Dogs in England Must Have Microchips by 2016

Nice work England.  After all, why should anyone have the right to make any decisions of their own anymore?  I’m just surprised NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t come up with this plan first.  Today it will be animals, tomorrow it will be people.  This stinks of a conditioning program to me.  For example, one of the main reasons cited for this is that: “Microchipping is a simple solution that gives peace of mind to owners.”  Wouldn’t chipping children give also give peace of mind to parents?  My issue isn’t that people may want to use this technology, but they should not be forced to by law.  Apparently, the fine for not chipping your dog with be $800.  Is this a per year amount, or will they charge you $800 when caught and then take your dog and chip it?  This is extremely disturbing.  From CBS News:

All dogs in England will have to be fitted with microchips by 2016, authorities said, meaning that canines across the country will be chasing cars with a tiny circuit embedded in the back of their necks.

Britain’s Environment Department said that the chips would help reunite owners with lost or stolen pets, promote animal welfare and take the pressure off animal shelters.

But officials say what was once an optional extra will become mandatory in three years. Owners who refuse to fit their dogs with chips face fines of up to 500 pounds ($800). 

Full article here.

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  1. Amazing that England is out front of the U.S. on this. I suppose they are a small country and more easily cowed.

    Western governments on a rampage with a statist agenda. All of this has been planned previously. The roll out is the interesting part – what is the timing all about??

    • It’s about getting everything chip-able chipped, to make targeting the soon-to-armed drones fully automated. (Gotta get rid of that pesky “Did we just kill a kid?” system defect. Or, as folks on this string might call it: Human Conscience.)

      And don’t kid yourself, you’re already chipped: it’s in your ATM/Credit/Debit cards; in your passport; in your car; in your cell phone. (Search youTube for videos of people ripping them apart and finding them.)

      Rest assured it’ll be in any “national ID card” going forward, the penalty for not carrying on your person 24/7 being a $37 million fine, 35 years at hard labor, in a new regulation written into law by the poet laureate.

  2. They don’t need chips for people, your cell phone does a marvelous job since it communicates with the closest tower at least once a minute. It works so well, that AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile have all turned it into a billable service for law enforcement.

  3. a friend worked in singapore as a nurse , there doctors + nursers refused to microchip new born babies …. a goverment proposal ,. under the guise of keeping children safe from kidnapping, and allowing parents to know their whereabouts …NOT LONG NOW before its compulsory world wide …

  4. Fish & chips with side order of microchips !!
    I’m sure a division of Rothchild Sith Systems is
    Behind this !

  5. Obviously chipping kids is outrageous, even if there parents are choosing to do so, but dogs, I don’t have a problem with. Dogs are property and a wide variety of personal property is already required to be registered with the government with much thinner reasoning behind it – i.e. your car has a license plate and the only thing it is good for is for the government to track you and tax you (honestly, it doesn’t really help catch thieves that often, and certainly not when compared to LoJack, VIN numbers, etc.). Dogs are much worse than cars because they wander off on their own, destroy others’ property, end up in shelters sucking up my tax dollars due to some irresponsible owner, and then get euthanized. In the town where I went to college, it was a MAJOR problem because students would graduate and LEAVE their pets in their rental’s backyard – what kind of sorry excuse for a human does this?

    The chips in our dogs are not “trackable”, they require a scan, in-person, that gets a number that is linked to a database with the owner’s name, and if someone finds our dog it is easy to track us down. Our dog is part of our family (still property though) and I want them to be identifiable as such. I also want the irresponsible dog owner down the street to be held responsible when his dog is roaming through the neighborhood and mauls my dog to death, and mandatory chipping seems like a good step in the right direction. I typically vote for libertarian-minded candidates, and live in a county that has the record in the US for a libertarian with the largest percentage vote in an election, but I really don’t see this in the same light as, say, requiring a kid to have an RFID tagged school id (which I do disagree with)

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