

As readers of this site are already very much aware, the entire world around us is micro-managed with intense propaganda by what Professor C. Wright Mills called “the power elite.” This culminates into an existence within a manufactured, nonsensical world that investment legend Seth Klarman referred to as The Truman Show.

Well The Truman Show that is the USA has been exposed once again. According to this CBS reporter from Arizona, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney receives all questions to “press briefings” ahead of time. In many cases, the reporters themselves even possess the scripted answers to their questions before the conference starts. Yes, as suspected, it’s all just one gigantic stage and you are the clown in the audience.

Watch and weep serfs.


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  1. Just another reason I don’t do MSM.

    • I get my news from the Cartoon Network. Often a little bit ‘out of left field’ but still closer to reality than the bozos on the ‘official’ news outlets.

  2. Senator Rand Paul: Who controls the USA ?

  3. Was it really just 4 years ago that I first heard this joke:

    Q: What are the two most useless words in Washington DC?

    A: “Obama said…”

    • This has a curious stink to it. Do you believe it is a quick cover up, darms? Or was this a legit error?

    • As to ‘purpose’, make up your own mind but source & provenance are credible. IMHO I think Anaya misspoke (or at least didn’t fully grok the content of her initial words) & as usual the RWW jumped on the story, pre0scripted Q&A’s are most often associated w/Rs these days. However as you found your way here I think you can decide for yourself so please do.

      MK – I have read a lot of interesting stuff on your blog (save for bitcoin BTAS…) so you are a daily read but I will insist on pointing out recent contradictions like this one. BTW have you ever given a thought to what beliefs an old-school leftist might have in common w/ a modern libertarian and that we might have mutual differences w/modern right-wing authoritarians (aka the Republican party)?

    • Prohibition & gay marriage are the primary overlap between the anarcho-libertarian ethic and the leftists.

    • Hardly, I can think of many more. One, for example, would be state/corporate surveillance, 60’s leftists were no fans of the NKVD/KGB/FBI/CIA/NSA…

    • Some of the largest corporate perpetrators of the surveillance state are leftists, which completely undermines your claim.

      Did you have more than one example, as indicated by your use of the word ‘many’ or were you simply making things up?

  4. Video removed, this may be a copy of what it was:

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