Powerful Statement by U.S. Veteran at Chicago Anti-Gun Forum

This video was sent to me a couple of days ago by one of my readers who attended this event.  The soldier’s name is Kevin Tully and he really hits the nail on the head at the end when he states “the threat of tyranny today is no less than at the turn of the century in the 1900’s, 1800’s or 1700’s.”  This simple fact has been completely brainwashed out of the American sheeple mind.  Human nature does not change, and it is pretty clear to anyone paying the slightest attention that the folks in charge of the U.S. power structure currently are, for the most part, highly authoritative, immoral and selfish.  Great job Kevin!

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  1. Thanks, Mike!

  2. That was an overwhelming standing ovation for soldier Tully. Looks like a meeting that was supposed to be anti-NRA. Looks like they had no one show up.

  3. In regard to the post about: “veteran’s powerful statement at anti gun rally” There seem be this great myth in this country that an armed populous is the only thing preventing the government from becoming tyrannical. That some how everyone will assemble on the village green and march off to take back the country “for the people.” taking out the 82ed Airborne, the 1st Air Cavalry and the 1st and 2ed Armored divisions along the way I suppose. This is a stupid and childish fantasy. The government has already shredded most of the Bill of Rights with warrant-less wire tapping, NRAA, etc. I’m still waiting for the citizens to rise up. It ain’t going to happen. The only part of the Constitution that these clowns seen to know is the 2ed Amendment. What a joke

    • The majority would not follow unlawful orders and fight civilians…. Oath keepers
      Your argument is invalid..

  4. The people running the meeting were definitely using elements of the Delphi Method. When the women tells the Marine “If you don’t like that, write it down.”, that’s classic Delphi, a technique used to steer the outcome of supposed concensus-building meetings. Google it, you’ll be glad you did.

  5. There’s plenty of truth to what you say, but in all I don’t buy it.

    And all you’re doing is *bitching*. What do you *propose*? Disarm?

    What is needed is a revolution of consciousness, not a bloody revolution. Still, if we take the latter option ‘off the table’, to borrow a phrase from our criminal ‘leaders’, what will that do for the odds of the former?

  6. Fast and Furious Scandal

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