Forget the Euro…Will Spain Ultimately Break Up?

In March 2010, I wrote a piece called, Bureaucracy Gone Wild and the Return of Nation-States, in which I wrote:

What is truly ironic about the whole mess we find ourselves in is that it seems the greatest fear of those that want to just keep pushing forward on the prior economic model that totally died in 2008 but has been resuscitated briefly by the printing of monopoly paper is that the world will move away from globalization into more isolated and potentially aggressive nation-states.  The irony is that by doing what they have done they are not going to stop that progression but rather will make that outcome that much more extreme once it ultimately presents itself. 

As a planet, we are moving in the direction of massive decentralization.  While it seems the opposite is true, once the current system ends there will be no other option.  Political leaders and their institutions will have no credibility and people will have no choice but to start anew within much smaller communities.

What we saw in Spain’s wealthiest region yesterday is a great example of where things are headed.  While there are marches for independence in Catalonia every year on September 11, this year’s march was massive.  As the BBC reports:

The size of the turnout for the rally, which is held annually on 11 September to mark the Siege of Barcelona 300 years ago, forced organisers to change its route.

Alfred Bosch, an MP from the Republican left of Catalonia, told the BBC: “All the flags I can see are the pro-independence flags of Catalonia with the lonely star right in the middle of the triangle.

“And everybody is wearing these flags. I have never seen so many pro-independence flags in my all life.”

Protester Teresa Cabanes told Reuters: “This is a blow for the government. People like me came from everywhere. I don’t think they were expecting something as big.”

The huge volume of people overwhelmed the mobile phone network, which shut down for hours as a result, reports say.

Despite the efforts of the incompetent Western elite, the mega social trend of this current Fourth Turning will be decentralization.  The wise would start to prepare now.

Read the BBC article here.

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