Latest Interview with SGT Report: Are There Really Silver Shortages?

This interview really has something for everyone.  We start off discussing whether or not I think there are actual silver shortages at the moment, and then progress to the Queen of England, the Vatican as well as the oligarchic bankers!  Ultimately, we end it on a positive note as we look forward to a cultural renaissance in the United States and globally as humanity gradually awakens from it long slumber and takes action.



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  1. Great interview Mike, keep up the good fight.

  2. Mike

    Fabulous interview. Level headed thinking without hype and without unnecessary theatrics.
    Thanks !

  3. Great stuff, thanks Mike!

  4. I agree with the comments. This is your best invterview yet. No hyperventilating–and you’ve learned to stop repeating the meme that the great silver or gold parabola move is now on.

    I would only suggest to go back to the education bit about silver or gold–that it’s one of the best tools in history for civil disobenience. That taking your money out of bank deposits is the kryponite to the banking/federal reserve wealth power scam.

    No violence needed. No physical protests where you risk being hauled off (though it’s legal). Buying physical is just pure wisdom over ignorance–where it’s a great long term store of value from the ravages of inflation, where every once taken off the talbe is another equal amount of printed money that hastens the day.

    Nice job!

  5. P.S. I tried in the past to donate but your bitcoin link doesn’t work FWIW. Also, one last thought, while I agree a rising stock market is to keep the rich obedient, I think it also is to keep middle/to upper middle class passified too. I can’t tell you how many people are giddy over their portfolios who don’t think it’s unusual at all (nor care).

    But the bigggest point that I have said and have stood by forever is that the rising stock market is nothing more than to portofolio channel everyone into it and away from precious metals (which they slam daily now) because they KNOW they cannot have the sheeple become interested in silver or gold now–because the rubber is truly starting to hit the road.

    Everything they do is to “foam the highway” as Geitner said.

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