Meet Dark Wallet – How Crypto-Anarchists Will Store Their Bitcoins

The greatest, most existential debate in the entire Bitcoin community revolves around how much (if any) cooperation there should be between the alternative currency network and state regulators. Fortunately, its decentralized nature allows the user to make many of his or her own decisions on the matter, something which I believe will only increase as developers create new products to address a wide variety of issues and concerns. Dark Wallet is a perfect example of this.

The Dark Wallet team is a diverse bunch, but one of the guys involved is Cody Wilson, the founder of 3D-gun printing company Defense Distributed, which has been highlighted in these pages on several occasions in the past. This is really exciting stuff…

More from Motherboard:

The developers of Dark Wallet wholeheartedly subscribe to the latter mindset. The group, called UnSystem, are self-proclaimed cryto-anarchists led by Cody Wilson—who you may remember as the creator of the controversial 3D-printed gun. After getting himself in hot water with the government for making the digital files to print an unregulated weapon freely available on the internet, Wilson’s now endeavoring to bring bitcoin back to its anarchist roots.

The group launched an Indiegogo campaign yesterday to raise $50,000 to build Dark Wallet, which they expect to launch early next year. The tool is a browser plug-in for Chrome or Firefox, intended to be easy to use for consumers that aren’t tech-savvy, to encourage the masses to adopt the alternative currency.

Like other bitcoin wallets, you’ll be able to store, send, and receive coins, and interact with block chain, the bitcoin public ledger. But Dark Wallet will include extra protections to make sure transactions are secure, anonymous, and hard to trace—including a protocol called “trustless mixing” that combines users’ coins together before encoding it into the ledger.

The Bitcoin Foundation is lobbying Washington to compromise on regulations. But UnSystem, and others that share the group’s libertarian ethos, argue that any government control would defeat the purpose of the digital currency. From their base in an anarchist compound outside of Barcelona, the group envisions a techno-utopian, contraband society where law enforcement can’t keep up with the latest technology. Dark Wallet will put that to the test, and it will be interesting to see how many bitcoin users follow their lead.

The video announcing the project is pretty awesome.

To help fund the project, check out its Indiegogo page here.

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  1. “The Bitcoin Foundation is lobbying Washington to compromise on regulations.”

    HA HA HA

    The “Bitcoin Foundation” does not know history.

  2. I opened a wallet, but still don’t get how to get some coins, without buying through an outside source. tried to buy, but ended up in, which uses Wells Fargo & B of A, NOT the point!!!!

    love the concept!

  3. If it’s based on Internet availability it’s inherently unstable and unreliable long-term.

  4. Even if you succeed, big brother will figure out how to use it to their advantage. We are Owned!

  5. Said it before and say it again – Bitcoin is a scam, fake, fad, and a fraud. Why would I want worthless bitcoins when I can hold Chinese Pandas, American Eagle, Austrian Viennas, and other coins that DO have real value. Hell, I’d rather even hold old silver nickels before having anything to do with the bitcoin scam.

  6. It’s not perfect, but the concept is to get away from centralized banking and it works. Why not?

  7. I too recently opened a wallet account. Can you divulge the intricacies of how to set up a donation button like what you have, for I too wish to fly the Bitcoin flag. I have a wordpress,com blog, so I’m restricted to something HTML like what you have: no java and no can import plugins.

    What is the “Donation Address” supposed to link to? When I click on yours, it returns: No App Available.


  8. Like to see some follow-up “how to mix” when Dark Wallet goes to v1.0.

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