Bitcoin or a Bank? Here’s How They Stack Up

The following graphic was put together by the folks at Promontory Financial and is extremely telling. It looks at three ways in which a U.S. citizen might choose to go about sending a $1,000 downpayment to Europe for the purpose of renting a vacation home. They put Bitcoin side by with with a traditional bank wire as well as a credit card transaction. The results might surprise you…


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  1. Hello my friend, Patrick is my name. Thank you for your work. I’m a middle aged guy that is concerned about the nature of the world today. I follow your work, it’s pretty cool.
    Right, well, check this out, maybe like getting together a video in like 3 steps on how to get bitcoins. I’m pretty sure I down loaded the miner? but I didn’t know how to give it dollars to get my bit coin credit.
    I don’t make a lot of dough, although I do follow Kyiosaki’s work.
    Right now I’m looking for a fll time job. I’m close to going on the rolls but I guess I still have some work in me yet. Peace, Pat Munoz

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