Land of the Free: American Police Make an Arrest Every 2 Seconds in 2012

The FBI has just released its Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) data for 2012, which complies arrest data for the whole of the USA. While the numbers have not changed much from the year before, the absolute numbers are stunning and I doubt most Americans are aware of how elevated and skewed they actually are.

The most stunning figure is that law enforcement made an estimated 12.2 million arrests in 2012. That’s an arrest almost every two seconds of every single day. That’s straight up horrifying. Of these arrests, only 521,196 were for violent crimes.

This is where the war on drugs really proves itself as a complete and total ridiculous failure and waste of money and resources, not to mention the fact that it destroys the lives of individuals and communities for no good reason.

Let’s get into some details on the drug war. The total number of drug arrests in 2012 was 1.56 million, and an an absolutely absurd 82% of those arrests were for possession alone, as opposed to sales/manufacturing. It gets even crazier. Of the total drug related arrests, a shocking 42% were for mere marijuana possession, a substance that my adopted home state of Colorado has just legalized along with Washington. So an American is arrested for marijuana possession every 48 seconds in this country. This is a complete and total disgrace and needs to change immediately. It’s also a large reason why  the United States has 5% of the World’s Population, yet 25% of its Prisoners.

For access to the FBI’s raw data on this, click here.

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  1. Land of the Fee.
    Home of the Slave.

  2. daddy warbucks says:

    September 17, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    Convoy to D.C. – Truckers To Shut Down America in October

    Mac Slavo
    September 17th, 2013
    But with fuel prices continuing to rise, wages dropping, jobs becoming harder to find, and rampant corruption in Washington D.C. furthering the country’s economic death spiral, America’s truck drivers, like the majority of our fellow citizens, are fed up.

    Between October 11th and 13th they have called for a general strike, asking truck drivers around the country to refuse to haul freight, a move that could carry with it a significant impact on the American economy.

    The protest calls for truckers to make their way to Washington D.C. in a massive convoy in an effort to call attention to, among other things, the Benghazi cover-up, the recent attack which killed 25 members of Seal Team 6, ever rising fuel prices, and claims that President Obama has engaged in treasonous crimes.

    Moreover, they’ve requested that the American people join them in solidarity by not shopping or engaging in any economic activity that benefits the government or their corporate interests.


  3. I hesitate to offer a solution to prison profiteering, war profiteering, pharma profiteering, chem profiteering, and all ugly behavior motivated by profit… When I see bitcoin promoted, I know I have stiff emotional resistance to the idea of not needing exchange to survive on this planet.

    But I’m goint to trow it out here just for drill. Please pardon My copypasta but I have little to improve in what I have to say:

    With all solutions offered – to most any problem – to date, regardless of the motive behind any given one, there is a presumption that We MUST account for Our meaningful energy expended through exchange (trade, barter, money, etc.).

    Also consider the fact that ANY money system will allow the most ruthless and psychopathic to rise to the top – The Ones who are WILLING to oppress, live richly off the misery of Others, and believe They are “better” than the rest are the Ones who are WILLING to do ANYTHING to get money/power over Others.

    The question is… Can We get rid of the NEED for money? Can We stop accounting for the products and services We use and exchange and ALL have access to this planet’s gifts, Each to One’s comfort level? Can We move into a society that is motivated with social currency such as recognition, respect, honor, fame for having contributed to the betterment, rather than for having been ruthless enough? And if so, HOW?





    For Those who want a 10 minute nutshell:

    Keep it in Consciousness

    “If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war.”

    “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil; remove the soil in which the root grows…”

    “If the universe is made of mostly Dark Energy…can We use it to run Our cars?”

  4. You forget to mention that most of those arrests are black and brown young men while just as many whites are using drugs as well!!

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