Picture of the Day: Gun Control According to Obama

Do as I say, not as I do.



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  1. maybe these guys could patrol connecticut schools. And carry surface to air missiles. With drones patrolling overhead just in case.

  2. They forgot red arrows pointing to the rooftops.

  3. @mike need to give you a heads up, your “friends” over at the “keiser” report are nothing but “statest thugs” who shill for the NWO period.
    they have perma baned me for pointing out over and over again that the stats they were posting on this topic are distorted by the fact that gun crime is an urban problem so ALL stats are reflecting that we have more “urban” areas than the rest of the planet NOT that we have more “gun” crime “per capita”, and IGNORES the fact that most if not ALL large cities already have “gun control” and wich is a HUGE part of the problem! as it not only leaves the law abiding at a disadvantage to the criminals wich results in more violent crime not less BUT in fact an entire new class of criminals will arm up as those who feared to be confronted by an armed home owner wile holding a “weapon” and geting killed on sight, now have no fear of that and will arm up to be able to intimidate there victims more effectivly as that option is now “safer” for them.and the further the disarmerment / no personal right to defence meme moves on to the point that they will charge people for carrieing ANYTHING that can evenremotly be construed as a ‘weapon” this dynamic gets worse and worse wich the MOST violent places on the planet are PRISONS where a sharpened stick can end up as the most “leathel weapon” available

    the Keisers talk about people who belive in a constitutionally derived government as deluded, implying continually that they/we are rubes and dangerous, this is an ongoing and FRIGHTINING “demonization”/ dehumanization ……….historicly this leades to genocide of the rural population at the hands of the urban population look up and REALY read between the lines about the vendee genocide ,the masacre of the polish “noblity” , the reds VS whites in russia or the 1st civil war in the us it all reads the same the rural population was seen as a bunch of ignorent rubes who just did not “get” the progressive view being shoved down there throughts resisted and LOST…………we MUST 1 remain armed 2 find a way to form “militias” 3 RESIST at all costs becaus in the end the government will find common cause with every street / prison gang in the country and use them to do it all over again! the second amendment only gaurentees means not sucess

    the “Keisers” are engaged in hate speach and things are starting to move faster now , RT there patron is a state run propaganda net same as the US state run media , they “pretended” at nutrality to gain viewer ship but have stedely exerted more and more control over mesage FIRST it was chasing “adam VS the man” off of there network after using him to get webester tarply’s atack on the liberty movment / ron and rand paul off to a running start , then the “kiesers” were running a sieries of “boards” on “pussy riot” along with ows and when the krimilin put there jack boot down on that debate in russia…….. the keisers droped pussy riot like they reeked of roten fish.

    now they are BANNING desenting opinion on there boards.

    there has ALWAYS been an undercurent with therse two they are EMBARESSED by us there country men and the US the place of there
    birth prefering to ape the europians and there decadent idiocy!
    this has ALWAYS been the problem for americans, the inferiority complex on the east coast the “new money” just was not as good as all that old money “over there” washington refered to it right at the founding of the country saying that he felt his brothers were not even “real” americans due to having been educated in england at the “best schools” . so even back then just being born here was insufficient to be considered ‘american’ and these two are harming your mesage by by your assotion with them.

    sorry did not intend to post a wall of text , but all this needs to be in the context of this whole “gun debate” it is WAY bigger than JUST that we are being demonized across the board and unless we start making a lot more noise we will get taken out like the celts VS the romans.

  4. What is the BIGGEST mass murderer in the 20rh century ? What is the BIGGEST killer in the 21st century ? THE STATE. China announced that they are 100% behinf gun control in USA. China is the same government of mass murderers that killed 70 milllion Chinese. Say a lot about Obam indeed and all thes pseudo liberals. I am no gun lover but I now understand whats the game plan. And yes I am 100% convinced than Sandy Hook was an inside job. Get this. There was a internet site set up 3 days before the massacre in the memory of the victims ! Hey join the NRA. I did it today and again I am no gun lover but now I know. Its not to protect you, its to protect the vicious mass murderers running the government. ! Exactly like Hitler and Stalin did.

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