Nobel Prize Winner in Literature Says “Censorship is Necessary”

Let’s do a quick recap of some prominent Nobel Prize winners in recent years.  Paul Krugman for Economics in 2008.  Barack Obama for Peace in 2009.  Now we have Mo Yan for Literature in 2012, a Chinese citizen who advocates in favor of censorship.  Yes, you heard right, a writer who favors censorship.  It gets even better as Mo actually compares speech censorship to security checkpoints at the airport.  From the Huffington Post:

STOCKHOLM — This year’s Nobel Prize in literature winner, Mo Yan, who has been criticized for his membership in China’s Communist Party and reluctance to speak out against the country’s government, defended censorship Thursday as something as necessary as airport security checks.

He also suggested he won’t join an appeal calling for the release of the jailed 2010 Peace Prize laureate, Liu Xiaobo, a fellow writer and compatriot.

In addressing the sensitive issue of censorship in China, Mo likened it to the thorough security procedures he was subjected to as he traveled to Stockholm.

“When I was taking my flight, going through the customs … they also wanted to check me – even taking off my belt and shoes,” he said. “But I think these checks are necessary.”

What a guy.  Well at least one thing has been proven without a shadow of a doubt at this point.  The Nobel Prize means absolutely nothing.

It seems this is just a continuation the censorship meme that has been growing and I highlighted in my piece Here We Go…Slate Magazine Bashes the First Amendment.

Full article here.

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  1. It would be nice if you had a Twitter button!

  2. Full spectrum dominance of all institutions. The noose is ever tightening. However, just when it looks like they have it wrapped up, something will happen to spoil their plans. Boo hoo

  3. You forgot about the non-human entity that is the European Union. It is now a race to disgrace Alfred Nobel’s legacy as fast as possible.

  4. What’s happening is the Nobel “enterprise” so to speak–the prizes, the speeches, the selection process, the money, the politics–has been swiftly and startlingly revealed to be an Elitist/NWO puppet organization. Formerly, it made a reputation for itself “searching for truth” in the disciplines in which it awarded prizes. It “supported peacemakers.” Now, in the rush to implement the control grid as the wheels fall off the global wagon its tossing aside its mask and is burning down its reputation to ram home the agenda.
    Honestly, it was sort of silly of me to ever think anything so global as the Nobel Prize would be anything other than globalist.

  5. censorship will never silence the truth.

  6. He knows that he’s being a hypocrite, but he’s totally OK with it, he embraces his hypocrisy right along with his Communism. He’s mentally deficient in certain areas of his life, and he doesn’t seem to mind it one bit.
    Or behind door number two, he knows what he is supposed to say and does it for fear of going to prison for not being a good little drone, a tooth on a gear in a huge political machine that cares not one bit if you live or die.
    He’s either brain washed or brain dead, take your pick, one is as bad as the other in most cases.


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