Sign the White House Petition to Audit U.S. Gold Reserves

The following petition just came out a couple of days ago and I think deserves all of our support.  After all, it was the incredible success of the petition to deport Piers Morgan that led to Alex Jones being invited on CNN during prime time earlier this week.  The shady and unaccountable gold dealings that are almost certainly happening within our borders deserve just as much attention.  Here is the text of the petition:

As of 12/31/2012 the US Treasury claims to hold 261 million ounces of gold at Denver, Fort Knox, West Point and at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This bullion was last subjected to a full physical audit in 1953. The gold bars need to be assayed and weighed. Once the gold is verified the paper trail must be audited to determine who really owns the gold; i.e. how much has been loaned to bankers and dealers and sold or swapped to non-Treasury entities including foreign governments. The audit must include professional auditors outside of the Mint, Treasury, GAO, Inspector General and Federal Reserve system.

I just signed it and you can too, right here.

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  1. So far, the only ‘response’ I’ve seen from the White House (in the case of deporting the horse’s ass) has been ‘no’. What makes anyone think that this one will be different?

  2. Good idea, but they will never allow it, as it would expose the depth and extent of their fraud! But it would be very interesting to find out exactly what is in there?

    • Gold clad tungsten bars, of course. Look, they can televise it for all I care, but unless they’re drilling them out the way South American drug dealers and Russian mobsters do, it’s BS. It’s theater.

    • Addendum: But it’s important that an audit happen: A.) to force the controllers’ hand, making them do something risky to themselves, something they don’t want to, vis-a-vis a national resource they took for granted they had 100% control over; and B.) to give the awake/aware a golden opportunity (lame pun accidental) to DEMONSTRATE the audit’s likely fraud as it’s happening.
      History and Time are compressing: It took years for the Warren Commission Report to fall apart, to the point where the world population is at least as well aware of its fictions and flimsy assertions as its purported facts; in contrast, the 9/11 Commission Report was being derided as PR/Spin/Damage Control before it could close its offices and its members slink out of town. These days, all the controllers’ narratives are falling apart, even before the ink is dry. Within minutes, the second-rate quality of their ops is revealed and highlighted by a waxing army of competent, critical citizens whose efforts waken others. While I will put no credence in any audit of America’s gold, that is not say it shouldn’t go forward. Michael’s right, it should.

  3. I wonder which petition The White House is going to get the best laugh out of, the one to deport Piers or the one to audit the gold that isn’t there…

  4. Anything that would help corruption or our economy

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