The Secret Debate Contract…Absolute MUST Watch

While I post a lot of videos, it is not often I say you have to 100% make sure to take the time to watch them.  This is one of those times.  At first, I was intimidated by the 23 minute run time considering all of the news material I try to get through every day, but I was completely blown away by the information presented by George Farah, the author of “No Debate.”

While pretty much everyone reading this already understands that the elections are a joke run by the Two Party Dictatorship, this video explains exactly how the debates are rigged to ensure no Third Party candidate can ever participate and to ensure that neither of the cronies on stage ever gets hit by a difficult question.  How is this achieved?  A “secret debate contract.”  Yep, just another conspiracy FACT.

If you are pressed for time go to minute two and let it run for five minutes.  I promise you will not turn it off.

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  1. I don’t think anyone reading LibertBlitzKrieg will find this surprising to the slightest. It’s only an illusion of of election. You know because nothing REAL is ever really put out there. Imagine if Romney said something like this in an answer: “Look how bad you’re managing the intergrity of the U.S. Dollar, Mr. President. You are mismanaging the currency so poorly that the suppression of Gold and Silver has hit biblical proportions. In fact, Mr. Presdent….your entire 4 years can be summed up as the Illusionary Economy.”

    “We have an illusionary recovery, just like we did during the housing bubble, with fake BLS stats reported every month and no one acknowleding the Labor Participation Rate is at 30 year lows. We have a stock market hitting 5 year highs because Wall Street is sending it higher with nothing but printed fiat that gets sent their way every single day. There has been virtually zero prosecutions on Wall Street, yet Mr. President you act lke your real tough on Wall Street reform……and Mr. President, should we get into your relationship with John Corzine? Of course not, because we’ll just continue with the illusion that your are really tough on Wall Street with your bogus Dodd Frank bill that has made no difference aside from lining the pockets of all your lawyer buddies while robbing the victims at MF Global and the middle class.”

    “And should we get into your record with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Of course, not. Let’s just pretend and go with the illusion that you never voted for ‘making homes more affordable by loossening lending standards.’ ”

    “Yup, Mr. President. You have totally succeeded at creating an illusionary economy–with 1.3 trillion OR more of deficit spending per yea, with food stamp participants skyrocketing, with SSDI particpants skyrocketing as fast a full time new employees under your watch. And with your crony Bernank OUTRIGHT MONETIZING this recovery. That is the facts. If the Fed stopped buying treasuries tomorrow there’d be utter chaos. But now, that will have to wait until hyperinflation arrives. Meanwhile, let’s just continue with the illusion. Tuck in America tonight, and when you do, continue to tell them that ‘everything is okay. Until the real nightmare starts–infaltion running into the high double digits. I will not forget Mr. President. And American history will not look kindly on you..”

    Okay, enough jabbering everyone already gets this here. But you know the whole thing is a joke because you’ll neve here Romney say anything close to this. Why? There is no choice. It’s one of the same. It’s just an illusion that your voter matters. it doesn’t. And the illusionary recovery will have a hiccup come the “fiscal cliff” and debt ceiling debtates. Then, we can proceed to hyperinfation (which the vast majority of people think is impossilbe in the United States for some strange reason).

    Oh well.

  2. Holy shit! Thanks for posting. These debates should be completely boycotted by the American public and the networks.

  3. thanks for posting this – the insiduous behind closed doors conspiracy to subvert the people of the USA at every turn – yielding into what we have now is stunning … and obvious

    • USA is runned by plutocrats billionnaires and by the way they are fascists. Wake up. Slave merchants and plantation owners. Welcome to reality. Hurry hurry. Reserve your place at FEMA camp 2013. USA is a big McDonalds Microsoft JP Morgan Wal Mart concentration camp. Yeah for the moment they let you complain because they know it changes nothing and the average American is just a big fat degenerate obese slob fed on Coca Cola, siv packs and KFC and FED funny money. When its not the food its the TV Hollywood manure.

      You are so naive. Anyways Americans are soo dumb that I think they dont have to do it behind closed doors.
      Oooh ! Boycottt. I am sure that these criminals (politicians) will be scared to death by a boycott. Just kidding. Anyways they work for Wall Street corporate fascists. They could eliminate democracy and these debates and it wouldnt change a thing.

  4. Nice. I can’t stand Amy Goodman, but that was worth it.

  5. “By an large your debates are brought to you by Bud Light.” Yup.

  6. Can’t stand Amy Goodman but once in awhile she puts up something truthful, besides her war-support for the CIA created “Arab Spring”. She’s good at mixing truth and lies (which is one of the worse underhanded ways of helping the Elites).

  7. “This vido removed by user”

  8. HEY MIKE THE VIDEO IS GONE as of Sunday morning …. please re-post it if possible !!!

  9. It says the video has been removed by user. ???????

  10. video removed by user…………..

  11. Michael Krieger

    Apologies to everyone, the video went down earlier today and I have no idea as to why. It should be working fine now. Mike

  12. Let the willfully ignorant know just how stupid they are. If you know a person with an Obama 2012 bumper sticker, tell them that they are stupid.

    I’m not saying the people with Romney stickers have a clue either. Rather they are like the people with Obama 2008 stickers. All hopey and changey.

  13. Can you PLEASE post a transcript as well as the video? Some people viewing your newsletter at some locations are not able to watch videos. Or may have them blocked by a proxy server.

  14. How about a page layout that uses far less paper and printer ink???

  15. Admirable for you to inform the public of this behind the scenes
    deal between president-‘colored’ puppet and Pillsbury Muti-
    purpose popularity contest winner-Obama & Romney. I would
    beg to differ with the comment describing this country as a two party dictatorship and feel it is rather a one party ‘demican/
    republicrat’ dictatorship and this deal hatched in private to me
    confirms that. But the United States has always been run that
    way! The constitutional convention itself in this country was
    boycotted by none other than Ethan Allen and Thomas Paine
    among others in protest that the convention violated specific
    instructions to its delegates apportioned them by dully elected
    representatives in the congress and that the procedures were
    typified by cloak and dagger activities, of which the public had
    no knowledge, and was therefore illegal A great help to this
    treachery; the fact according to a number of historians I have
    read that seventy-five percent of the public (poor whites for the most part as Negro slaves were considered chattel and the Indians a public nuisance!) were illiterate and could neither read nor write, conditions which augured rather strongly for their not being able to understand a damn thing contained in that now ‘revered’ document! In fact, I haven’t noticed an affluent, intelligent american voting public existing in real time in my
    sixty eight years and is without doubt the primary cause of
    all this!

    Perhaps if our ‘educational’ system had honestly taught its public the truth about american and world history (the word democracy doesn’t even appear in the american constitution!), maybe these millionaire politicians could not so easily pull off these slick tricks on a stultified, stupified, historically ignorant, and brainwashed public!

    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois

  16. Don’t Take DEBATE!

  17. Is it any surprise that the video got yanked?

  18. More evidence that an elite class of oligarchs pull the strings of government. Of course, this same group owns/runs FOX & CNN and the “sheeple” only believe what they see on TV. Control the masses, control the votes, control the world…

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