French Central Bank Workers Go ON STRIKE

This might be the best economic stimulus that could ever come to France.  The only shame of it all is that they waited until after France went “totally bankrupt.”  All we need now is for all Central Bankers globally to go on a permanent strike so that the rest of us can rebuild the society they destroyed.  From the New York Times:

PARIS — The French central bank is going on strike.

More than 1,500 employees were demonstrating Tuesday in Paris, union officials said, in a protest against a restructuring of the Banque de France that is expected to result in the loss of about 2,500 jobs by 2020. The bank currently employs around 13,000 full-time workers.

I guess now we know the answer to the question:  How many Central Planners does it take to bankrupt France?  13,000

What a joke.

Full article here.

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