HSBC Receives Slap on the Wrist for Helping to Finance Terrorists

The “Too Big Too Jail” nonsense that surrounds large U.S. banks and their above the law employees has been glaringly obvious and thoroughly documented for quite some time now. Yet what represents an even larger slap in the face to millions of hard-working, law-abiding citizens, is how relentlessly the “justice” system goes after small time criminals, while merely fining oligarch thieves for far worse crimes. I first covered this theme earlier this year in my piece Some Money Launderers are “More Equal” than Others, which discussed how HSBC was caught laundering billions of dollars for Mexican drug cartels.

Well HSBC is back in the news. This time it relates to their transferring funds on the behalf of financiers for the militant group Hezbollah. If transactions such as these had even the slightest link to Bitcoin, there would be endless uproar, calls for countless Congressional hearings and demands to stop the currency at all costs. But when HSBC is caught doing it, what happens? A $32,400 settlement.

More from The Huffington Post:

A major U.S. bank has agreed to a settlement for transferring funds on the behalf of financiers for the militant group Hezbollah, the Treasury Department announced on Tuesday.

Concluding that HSBC’s actions “were not the result of willful or reckless conduct,” Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control accepted a $32,400 settlement from the bank. Treasury noted, as did HSBC in a statement to HuffPost, that the violations were voluntarily reported.

Everett Stern, a former HSBC compliance officer who complained to his supervisors about the Hezbollah-linked transactions, told HuffPost he was “ecstatic and depressed at the same time.”

“Those are my transactions, I reported them,” he said, satisfied that the government was taking action. But, he added, “Where I am upset was those were a handful of transactions, and I saw hundreds of millions of dollars” being transferred.

Stern said he hopes the government’s enforcement actions against HSBC have not come to an end with the latest settlement. “They admit to financing terrorism and they get fined $32,000. Where if I were to do that, I would go to jail for life,” he said.

And the government watchdog’s claim that HSBC committed no “substantially similar apparent violations” in the past five years is likely to raise some eyebrows. In December 2012, the bank agreed to pay a $1.9 billion settlement for moving money that a 2012 Senate report found had likely helped drug cartels and a Saudi Arabian bank the CIA has linked to al Qaeda.

No one at HSBC was criminally charged for what U.S. Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer called at the time “stunning failures of oversight.” The Senate report faulted the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, an independent bureau with the Treasury Department, for weak oversight of HSBC.

You know you are a Banana Republic if…

Full article here.

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  1. I ‘enjoy’ these HSBC stories for one primary reason: facts are not in dispute. It’s the ‘conspiracy’ in broad daylight. Thanks for highlighting this, Mike.

  2. Next time anyone asks if you know any terrorists, just tell them “sure, HSBC and the rest of the banksters”. Maybe we can get a reward from Homeland Suppression for snitching on them?

  3. I noticed that Amazon has some copies of Wardner’s “The Planned Destruction of America” in stock.

    It was out of print for awhile so if you are really interested in knowing how messed up the American system really is then I recommend getting a copy and reading it. Check out the the chapter: “The Media Blackout”.

  4. NSA Changing Bank Balances?

  5. Here is something equally serious.. A drug maker makes spurious drugs and presents false test reports to the FDA and plays with, I wonder how many lives.. and just a fine – no jail for the frankenstein owners..!!

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