Occupy Wall Street and The Tea Party are Upset About the Same Thing…One Picture

This graphic illustrates it perfectly.  Great job by Ty Mortensen on this.


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  1. And both groups have been infiltrated and hijacked (can I still say that?) by the gatekeepers of the false left and right in order to give the appearance that they’re incompatible. Only the people who are sophisticated enough to see this are the ones capable of offering any worthwhile change.

  2. This is not correct. The power that resides is WDC demands that corporations lobby for their own protection and to gain favors. When the pols did not have the power they do now to favor one over another, CEOs put their efforts into operations. Presently, CEOs are chosen for a different ability as they spend millions cozying up to the criminals in DC so that now corruption extends out and down and all over the land in favor of the few in the club. Which came first, big gov’t or corrupt CEOs?

  3. He almost got it right.

    One Corporation to rule us all…with its own debt system and internal set of rules designed to extract productivity and siphon value up to the top.

    It’s almost ironic then that its President is a Fanon reader who knows about neocolonialism. I really wish the Tea Party and Occupy could get their rhetoric to that level; only then might the two have something in common.

  4. Nice graphic. Both groups are protesting the same state of affairs they just do so from different starting points. Up to this point our ruling elites have used any and all means at their disposal to play one side against the other and effectively discredit both groups.

    As time passes the marginalized of all ideolologies will dispense with rhetoric and get serious about change.

  5. You forgot one important point. The Tea Party was co-opted by corporate America very early on. Notice that when they held rallies they were bused there free of charge. The speakers were corporate shills. The pity is that the Tea Party membership didn’t seem to notice.
    That leaves the Occupy movement, which was trounced by corporate media and its protectors, the police.
    Game, set, match, goes to corporate America, again. Next?

  6. Great diagram.

    When OWS and Tea Partiers start communicating for real, TPTB will have something to fear.

  7. Michael Krieger, people like you are the problem. Superficial understanding of liberal/progressive/socialistic movement. The Tea Party stands only for lower taxes and following the constitution. You need to study OWS, who pays for them, and their stated and covert goals. I follow you to know what useful idiots like you by into.

    • Michael Krieger

      Thank you for identifying me as the problem John. That’s an extraordinarily insightful observation. I know more about the OWS movement that you could ever know. Furthermore, you may want to work on your spelling next time before you call other people idiots. Kind regards Mike

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