Rapper and Actor Mos Def Undergoes Force Feeding Procedure Used at Guantanamo Bay

Back in May, I covered the hunger strikes at Guantanamo Bay, which at the time consisted of 100 of 166 detainees.  I noted how the American Medical Association (AMA) expressed concern that the force feeding of many of these detainees was contrary to medical ethics.  A lawyer for one of the detainees described the force feeding practice thus:

“It can be extremely painful. One of my clients said that it’s like having a razor blade go down through your nose and into your throat,” Remes said.

It’s one thing to read about such practices, but it’s quite another to see them administered on another human being.  Famous rapper and actor, Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def), decided to go through the procedure and videotape it.  So here’s a look at what 44 detainees are being subjected to twice a day by the U.S. government. WARNING: the video might make you squeamish so be forewarned.


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  1. Didnt the noble peace prize guy shit this place down
    Yet or is he to busy dropping 200m on Africon world
    Tour. I’m more interested in the weight of baby
    Kardashian first diaper baaaaaa

  2. Oh boo hoo hooo. Let’s use the moslem force feeding method. Cut off their heads and shove the food down the hole.

  3. I have a really stupid question…. easier to administer a pain killer to ease the pain or try to restrain a full grown man in pain? I question the validity of the demonstration. If that is what they are doing, it’s detestable… Seriously wonder if that is what they are really doing when they are force feeding them. Also, a thought… if that is what they have to go through twice a day… I wonder what the secrets they keep must be. Must be some pretty good stuff if they are willing to go through that instead of talk/eat. Muslims have no problem with suicide. (suicide bombers) It must be hell for them to not be able to be a martyr.

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