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Why Bailouts are Anti-American in One Minute by Max Keiser

A succinct and eloquent summarization on why bailouts are the most Anti-American thing possible.

Thank you Max.


Harvard Law Professor Demolishes Obama

A little old, but very important if you haven’t seen it.  Roberto Unger, one of Obama’s law professors at Harvard and an adviser during the 2008 election, has totally thrown our Puppet in Chief under the bus.  Now, whether or not you agreed with the promises Obama made during his 2008 campaign, many people did and despite disagreeing with him on many of his economic ideas, a considerable chunk of independents voted for him thinking he would prosecute the banksters, defend civil liberties and stop the endless warfare.  Of course we now know that none of that happened.  So here we have it.  One of the guys who should be out there defending Obama absolutely demolishes him publicly.  Not that we needed him to tell us how much of a zero Obama is.  A complete joke and disaster. A lying hologram in an empty suit.  An utter embarrassment to us all.

The best quote that really does summarize Obama’s policy more than anything else…

“Obama’s policies amount to financial confidence and food stamps.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Watch the video below.