A Vital Message from Venezuela – “They Talk Like Marx, Rule Like Stalin…”

The following quote written on a piece of cardboard from the ongoing protests in Venezuela basically summarizes how the oligarchs, or the 0.01%, and their political henchmen rule in all countries around the world at the moment. Then they cry like little welfare babies when people criticize their behavior.

Powerful stuff:

They speak like Marx
Rule like Stalin
And live like Rockefellers
While the people suffer


Warren Buffet is the absolute master of the above tactic, which is why I once wrote about him being: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

In Liberty,
Michael Kriegr

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  1. That Buffett thinks Jamie Dimon is doing a stellar job and that in fact he would give him a bigger raise pretty much says all you need to know about him IMO….

    Oh, and that he was buying BAC and GE preferred before the bailouts also says all you need to know. As Carlin made all to clear with the joke on us,”it’s a big club and we’re not in it.”

    Buffett is not one of us. He is a demented loser.

  2. Visited the US lately?

    No difference.

    The Boot-Strap Expat

  3. You are like the Ron Paul people making fun of the Greeks. Whatever.
    I’m amazed the USA is like this.

  4. Warren Buffet attended the underground meeting in the hanger as 9/11 sacriFICE was ongoing then Bush II was welcomed into the fold as the plane diverted to Offut so how the Buffet is the Nice Father figure well I guess. they like it.
    I also am totally shit stomed amazed that the digital coin has sigs that are DEVELOPED by the same minds that do the NSA crypto and the people crow that iit is freedom for them

  5. Lived in Venezuela for a while 2004-5. Never could figure out what was going on, as both sides spew endless lies.

    Seems the current situation damns Chavez’s legacy.

    But then, any leader who ever arises to challenge the oligarchs (national and international) will be attacked in any number of ways, including provoking crisis to destroy their accomplishments and reputation.

    I will say this, though. Even if Chavez did have good intentions, that doesn’t mean he had a clue about how to promote a healthy economy.

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