Jesse Ventura Embarasses Piers Morgan in Front of CNN Audience

This is pretty epic.  It starts slow, so I would just fast forward to the 8 minute mark if you are pressed for time.  Look at Piers gulp as Ventura begins to question the BBC.  Then, the 12 minute mark is the absolute highlight of the video.  I don’t want to spoil it so watch for yourself.  Everyone knows these mainstream media hacks are either professional liars or just useful idiots.



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  1. Jesse needs to stop talking. Nobody cares what he thinks any longer………..he belongs to the conspiracy theory bunch……..

    • There’s a reason they call them truthers. Because they’re after the truth of what really happened that day. Only an idiot would think we’ve been told the real story.

    • Piers Morgan is nothing more than another narcissistic Limey, egomaniacal Elitist-pimp!!! … I’ll not understand WHY Jesse would even dignify this creep with the grace of an interview! … Albeit: I doubt, even Piers, has masochistic tendencies, sufficient to invite Jesse back!!!!

    • I like your comment! (cause I agree w/it!)

    • pierce morgan is a fn Douche bag, get the hell out of our country commie

    • Rosalee

      “I truly hate the way the label “conspiracy theory” is used to discredit anyone who suggests a bunch of people with common interests might actually put their heads together to engineer outcomes that work to their own benefit. Your sneakers are a conspiracy. Cat food is a conspiracy, for God’s sake. We know men sit in boardrooms to decide
      which store shelf to put the anchovies on the next week so they can sell 5% more, yet we’re supposed to believe that when multi-trillion dollar cash flows and geopolitical balances of power are at stake, nobody can be bothered to plan how things will work out?
      That’s a theory that’s way more daffy than pretty much any conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard.
      The simplest question you need to ask to figure out who did what is — cui bono? Who benefits? Cui bono is Latin and that was the Romans. They knew the score 2000 years ago. It’s our shame that we’ve deliberately chosen to forget what they knew.” ( comment by Andrew at another blog)

    • Then ,using your cat food conspiracy theory,how can you explain back in 2007,the massive recalls were associated with the consumption of mostly wet pet foods made with wheat gluten from a single Chinese company,however it wasnt After more than three weeks of complaints from consumers,the FDA acted on itNow since the question is who benefits from acts like these,in this situaction,its pretty much is safe to assume,the board of directors of the companies involved,in the persuit of cutting costs and increasing profits,decided to look the other way,and say”fuck those damn animals” becuase we care about is”GETTING PAID”.
      When products of this nature are imported,they are suppose to be fully inspected by the FDA and USDA,to ensure these incidents dont happen.But in this case,they dropped the ball-it wasnt a bad judgement case-it was a simple case of neglet or turn the other way-which benefits clearly once again the company or board of directors.Now keep in mind,its a viceversa benefit-the US company whom imported this crap and the Chinese company who exported it,knowing its was tainted and in which
      these same combinations in action,bought about the same given result-to obtain profits regardless of whom gets hurt which in turn according to the websters dictionary-can be fully summarized as a true conspiracy.

    • For your information: The FDA does not regulate or inspect pet foods. Check your facts!

    • Was it a conspiracy when Bush SEC had the 1937 Uptick Rule removed on 7/7/7
      Do a wikipedia search of the Uptick Rule to see how it TRIGGERED economic melt
      down taking Bear Stearns down w/in 2wks
      The rest is The Great Recession that will end 2025 when last postwar baby retires

    • dead right and all is lost stolen ask dic cheney how much money he gave taliban where did money come from and under intrnational and ucc code where is the contract we need grand jury investigation of all the facts and indictment of cheney bribeing foriegn gov officials????

    • and bush surely if he was that stupid 2 have been left out of looop falling in looop or mabe he just has loopitis motorhome lasvegas

    • If you really want to know what is going on, just follow the money trail…

    • you are sooooo right!!!!!

    • Do some more homework on 9/11, I mean really work at it. If you do, you will find the Truth and it is definitely not in the official government report. Jesse is much closer to the Truth on his topics than the US of A, and by a verry, very wide margin. Stay calm, inhale slowly before you blow with emotion instead of the facts.

    • JFK is not much differance the evidence is all there. I figured it to
      Prescott Bush through his Son’s group
      What is more startling is Oswalds connection to the eugenics program
      My article. “Did Oswald get killed for JFK or Dr. Mary’s Monkey!? Have a read

    • That’s ridiculous.

    • you don’t know that that’s ridiculous.

    • It is always amusing, or rather sad, to see such cogent confirmation of how effective the MSM brainwashing really is.
      Repeat a lie often enough……….
      This interviewer is just as obtuse and unapprised and tow’s the official line of cover up, disinformation and outright lies.
      911 should be a wake up call as to who the real terrorists are; the crackpots in the US government and the Zionists running it!
      There are only two terrorist nations, Israel and its puppet state the US of Atrocities.
      The evidence is incontrovertible; thousands of American Scientists, Architects, Engineers and Pilots, all have concluded that the evidence is irrefutable and points to government insiders, namely Zionists, and Mossad, our friend Israel’s very own secret service.
      When will the public wake up to the horrendous nightmare this country has become!

    • The evidence is far from incontrovertible. A bunch of crackpots who want to gain some notoriety have put forth their incredible theories. That’s what the conspiracy theorists call evidence.

    • Really. Ignorance is bliss I do agree. But arrogance is a downfall of the USA. Moreover the citizens of that country that are too busy chasing the American Dream. There is more evidence to support 9/11 as an inside job than to dispute it. My favorite is Building 7. Silverstein made a fortune on the demo of that building. And the records that it held cleared alot of the atrocities commited by the same government. But that’s ok. Some AlQuida monkey in a cave did it. lol

    • Then why can’t you get out of your pajamas and get a real job?. . . there’s the real conspiracy–that someone can’t know what’s real unless they’re paid to post. . .

      . . .Post on your off time like normal people.

    • You’re dead on target Ronaldo, my brother in-law used to suscribe to all the forums and get paid for it. never told me who paid him but he DID work in his pajamas quite often, if you call that work heh heh. He’s an A.Jones fan now and has a real job– damn, that real info can just suck you right in and make you want to learn something

    • was it conspiracy dic cheney gave taliban money 4 pipeline how much money where did money come from where is contract taliban singed singin i got ur money all the way back 2 afganistan cant ask ken lay cheney had him murdered on way to jail he was going 2 spill beans on bush cheney and he keft some evidence which will be presented after election no matter who wins its going 2 have 2 be dealt with public expose and niether side will be able 2 cover this up good thing cheney got new heart 2 serve him well doing life in prison its comn like tidal wave???motorhome lasvegas

    • Wow! Talk about crackpots!

    • The simplest explanation is always the most likely, but that does not stop people who are naturally suspicious from dreaming up all kinds of unlikely theories.

    • . . . like 19 Arabs, none of whom could maintain control of a light aircraft, flying large passenger jets at high speed into precise targets. . .

      Yes. . . we are in trouble when we accept without question based upon what is more comfortable.

    • Thankfully we have men in this country who are NOT afraid to speak the truth. Jesse speaks the truth and if you can’t handle the truth, like so many other sheeple–then you will suffer the consequences and never KNOW what hit you…

    • My friend do you know what’s hitting you and me!?
      See how they found out cancer is a virus that can be admistered by shots
      And cancer has a switch on by radiation ie. The airport and wifi etc.
      Article “Did Oswald get killed for JFK or Dr. Mary’s monkey”

    • ignorance is bliss

    • Grow up and start looking for the truth! He made a lot of sense based on fact. Morgan is part of the old conciousness trying to hold on to the old dishonest ways.

    • You’d really like my website
      You haven’t even scratched the itch. You do know about GMO right and see the new studies. But did you know they gave us all cancer discovering it to be a virus they made it in flu shots and vaccines and they discovered that cancer has a switch ,switched on by radiation like airports and cell phones.etc
      Article I wrote is “Did Oswald get killed for JFK or Dr. Mary’s monkey”. That should blow your skepticles.

    • Rosalee — troll, or sleeping sheeple?

    • rosenose, no one cares what you think. go kiss a commie.

    • @Rosalee

      Dude, seriously, stfu. That retarded generic meme of the MSM isnt going to work anymore. Go read a f’ing real history book, not the mainline trash and lies youve been taught your whole life. Go look up Operation Northwoods…i supposed thats a ‘conthpeewathee theewee’ too , right? I suppose building 7 being reported to fall on BBC 20 minutes before it did, which can be seen all over YT and elsewhere, is also just some made up nonsense, as well as the other 3939032092390 holes in that bs ‘official’ story. Take the f’ing chains of your mind and stop being a mindless controlled zombie of the manipulator control freaks and wake the f up.

    • how about news guy interviewing the expert on street about fire fuel the structural integerity tower where did this guy come from lets find him and news guy andclamp electrods 2 there nutsack and see what they have 2 say they were preping people be4 buildings came down seriously water boarding not good enough elec on nutsack make m talk motorhome lasvegas also after inatial impact and burst the so called fuel would have burnt up immeaditly and would the fire suppression system not wet all the lower floors????and what about traces of explosive found in dust i suppose that just occurs naturally after fire y was cheney in bunker at white house that morning not in his office what a joke???motorhome

    • While I do not trust our GUBmint or media in any stretch of the imagination, I find it impossible that our GUBmint could ever pull off a 9/11 inside job, or knocking down building 7 without word leaking out! With all the people needed to make that happen it would be completely impossible to keep that quiet. Me thinks Jesse has been dropped on his head in the ring just a few too many times!

    • Harry Truman didn’t know about the Manhatten Project until the day after FDR died… FACT. It’s called “need to know;” look up Fletcher Prouty’s book The Secret Team which the CIA tried mightily to suppress (Prouty worked for the CIA under Dulles). Also, Gulf of Tonkin has been declassified, and LBJ lied; there is no question about this. So the Viet Nam war was an inside job as well, and yet how many knew about that until Ellsberg stole the Pentagon Papers out of the Rand Corporation headquarters?

      Do the research before resorting to logical fallacies to suppress your cognitive dissonance. Try researching Lavon Affair, U.S.S. Liberty, and Operation Gladio. These are all undisputed conspiracies, not “theory”.


    • we need 2 repeal everyword af it and charge everyone that signed itwith treason put them on trial they usurped the constitution and continue 2 do so motorhome lasvegas

    • Paid role player, get out of your pajamas and get a real job. . . No one cares what you think until

      Post on your off time like normal people. . .

    • Do you have a problem with hearing the truth?

    • Yes, stop people from talking! That’s what this country needs right now! Stop talking Jesse. Why would we ever need to think or speak our opinions? We all know that the government has our best interests in mind and everything they tell us is true.

    • not theory, but facts. What you call conspiracy theorists are people who add facts together and come to a perspective nearer to the truth. The statement by the govt that a bunch of bearded cavemen stealing planes, planting explosives in the buildings (explosions are facts) is just a far-fetched, unbelievable conspiracy theory that only idiots like you would accept.

    • just like we got osama /we got his look alike man had gun next 2 him fought russians and didnt pick up weapon with hilos and gun fire going off 4 fifteen minutes waht a joke ?just like the air force detail that was told they werent needed whe kennedy was murdered they had fooyball nuke codes y wouldnt they be with president the col that was in charge was sent to antarica the next day explain that??gw bush and his buddies at cia murdered president kennedy three ships that went 2 bay pigs named barbara,houstn zapata and were retofitted in south carolina and gw did go ship yard and see them we the people have pictures of him at ship yard taken by employees explain that the bush familys day is comeing when all there dirty secrets will be exposed and best of all its one of there bussines partners? motohome lasvegas

    • You’re wrong. Jesse knows what he’s talking about and it’s not a conspiracy theory if it’s true. You’re the one who doesn’t want to open your eyes to the truth of what is going on in gov’t. if you can just dismiss Jesse so quickly.

    • @Rosalee……. In early 1937 the US State department’s European bureau stated that Hitler was a moderate and the Nazi’s were Germany’s best chance for good government that represented the people of that nation. There were some that claimed that Hitler was a sociopath and megalomaniac and was planning on wars and genocide of the Jews and Gypsy’s. The people that made claims of the Nazi’s plans were labelled .as “conspiracy theorists”, nuts and such.

      Fortunately the US government and media never lie to the American people.

    • Rosalee

      Anyone who DOESN’T believe in conspiracies is naive. Think it through carefully. One thing to think about – in the late 19th century there were powerful monopolies controlled by a small set of families. They were ruthless in the execution of their ambition and would roll over anyone who got in their way. They controlled virtually everything. Between 1890 and 1910 (or so) the public got wise and tired of this situation and “trust busted” them up into smaller companies thereby and hopefully dispersing these individuals’ and families’ power. Do you really think that these powerful ambitious people just shrugged their shoulders and said “well, I guess I’ll just have be nice from now on”. Or rather do you think it was more likely that they found a quieter, less obvious way to wield power and get what they wanted – like using government? If you think they went quietly into the night you are a fool. It continues to this day. If you want to save the country follow the owners manual – the constitution.

    • Rosalee, we, you can choose not to believe. It’s too scary to think but that does not change the truth.

    • Your name must be “nobody”. I have hear Jesse speak a lot and he’s a very educated man. Maybe you might want to check out some of what he said and see if it’s true. After all most people only want to hear what they believe.

  2. When Piers Morgan left the UK, the UK cheered.

    He is both a liar and an idiot. He is an odious waste of oxygen. Please, please, please don’t send him back.

    • Piers is the least altruistic person ever to leave the UK. He allegedly bought shares just days before his finance journalists recommended them in his newspaper.

      Trust his judgement at your peril.

  3. Great “debate,” thanks Mike!

    “You’re just trying to get the audience back on your side!” LOLS

  4. Rosalee, you silly girl. I know you said that with your tongue firmly planted in your cheek……………….right?

  5. Jesse is part of the plan, as much a part as Piers. You underestimate the degree of control – it is absolute.

    • [edited version of previous post–request you delete last post]

      Ahh. . . the same ol’ gambit–divide and conquer, if you can.

      I won’t work here. . . not now. Jesse Ventura is a guy who is potentially fallible at any time, yet he continues to strive and to learn. People can see it plainly in him and that’s why he impresses people.

    • I believe you nailed it!

    • EXACTAMONDO! Thank you Mark for making the most salient point. Jesse Ventira, a confessed atheist is a Son of Esau! Judaics are Edomites also Sons of Esau. To more effectively guide the Goyim, the Kabal sends dead agent surrogates to both sides to ensure they control the outcome. Hear now the simple objective to win the war to establish lasting peace and prosperity: “Abolish and Exterminate the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus bank of Credit Fraud.”

  6. Here’s the answer – let the entire world unite against this frightful cabal that promotes a united world, and thereby fulfill the very purpose of the cabal. Catch-22.

    • This cabal is killing you and me right now!
      See my site on how they are giving us cancer
      And how cancer is turned on by radiation ,the airport scanners and cells. Origins are in an article I wrote ..Did Oswald get killed for JFK or Dr. Mary’s monkey.

    • “This cabal is killing you and me right now!” … IF you ever get your “act” together, within the Holy Word of Almighty God: YOU MIGHT COUNT THIS A BLESSING!!! … Albeit:

      In about 6-months, your WORST NIGHTMARE, WELL MAY BE YOUR FONDEST DREAM!!!!

  7. I agree about the absolute control in regards to Jesus. Those who know the real Jesus know it is a Christ (moral) consciousness that was crucified with the doctrines of original sin,atonement,the Trinity and divine sonship of Jesus. The truth that Jesus taught was crucified and buried. All those doctrines make people docile and sheeplike .Therefore it is only moral consciousness that can survive the death of Christ meaning logic,reasoning and truth and raise (resurrect) reason to the truth and willpower to self redemption.

  8. This is Jesse at is his best. America is doomed to fascism , the evidence is presented here by Rosalee and the unthinking, non-questioning, blind majority she woefully represents. They are like the proverbial frog in a boiling pot, unaware of their own peril. I used to think this large segment of our society was just plain dumb, and that one day they would wise-up, but alas, it’s something more profound than simply a lack of education or awareness. They don’t even want to know the truth.
    As for Piers Morgan, he’s simply another professional liar who values his career above scruples. Although it was satisfying to see Jesse mop the floor with him, Jesse will never get anywhere politically. There is no place in American politics for the truth. They lost that chance with JFK. A few of us on the fringes understand that. I think most of us who ‘get it’ have long ago realized that there will be no justice. We sit back and marvel at just how easy it was for a criminal enterprise to take it all over. .

  9. Morgan is one of the most hated men in Britain.
    Soon to be in US also. How are you enjoying him America?

  10. Piers got slammed like the punk ass he is. Piers thinks the official story of 911 is fact. LOL.

  11. Jesse is going to get this guy in trouble for telling the truth.
    If your concerned with cancer agents in your food and vaccines you might read my article. my article is
    Did Oswald get killed for JFK or Dr. Mary’s monkey?!

  12. Eh… Jesse Ventura has been pretty sharp on many things before, but this was out of line even for Jesse. Not necc. because he’s right or wrong but because Jesse’s positions were so much more disorganized that he usually is.

    • You’re comment is disingenuous. . .

      . . .why are you here?

      Let’s see–It’s not important whether he’s “right or wrong”. . .

      . . .the only important point is your meaningless and baseless review.

  13. Amending the constitution is a great idea. There are so many inequities which need to be addressed. For example, no legislative body should be allowed to give itself a pay raise without public approval.
    The problem is no legislative body on earth is likely to yield one ounce of power and priviledge. The bill will never be allowed a hearing.

  14. Ha! What a schizoid Morgan is. He tells Ventura he’s a loon for believing that 9/11 was a set up job and we were fed disinformation, then turns around and agrees totally with Ventura that our government is completely corrupt. So, essentially Morgan is saying that he totally believes what this bribed and intensely corrupt government tells him.

    What a moron.

  15. Ventura is right, our system is corrupt and in grave danger with idiotic ruling by the leftists on the Supreme Court.

  16. certainly not a Piers Morgan fan by any means, but Jesse….I think you took too many chairs to the head….lol

  17. PBS documentary google 911 explosive evidence

  18. Jesus died on the cross because he did not believe it to be appropriate to go against the word of his Father…..Jesus IS of his Father…..Jesus IS God…..NO man can kill GOD…..ever………..!!!!

  19. Yea, conspiricy fact, do your research

  20. Just wondering: how can so many people be involved in something like 9/11 and not one has spilled the beans! Amazing!

  21. Take back your country!! JESSE FOR PRESIDENT!

  22. Piers Morgan was the face of neoliberal right wing propaganda as editor of the worst tabloid newspapers in the UK for years. He understands the principle of battering the uninforned with agenda based disinformation very well. What he doesnt understand is to analyse and to debate and to seek the truth. Investigative journalism means getting pictures of Paris Hiltons tits and little more to people like Morgan.

  23. I live in Minnesota and loved Jesse Ventura when he was Govenor-only honest man ever in office-he sent all the excess tax money back to us EVERY YEAR!!! Yippee! Had a great party too and finally made the idiot corporate media people wear giant wooden signs with a jackass if they wanted to interview him!!! Funny but he wasn’t bought and paid for and had no allies in the legislature and now sadly we are back to the same old ways- con artists running things again. Most people don’t have time to sort things out and just give up which is too bad but reality in America is a few old friggin wealthy geezer oil bankers run this mess not the paid off politicians and David Rockefeller has been the Godfather behind the scenes with his buddies. Google the Chairman of the American Establishment for them-John J. McCloy and the “six wise men” who made all the important decisions for the Rockefeller crowd. McCloy even sat on the Warren Commision, ran Germany after the War, the World Bank, Chase Bank, World War two choosing targets, locked up the japanese in camps, but had sat with Adolf Hitler in the Olympics in Germany and was legal represenative for IG Farben before also. Truth is stranger than fiction! Those boys run things not the polticians. Global now too and voting is a waste nationally unless Jesse runs or an outsider like him. The media is pure fantasy-whatever BS crap they program the sheep with for THIER purposes. The Matix is so good I figure it’s over probably.

    • I agree witth your views, James. Being aware of “The Matrix” is the first step. The real hard part is to “unplug” oneself from it. I’ve decided to live within the system but I am watching and preparing myself just in case I need to exit it.

  24. An Idiot interview an Idiot…the meeting of the cretinous minds!!!

  25. Ming…perhaps you should take a long hard look in the mirror…you illiterate miscreant, and, try purchasing a dictionary so that you can learn how to spell properly!

  26. in the end all that matters is love and ones relationship with the creator of the universe, namely Jesus Christ. He came to same us all from hell, He God does not send us to hell as He gave you and i the freedom of choice. We send ourselves to hell by rejecting His Son who came to save from hell or aka separation from God. .xoxox

  27. So this is where all the mentally retarded and psychotics hang out. Don’t worry – under Obamacare you’ll get your prescriptions taken care of.

  28. But the real unasked and unanswered question is: Is Jesse Ventura truly a Navy Seal?

  29. I bet Piers was scared to death Jesse was going mention Israel and Aipac too bad he didn’t

  30. Two things, first, while religion has in the past been the cause of wars such as the Crusades this excuse for being an atheist is flawed. It is a violation of religion to go to war. In fact, it is no longer done except by radical Islam. This what is meant my using the lords name in vain.

    Second, if your an atheist, who are you accountable to? Yourself? Do you make the rules? The Nazi’s were evil because they replaced the State with God, another violation of the Ten Commandments. They made the rules and they paid for it. We paid for it by not stopping it.

    • The century in history where the people have been the farthest away from God is the 20th. Over 200,000,000 lives were lost in the 20th century in wars that had nothing to do with religion.

    • And the reason why the 20th century had the most deaths to war has nothing to do with God and how close or far we are from him. It has to do with technology. Man advancements in technology,( ie machine guns, tanks, airplanes, naval fleets, atomic bombs etc) is the reason so many died in wars in the past century.

    • Worship of the State is not commonly a characteristic of agnostics or atheists. However, those that worship the State often hide under the guise of nationalism. A good examples is often found with those that claim American exceptionalism. Many social conservatives are, in fact, State worshipers and idolaters. In Germany many believed in Aryan superiority and the Master Race…… American exceptionalism and other versions of such around the world are merely variations of “Master Race”, “divine favor”, or whatever that places nationalism and the State in a deification role.

  31. well hopefully Piers Morgan will keep giving interviews with people telling the truth and there are plenty of them on the Alex Jones site. Hopefully he will have them on to play the devil’s advocate until people wake up and renounce their corrupt globalist paid off polititions. Like Rand Paul said : not one lobbyist would go to his dad’s , Ron Paul’s office, but they were running around like cockroaches to almost all the other congressmen.

  32. Ventura is a moron! My apologies to the morons, he doesn’t have to be, he chooses to be!

  33. This Piers Morgan is one of the most inept, irritating interviewers in that business. Its a real wonder they permit such an oaf to pollute the airwaves with his inane, hapless manner and complete lack of respect for the guest. He doesn’t interview , he doesn’t even debate, more like some high school miscreant who threatens to take his ball home if he doesn’t get his own way. What a baby.

  34. The idea that 9-11 was an inside job is silly. There is absolutely no compelling evidence and the idea itself makes no sense. Who was part of the conspiracy, GWB? Why would he want to destroy NYC, the pentagon and the capitol? That must mean that Barry Obama now knows about it and many other people who conspired with GWB. And, none of these people have ever come forward to explain the reason for this plan.

    Then there’s the idea that Israel was behind it. Yeah, how did Israel benefit? Destroying Sadaam Hussein did not help Israel. He was a counterbalance to Iran. Invading Iraq actually hurt Israel.

    The aftermath of 911 and the resulting wars is that the U.S. is much weaker economically and around the world. If someone other than Al Qaeda were behind 911 that would have been their motive. Hmmm, sounds like Islamic terrorists are at the top of the list of groups that want to destroy the U.S.

  35. Jesse Ventura was right on target! If people were willing to listen to the facts he’s uncovered maybe more would get their heads out of the sand and start asking some hard questions like he has.

  36. Some people are not taking the time to understand the point you’re trying to make. In essence, you’re saying wake up and pay attention regarding the money involved–most of all of that which doesn’t get reported–the various corporate and government collusion in all major departments of the government. To think that government has the upper hand in this arrangement is certainly naive. People in compartmentalized functions of government and corporate activity merely act according to information they’ve been given. “Conspiracy” for the most part is rather the kind of influence we’ve always had from interests who are rarely called to account for their actions.

    People once had the ability to reach past labels rather than search for a label as a prepackaged product–so that they have no need to truly consider anything for themselves. We’ve been conditioned unknowingly to “think” in this fashion and something is not acceptable until it has been acknowledged on television or an established authority. All controversy then belongs to the political charade of right and left, where supposed ideals reign supreme over facts and credible, original sources of information–as if those who have the most influence really care only about democrats and republicans and their endless unresolved debates.

    • In other words, let them not label you as “Conspiracy theorists”. . .Throw out all labels if you can–in your search to know and understand. Nothing is lost and everything is to be gained with a real and uncompulsive dialogue.

      Truth and one’s ideals with not run away and does not require a compulsive presentation. Such is the failing of the major political parties and their stated ideologies. Ideals need not be proven every moment as a young child trying to prove its worth. Those that are prepared to see them (ideals) in your words and actions will do so. Others will not then be repulsed in the mean time.

      The bedrock and inspiration then is knowing that the truth and the greater reality is ever-present, regardless of appearances and those who manipulate them for good or ill intent.

  37. Jesse is full of bull on many issues. Pierce is naive! Jesse is all over the board!

  38. Jesse Ventura does his homework; speaks the truth; and is not afraid of the “government”.
    Those of you who can only cuss, call names, repeat a bunch of rhetoric are still asleep. Ignorance is bliss until the you finally get the rude awakening. There will always be people who are too arrogant to ever admit they could be wrong; refuse to do any actual research on their own; and just cannot fathom what is right in front of their face.
    Yes, when I find out I’ve been wrong, I not only admit it, I learn from it. No one knows everything; but the pattern of corruption is there in the history.
    Piers Morgan is a liberal from a liberal nation. That nation has had knowledgeable leaders in the past, but those lessons are now ignored. I saw him state on one of his shows that in England, you can go to a doctor or hospital and pay nothing. He actually used the words, “it’s free.” REALLY? Anyone who thinks there is any such thing as “free”, as in no cost, needs a serious re-look at their math skills. Nothing is free. The cost may not be immediately visible, but it is there and it will be paid one way or the other.

  39. If Bush and Cheney were so smart, evil, and diabolical to plan the greatest conspiracy and mass murder in American history, which would have have to involved dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of co-conspirators and managed to keep them all from talking… Wouldn’t they been smart enough, capable, and diabolical enough to plant a few WMDs in the desert of Iraq either before or after the invasion??? A conspiracy that would have involved far fewer people… After 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq my conclusion is the only thing Bush / Cheney and our government are guilty of is incompetence!

    • The incompetence theory doesn’t hold water as no one was punished. Even Pearl Harbor, which we now know was allowed to happen as the WTC/Pentagon attack was (the most sophisticated air defense system in the world does not simply have a “bad day” without moles on the inside serving a higher agenda beyond that of the Constitution), produced patsies like Kimmel who was subsequently cleared.

      It wasn’t Bush; he was out of the loop. Cheney and Richard Clarke were, according to my research, in the loop, and working with Mossad. Start reading Veteran’s Today which has been blowing the lid on 9/11 and Israel’s involvement with real military whistleblowers for many months now.

  40. Jesse is my hero. America and the rest of the world need to wake up from their Matrix reality. (a prison for your mind) 9/11 was a false flag attack on America by their own government in order to put into place the Patriot Act. They needed a polarizing event to make it happen. Something so horrific, it would convince the American people to give up some of their civil rights in the name of security. Why do you trust your own government? It’s because you were indoctrinated to trust them from the day you were born. It’s all a big system created by those in power to control the masses. And those in power will do anything, ANYTHING, to maintain their control. That is why the masses need to wake up before it is too late. But according to some, it is already too late.

  41. Ventura’s had toooooooooooooooooooo many acid trips.

  42. Ventura is a buffoon to think the Bush Administration had any thing to do with 9/11. Those conspiracy theories do nothing but tear our country apart. Get real Ventura!

  43. I think it may be due more to steroid use as a wrestler when his head also got banged around.

  44. The largest wars in history were spawned by the religion of humanism, of which dopes like J. Ventura admit to being members of claiming to be Atheists.

  45. Kurt I have heard what Ventura had to say about the Gov’t and 911. He did’nt say that GW had anything to do with it only, that they know something was up and no serious precautions were taken. He further explains that our Gov’t has long since tried to controll us but has failed. I dont always agree with Ventura but this one has some legs.

  46. While Jesse is ‘overboard’ on many things, he has points. Wars are NOT based on religions, economics, oil etc. They are based on POWER. The Power to dictate who gets the Oil, whose religions dominates. Power Power. They rest is secondary.
    I respect Jesse as a Sea/Govl. I believe Atheist are wrong, There is a God.
    I also believe Piers is an elitist snob right in there with main stream media. The audience showed Piers who they supported.
    Piers can not even say his own name correctly he pronounces it Piss Mawgan.

  47. Piers Morgan is merely another front-man puppet for the elitist-controlled media. Moron (sorry, I mean Morgan) when challenged by Ventura, plays the “conspiracy theorist” card and calls Ventura “naive” and “ridiculous”. Note that Morgan goes to an ad-break when Ventura talks about the BBC news story regarding Building 7 collapsing BEFORE it actually collapsed. Obviously the producers upstairs KNEW this was a problem and cut Ventura off before he was able to reveal more truth about 9/11. This is yet another example of the elitist-controlled media clearly filtering and preventing the release of real information to public.
    And note that Morgan says his research on 9/11 is through a newspaper he was working with at the time who did extensive reporting on a daily basis (if I heard correctly). Well, there’s the first flaw – you can’t believe anything in the main-stream media (tv or printed). They toe the official govt line and beat the mainstream propaganda drum that it was a bunch of al-qaeda terrorists who could barely fly a kite and were taking orders from a guy living in a cave thousands of miles away. Do your research – I can tell you there is an abundance of evidence out there which strongly suggests otherwise. Extend your research past the daily newspaper and tv news – they tell us what the govt wants us to hear.
    And as for Piers Morgan – interesting name “Morgan” don’t you think? Any relation to the Morgan banking family (as in, JP Morgan)? I wonder. Might explain how he got such a lucrative job and is able to use his media influence to publicly label truth-seekers as conspiracy theorists when they get close to exposing the real scumbags who orchestrated 9/11.

  48. Most people only like to hear what they believe. Thus conspiracy is used quite a lot. Why not take the time to check things out. Jesse was the first to expose Nestle’ from stealing water from the Great Lakes so he was right with that. Meanwhile Nestle’ put out propaganda to try and stop the new.

  49. WOW! I just read every diatribe to date. My head hurts, oh, so much!
    If any of you are still watching the daily newscasts, you have no clue!
    If you don’t know what is happening in Europe, how it got that way and think we won’t be affected, you have no clue!
    If you are going to actually vote on November 6, 2012, you have no clue!
    If you are not checking out the internet daily for the “real” news, you have no clue.
    I have a clue and firmly believe over 90% of the respondents to this article have NO clue!
    We are in trouble!

  50. We of us in the so-called western world pride ourselves for being such an advanced people. Our technology, our ability to do just about anything we want. Never mind that we in the US are only approximately 30% of the worlds population, but we need and will get at any cost, approximately 60% of the worlds resources. Profit is the key word here. Our food supply
    genetically modified; ground water and air becoming a danger to drink and breathe; income disparity incredibly divided between the few rich and the burgeoning poor; cities going bankrupt; Wall Street earnings highest ever (May 2013); graduates leaving schools and no chance of a decent job – moving back to Mom and Dad and on and on it goes.

    Yes, those in power need proven methods to control what could be civil unrest. Keep people in fear – if not real enemy’s – create them.
    I always wondered why our supposed enemy would attack on a day that is so fixed in our mind a rallying point or an emergency call, yup 911. So neat that we just have to mention 911 or actually use it to place in our minds “what those dirty Mother F_____s did to us.” Yup, again – fear and
    anger that’s the trick.

    But our days are numbered though. I understand that the economic part of our government now borrows .40 cents for every dollar it needs to operate. Printing press money or just plain never-ending need for credit –you will have to admit is now just a disaster waiting to happen.

    The real question that should be on everyone’s lips is; can we survive? Can we develop a new set of rules whereby profit is not king? By introducing the rule of “function” i.e., the ability to maintain ourselves by doing what is needed?

    So dear reader, have I caused you to pause a bit or are you starting to
    write that I am just a crazy nut. On thing for sure – things are not going to get better.

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