Targeted Killings: “It’s Ok if Obama Does it”

In a YouGov poll of 1,000 voters last August, Tesler found significantly more support for targeted killing of suspected terrorists among white “racial liberals” (i.e., those liberal on issues of race) and African-Americans when they were told that Obama supported such a policy than when they were not told it was the president’s policy. Only 27 percent of white racial liberals in a control group supported the targeted killing policy, but that jumped to 48 percent among such voters who were told Obama had conducted such targeted killings.

– Joan Walsh’s recent article at Salon:  Targeted killings: OK if Obama does it?

Think about how troubling the above passage is.  Basically, a reasonably large percentage of the population of America will simply allow Barrack Obama to do whatever he wants because he is black and a member of their “Democrat” football team.  The irony is incredible, but believe me this fact is not lost upon the elites that want to perpetuate the warfare state indefinitely. They fully understand that Obama essentially neutralizes a large part of the “liberal” resistance simply because he is black and ostensibly “liberal.”

I came across the above information while reading Glenn Greenwald’s article about how MSNBC has finally make the total transformation into official government propaganda arm by hiring Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod.  His article is a scathing must-read.  Here are my favorite excerpts:

Last month, MSNBC’s Al Sharpton conducted a spirited debate about whether Obama belongs on Mount Rushmore or instead deserves a separate monument to his greatness (just weeks before replacing frequent Obama critic Cenk Uygur as MSNBC host, Sharpton publicly vowed never to criticize Barack Obama under any circumstances: a vow he has faithfully maintained).  

A Pew poll found that in the week leading up to the 2012 election, MSNBC did not air a single story critical of the President or a single positive story about Romney – not a single one – even as Fox aired a few negative ones about Romney and a few positive ones about Obama.

“Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has become a contributor for MSNBC. Rachel Maddow introduced Gibbs as a new member of her network’s stable in the final minutes before President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. . . . Gibbs was White House press secretary from 2009 to early 2011, when he left to become a senior campaign adviser for Obama’s re-election.”“David Axelrod, the former White House senior advisor and senior strategist for President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns, has joined NBC News and MSNBC as a senior political analyst, the networks announced today. . . . Like Gibbs, Axelrod will appear across the networks’ programming.”Finally, American citizens will now be able to hear what journalism has for too long so vindictively denied them: a vibrant debate between Gibbs and Axelrod on how great Obama really is.

That you can cover what political officials do more effectively when you act adversarially and without their “cooperation” doesn’t seem to occur to them. Moreover, getting to sit for personal interviews with the president usually produces anything but adversarial questioning. As even Politico admits: “some reporters inevitably worry access or the chance of a presidential interview will decrease if they get in the face of this White House.”

Well looking at the bright side, the more the mainstream media continues to screw up, the greater the opportunity they are creating for people like me.

Full article here.

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  1. “Basically, a reasonably large percentage of the population of America will simply allow Barrack Obama to do whatever he wants because he is black. ”
    You’re dead on right, Barack Obama is black, but everything else about this statement is detestable. Did it ever occur to you that liberals’ opinions are swayed by the fact that Obama is also a liberal, or that they percieve him as a moral or honest man?
    A fact tied to a fallacy, what kind of journalism is that called? ( Shitty journalism FYI )

    • You left off the end of the sentence: and ostensibly “liberal.”

      It’s typical of ostensible liberals (i.e. you) to misrepresent opponents, and try to paint them as racists, as such ‘liberals’ don’t have real arguments to stand on.

      Who cares if ‘liberals’ perceive Obama to also be liberal, honest, or moral? That’s the whole point: that they wouldn’t know honest or moral from a hole in the groundm, or they just don’t care.

      Obama is just as despicable as baby Bush, and their respective supporters are equally pathetic.

  2. @Stein: last time I looked, CONUS still (barely) had its 1st Amendment so your finding something “detestable” is immaterial to me.

    The “or” in your penultimate sentence is crucial, showing that you want to have your cake (Obama is a liberal) and eat it too (they perceive him as…).

    The fact is, as Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader have shown, the Democrats went corporate-funded already in the 1970s, so the current POTUS is no liberal at all in objective terms. You may however be right that as part of cognitive dissonance and self-serving, there are deluded Democrat voters who perceive him as “moral or honest”.

    By comparison, Tom Franks wrote that many who voted for Reagan were genuinely shocked by his union busting, bleating: “if only he knew what was being done by his government”.

    When the Gestapo and SA were busy in Germany in the 30s, many Nazi voters were genuinely shocked as well, and said “if only the Führer knew what they were doing!”.

  3. Obama worship has gotten to such a state that it reminds me of Germany in the early 1930’s.

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