Here’s What Happens When an MSNBC Anchor Attempts to Sign Up for ObamaCare…

Apparently “Hope and Change” means broken websites and a complete and total echo chamber of nothingness on the other end of the phone when you call the ObamaCare help desk. This short segment is priceless and pretty much sums up the “state of the union” in the American Banana Republic. It’s kind of ironic that this would emerge from President Obama’s official PR channel MSNBC, which by the way shouldn’t be operating in the midst of a government shutdown…


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  1. i want to laugh but just start crying. there’s an article on national review online of 100 unitended consequences of obamacare( and imo the only way this isnt going to hurt your health, job, wallet and maybe all 3 is if you have no dependents, spouse and have a million dollars in the bank.

  2. Jamie Dimon Agonistes: Sam Seder and Matt Taibbi Discuss the SpokesModels of the Financial Press

    In defense of CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg are no better. I have heard the same meme on JPM and Wall Street there, many times. It is a mind set that puts the Wall Street apart from reality.

    watch the video…hysterical.

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