Ann Coulter Calls Iraq a “Magnificent War” and is Booed by Libertarians

If you had any doubt that Ann Coulter is a total raging psycho, this video should make it crystal clear.  She can barely contain her enthusiasm for war when she refers to Iraq as a “magnificent war.”  She then goes on to talk about how she wants to “make divorce more difficult.”  Strange position for someone so “anti-big government.”  Just another hypocrite that wants big government when big government agrees with their point of view.  If you are still wondering why the Republican party is dead and buried all you have to do is watch this clip.


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  1. She is drowning in pro-establishment rhetoric, I wonder if she can even comprehend the words coming out of her malnourished mouth. Someone needs to feed her; I suggest a horse-burger sandwich and downed it with some watered down Maker’s Mark and I promise her personality will improve. The lack of a proper diet is making this poor Ethiopian slave to the Republican party literally lose her mind. (I confess that I was at one time in my life impressed with some of her commentary. This completely turned me off.)

  2. Anorexia and menopause are not a good combination.

  3. Always the Left’s main argument – the people who oppose their own robotic viewpoints are not nice people, to fat, to ugly, to pretty, “to thin”, to something. Maybe you are to brainless on the left to be able to mount an argument and so must rely on insults? Is that why you all think alike?

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