The Petro-Dollar Explained

As I have written about for many years now, our increasingly aggressive foreign policy overseas revolves around one thing and one thing only: The Petro-Dollar.  The problem is the Petro-Dollar doesn’t represent freedom or American values, it is the heart of a Federal Reserve and financial oligarch scam, and they are willing to burn down the whole world to protect their wealth and power.  This is a very well done video on the Petro-Dollar that I think can help wake up many people still asleep or only partially awake and looking for more answers.  Let’s spread this far and wide so we can prevent World War III.


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  1. WWIII has been going on for a long time now. It is the quiet war.
    Read for yourself.


  2. I subscribe to your views regarding the petro-dollar and the powers behind it. It is an interesting development to see China now facilitating oil trade in yuan. However, the nazi regime came into power because it was supported by the masses who felt they were rebelling against the poverty imposed on them. The nazi movement WAS your so-called revolution. It was “the resistance”, it could wage physical war based on what preceded in terms of ideology. We don’t want to repeat that. I fear the way forward now and the outcome we’re going to see is a lot less simplistic as portrayed in your video.

  3. Awesome recounting of the events. However, the NAZI’s were actually the good guys, rising up against the corrupt Zionist ideals. NAZIism IS the model of revolution and one can easily draw parallels to the “Occupy” movement if one is dilligent in scrutinizing history. Like Occupy, the NAZI’s realized the Zionist bankers destructive end-game but unfortunately, the European jewry was caught inside Europe with no countries willing to accept them as refugees (except perhaps England). NAZI Germany could not tolerate the seeds of Zionism to exist within their country. With no other way of expelling the innocent jewish citizens, they were sadly, massacred.
    This is the real accounting of events. Ask yourself this one question, “Why did the NAZI’s want the jews out of Germany?”

    • Michael Krieger

      I am approving this comment but with a reply. The one thing I do not permit or accept is any sort of divide and conquer. That is a powers that be strategy to divide humanity and if you resort to those tactics you are playing into their hands and no use to humanity’s evolution. Also, I am of Jewish descent so I must be evil and wicked too right? It saddens me that anyone can say the NAZIS or any other group that unleashed so much violence on the world are good guys. Truly sad

    • Michael, the original comment replied to alleged this nonsense:”However, the nazi regime came into power because it was supported by the masses who felt they were rebelling against the poverty imposed on them.”

      They didn’t “feel” it falsely. To submit that dissent leads to Nazism is gibberish, and that is fact.

      And to ignore why the German masses were literally fighting in the streets (“austerity” imposed from debt imposed by the victors, aka BANKERS) is to be the ostrich.

    • You have free speech and it is important that people can tell such thing openly. That said, you probably did not study history and do not have any idea of what really happened.
      Please watch these 30 mn with full screen, stay close to the screen, watch every face carefully.
      Then imagine the same situation with your whole family and your friends inside.
      If you still maintain the same opinion, nobody can do nothing for you, but life will.

  4. With an intense voice and dramatic music the narrator of the video seriously presents the problem of the “petro dollar” and the resulting wars and then states that the problem is bad U.S. presidents and the Federal Reserve. Ho Hum. Instead of fomenting some kind of revolution this is actually dissipating it.

    When someone starts talking about who actually owns the FED, “CHI bono,” then we might get somewhere.

  5. When your video sparks comments that “the Nazis were the good guys,” it’s a good indication that it isn’t really a very good explanation of the situation.

    Indeed, if the situation was this dire, and the goal was to persuade, a video that stuck to the economics, and connected it to the need for control over continuation of “only dollars for oil”, would be a far better choice.

    It would also avoid overly-simplistic reductions, and ludicrous ideas like China initiating thermo-nuclear war over Iran or Syria. Because, you know, all those Chinese engineers couldn’t possibly have been reading about shale gas/oil, and the opportunities they open far beyond the middle east.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

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