Watertown, New York Decides to “Ban Roommates”

I understand the concept of not wanting fifty people living in a single family home within a residential neighborhood, but this law bans roommates altogether.  Is this another brilliant scheme to revive the housing market?  Sounds to me like a great way to create more homeless people in a phony recovery everyone knows doesn’t really exist.

From YNN:

WATERTOWN, N.Y. — Lawmakers in Watertown came to a decision that brings more questions than answers. Mainly, can government decide what is and what isn’t a family?

By a vote of three to two, Watertown’s City Council amended a law Monday night that dictates how many roommates a homeowner can have in a single family home in a residential neighborhood. The law used to allow four. Now, it’s zero.

But the argument against it is that not only would enforcing it be difficult, but in tough economic times and with traditional families giving way to the modern ones, this is a black and white way to define family.

Macaluso says in these tough times, a roommate could be needed to keep someone from losing a home, there’s soldiers who need roommates and also same-sex couples would be harmed.

Just another genius idea by bureaucrats.

Full article here.

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    • what you don’t see here is that the city has overturned this ruling. She didn’t want to post that. Smart on their part cause I would have joined a discrimination case against the city AND Deborah personally!!!

    • Where did you see that it was overturned? I can’t find an article anywhere saying so. Not saying you’re wrong, I just want to see this.

  1. If I may suggest a New Rule: Any fuckwit who passes a law like this needs to PERSONALLY fund it; that is, the cops needed to knock on doors and find out who is living non-alone, the court time, jury time, judge time, county lawyer prosecutor time, and last but not at all least, the money involved in the lawsuits that are sure to follow…

    • I completely agree!!! I would be one to move there with friends just to sue that @&#> for infringing on my financial well being and discrimination. She is just jealous that there are people who can live together, get along and help support each other in this hard economic time.

  2. Dear Deborah Cavallari, Who died and made you god??? And you know what, you should pay everyones rent. Not everyone has unlimited funds. I would never have made it through college without having room mates. (oh her FB page is “http://www.facebook.com/deborah.cavallari.79”) Feel free to message her and let her know exactly what you think of her anti-civil rights crusade.

  3. Oh btw deborah lives with her business ppartner in which they arent married…. No one will go after her

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