EU Poster Includes the Soviet “Hammer and Sickle” Symbol

The euro is irreversible!  Let’s hope not.  Take a look at this EU poster.  Notice something a little unusual, you know, like the symbol of the Soviet Union?

As Daniel Hannan, MEP for South East England describes it in The Telegraph:

For three generations, the badge of the Soviet revolution meant poverty, slavery, torture and death. It adorned the caps of the chekas who came in the night. It opened and closed the propaganda films which hid the famines. It advertised the people’s courts where victims of purges and show-trials were condemned. It fluttered over the re-education camps and the gulags. For hundreds of millions of Europeans, it was a symbol of foreign occupation.

Pure insanity…Full Telegraph article here.

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  1. All that’s missing is the swastika, the not-so-invisible hand of fascism that’s TRULY behind the wicked EU.

    • You so easily are led by the lies in the media owned by the capitalists who want to keep ordinary workers divided by conning them it’s a communist, fascist or socialist state.You’ve been lied to all along about Socialism and Communism, because the media that tells you about them is owned by Capitalists you idiot.They hijacked and made sure Communism wasn’t allowed to come about and they’ve been lying about it ever since to keep ordinary people divided to keep working for their system to make them bigger profit

  2. I agree with John above. It has been clear to me for several years now that the EU was designed and is run by old commies and fascists across Europe, and you really can’t get a fag paper between the two. Both are totalitarian and believe in the supremacy of the Almighty State where citizens are required to subjugate themselves to its power.

    It is past time for us Brits to get the hell out of it…

    • Agreed. From an American (spoken in subdued tone) I suggest an in-depth look into the family history of George Bush.
      Especially GranPappy.

    • You truly are a sheep aren’t you Kevin.You’ve believed that the side backed by the rich capitalists (do you really think with them being so rich that they’d have not got involved when these countries tried to turn communist) and which murdered communists were actually communist just because the media owned by the biggest opponents of communism told you it was.What an imbecile.+ commies and fascists are such big friends aren’t they, of course they’re uniting across Europe.For your info idiot if it wasn’t for the communists working on the underground throughout Europe the Nazis may not have been defeated.They helped in a big way to defeat fascists you idiot and have you never heard of the fights on marches between communists and fascists you idiot Communism true Communism which has never happened because the rich capitalists of course hijacked it is the biggest enemy of Fascism you Neanderthal

  3. Yes, that is exactly what I thought also.

  4. This is a poster for religious tolerance. The “sickle and hammer” was likely intended to represent atheism. Perhaps not the best choice but probably chosen because it would be identified with atheism when taking into account the other symbols, such as the Christian cross and the Star of David.

    • OK. The five-pointed star within the larger five-pointed star, at center, the one below and left of the circle of five-pointed stars at top right. That represents who, exactly?

  5. Here we are folks…the TWO flag options under intense discussion by the EU Presidium of Socialist Crats in Brussels:
    Which do you prefer?

    • Define Socialism for me, Kevin. How many books have you read on Socialism or Communism.Do you like the other idiots who constantly attack these ideas to protect those who exploit you most, you imbeciles, do you automatically believe everything the media owned by your exploiters tells you ?

  6. …and nobody cares about the zionist star, hahaha!!!

  7. There is also the symbol of shintoism.
    three times, and as everybody nows, shintoism was as abhorrent as nazism. Just think of what happened in the Philippines, Nanking, Manchuria.

  8. Idiots. That’s not a Soviet symbol. It’s the international symbol of the working classes. Compare it to the swastika, a Hindu and Buddhist symbol of good luck, well being, and the like, which was co-opted by the Nazis. Likewise, the hammer and sickle was perverted by the Union of Soviet Fake-Socialist Republics.

  9. Well said David. They said nothing about all the other symbols that aren’t a part of the EU either, so it’s obvious they are just paranoid about Communism and have fallen for the lies about it by just attacking the hammer and sickle.It was used before the Soviet Union as you say, but then these idiots, never actually read up on these things or on Communism, that’s why they have been so easily led by the media obvious lying about it because it is owned by rich capitalists; if they read some books on it they wouldn’t be so easily fooled into staying on side to let the rich capitalists rip them off to make more profit

  10. Ironic that the author of article signed off with “in liberty” when he is so enslaved by the Capitalists owned media which aims to keep European workers divided to make it easy for them to continue increasing their profit as they rip us off more by telling lies about Communism, Socialism and Fascism, Communism never having happened and the biggest enemy of Fascism and Socialism being completely different to Fascism too

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