Blogger “Mish” is Fined 8,000 Euros by France for Freedom of Speech

Well if this isn’t one of the more ridiculous things I have read in a while, I don’t know what is. Many of my readers are probably familiar with Mike “Mish” Shedlock, who writes a very popular economics/finance blog. He has a habit of doing what I like best, challenging propaganda, engaging in critical thought and a fearlessness when it comes to saying what he believes. It appears that such behavior is frowned upon by French banksters and their minions in government.

Incredibly, Mish was fined 8,000 euros for quoting a French blogger’s analysis of Societe Generale’s leverage ratio. He was also summoned to appear in front of a tribunal in France.

Expect more of this sort of thing as the status quo loses more and more credibility and struggles to censor alternative narratives of what is actually happening. We have even seen similar calls here in the U.S., such as when Eric Posner, a Professor at the University of Chicago Law School, bashed the First Amendment in a Slate article. For more on the Mish story, here are some excerpts from his blog:

A few days ago I learned, via a French blog, that I was fined 8,000 euros for quoting a French blogger. I would have known earlier, but the letter notifying me of the fine was sent in French. 

In an earlier express letter packet, I could make out a few of the words, in particular noting a summons to appear before a tribunal in France. Needless to say, I did not go. 

The Witch hunt is now over and I was fined nearly as much as Chevallier. It’s absurd enough to fine someone for a quote, and even more so when the facts are accurate.

The AFM has no jurisdiction over me, so they won’t collect. As a US citizen living in the US, I am not subject to the absurdities of French laws, or French witch hunts. All they get from me is a vow to never go to France.

To read about the entire saga, go here.

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  1. These people must be smokin’ the same sh#* that the people in our govt. are smokin’. Either that, or, everyone comes down with some very wierd incurable mass psychological problem as soon as they become involved in politics or any perceived position of authority. They, at the very least, seem to be intentionally pushing the envelope of tolerance for their actions at every opportunity. They should be more careful, some “victims” bite, as they should.

  2. Yes, as more and more people begin to see “behind the curtain” and the duplicitous nature of “the state” is laid bare, the gloves are coming off and people are seeing that the “hand that feeds you” wears an iron glove. The signs are all around and the evidence is abundant that the USG is prepared to lock down the country if there is large scale civil unrest in America.

    There are still a couple of pols bold enough to speak the truth…

  3. Send them a bill for unauthorized access or violating your free speech as you’re an Americans or something. Maybe for 8000 Euros.

  4. Sincere apologies from a frenchman.

  5. I have been to France, 3 times. Only country in the world I would never return to. You won’t miss a thing!

    Not surprising though.

    It is coming prepare wisely!

  6. Send ’em a photo of your ass with a helpful arrow and cartoon lips.

  7. If I were he, I would have my computer print out the word “Euro” eight thousand times, in the smallest font possible, and then send that back to them with a note saying “PAID IN FULL”. How would my paper have any less confidence (perceived purchasing power) behind it than the funny paper printed up willy-nilly by the ECB? And as to the court date, how, where, why and when did they ever acquire bona fide jurisdiction??


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