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Introducing The Liberty Mastermind Conference: Dallas June 28-29

I’m extremely pleased to formally announce my participation in what is sure to be an amazing conference in Dallas the weekend of June 28-29.  The event has been set up by Kerry Lutz and Robert Ian and the lineup is extraordinary, including Martin Armstrong, Bill Murphy of GATA, David Morgan, Jeff Berwick, myself and many more. The range of opinions and insights to be presented will be varied, but what unites us all is a passion for liberty and a steadfast dedication toward advancing the cause of freedom in these United States and beyond.  Not only will you be inspired by the talks, but it will be a great opportunity to connect in person and network.  I hope to see you all there!

Click here for more information and to sign up for The Liberty Mastermind Conference.

In Liberty as always,

My Latest Interview with Max Keiser: Chile Surpasses America in Economic Freedom

In 1970, Salvador Allende became the first Marxist elected President in a Latin American country.  That country was Chile – the country of my mother’s birth.  Upon election, Allende went on a massive nationalization and land seizure campaign as a means to accomplish his economic, social and political ends.  My mother was far from wealthy, but she could see the writing on the wall and fled Chile to the United States the following year.  It was a wise move, as less than two years later August Pinochet took over in a military coup and installed a 20 year dictatorship.

The United States provided a wonderful refuge for my mother and the country embraced her and gave her and her soon to be family wonderful opportunities.  While certainly far from perfect, the United States provided her the economic and political freedom she could never have had in Chile.

In a sad irony, Chile is now ranked well above the United States in economic freedom.  See this study from the Heritage Foundation.  Within her lifetime, the country of her birth has transformed from a dictatorship to more “free” than the United States.  This is beyond tragic and must be reversed immediately.  The banker coup of 2008 must never be forgotten.  We still need to deal with all of the criminals in the banking, corporate and political complex that looted this nation and have put us on this path of decline.  Until we clean out this trash, we will never recover.

All of this and much more in my latest interview with Max Keiser.  Enjoy!

Oh and the show is also dubbed in Spanish if you are so inclined.  En espanol here!

My Interview with “Wall Street for Main Street” – Keynesian Jedi Mind Tricks!

This is my first interview with Jason Burack of Wall Street for Main Street.  In this thirty minute podcast, I really dissect the Keynesian matrix of insanity.  As I said on twitter earlier today, what we have is not Socialism or Capitalism, it is Ponzism.  Enjoy!


Video Blog #2: What to Expect from the Fed Tomorrow

Since nothing else moves the markets these days besides the utterances of insane Central Planners armed with printing presses, I figured it would be a good idea to preview tomorrow’s Fed decision.  I find the setup particularly interesting since the consensus seems to be expecting QE3 and I do not.  Have a watch!

My Inaugural Podcast: Jackson Hole and Gold

So I finally decided to record a podcast.  It is something I have contemplated for a while and I finally got around to it.  The reason why I did it today is probably a combination of the boredom in the markets but also tomorrow’s Jackson Hole spectacle.  Viewer feedback would be really helpful as I would want to know if people find the podcast format useful and enjoyable.


Dr. Dave Janda Radio Interview – July 2012: LIBOR-GATE Proves All Financial Markets are Fraud

Yesterday, I was once again fortunate enough to come on Dr. Dave Janda’s radio show broadcasted out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Dave is a surgeon and healthcare policy expert fighting on the front lines of the liberty movement for all of us.  He also allowed me to post his thoughts on Obamacare recently, which turned out to be one of the most popular posts on my website to date!

Please have a listen to the interview, I think you’ll really enjoy this one…

My Latest Interview with the Most Dangerous People in Financial Media

In case you missed it, Josh Brown recently published a list via the Huffington Post of what he believes are the 25 most dangerous people in financial media.  He definitely got the first two slots correct.  At the very top are Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert, who unrelentingly publish their “Financial War Reports” daily here.  At the number two position, is Zerohedge, the best financial site on the web.  I have been fortunate enough to have collaborated with Max, Stacy and Zerohedge for the past two years and it has been an extremely rewarding experience.  To get to the point, below is my just released latest interview on the Keiser Report.  I think it’s the best one we’ve done in a while.  Enjoy!

The Big Print is Coming

We are discreet sheep; we wait to see how the drove is going, and then go with the drove. We have two opinions: one private, which we are afraid to express; and another one – the one we use – which we force ourselves to wear to please Mrs. Grundy, until habit makes us comfortable in it, and the custom of defending it presently makes us love it, adore it, and forget how pitifully we came by it. Look at it in politics.
- Mark Twain

Humanity’s most valuable assets have been the non-conformists.  Were it not for the non-conformists, he who refuses to be satisfied to go along with the continuance of things as they are, and insists upon attempting to find new ways of bettering things, the world would have known little progress, indeed.
- Josiah William Gitt

The media I’ve had a lot to do with is lazy.  We fed them and they ate it every day.
- Michael Deaver (Former top aide to President Reagan)

Has The Fed Waited Too Long?
Those that know me understand clear as crystal that I don’t approve of massive money printing.  I think it is theft, plain and simple, and represents an egregiously deceptive manner of transferring wealth from the poor to the wealthy and from the productive to parasitic financial oligarchs.  That being said, the world we live in is being led by a bunch of crooked banksters and the Central Planners that do their bidding.  At the top of the Central Planning global ponzi pyramid, is our very own Federal Reserve, headed by master Keynesian magician, the Wizard of Eccles, Ben Bernanke.  For the vast majority of 2012, the Federal Reserve has been playing a very, very dangerous game.  This game has been to pretend that they will not be printing any more money in an attempt to get commodity prices down as low as possible before they proceed with the inevitable.  While they have done this on a smaller scale many times in the past, this particular game of chicken has in my opinion gone dangerously wrong.  You see, ever since the 2008 debacle the Fed has been quite aggressive and more or less “ahead of the curve” when it has come to feeding new liquidity into the system…until now.

All of the prior programs were ready to go at the first hint of economic weakness.  Even if they weren’t launched right away, the intention to print was made clear and this stabilized the system in the short-term.  Not this time.  This time the Fed realized that their models weren’t working.  Employment continued to be weak as inflation picked up.  Everyone was starting to complain about gasoline and the public was increasingly making the connection between Central Banking/fiat money and the rise in their cost of living.  Occupy Wall Street emerged on the scene.  All of these things put Bernanke and all his other vampire brethren on the defensive, and indeed in a box.  They increasingly had to rely on less effective, more opaque means of providing liquidity.  The Fed swaps to Europe was one example.  The European LTRO was another.  All of this has been done and all of it has now proven to be a failure.  The periphery of Europe is in mired in an all out Depression and many of the BRIC countries are much closer to being in a collapse than many want to admit.  That said, there is still this consensus that the U.S. is experiencing decent growth that will continue and perhaps accelerate into 2H12.  Not only do I not agree with this, I think there is a good chance the U.S. is now experiencing negative growth.  I think May represents the first month of real domestic weakness.

Stocks are Collapsing on Bad News                        
What I have noticed this quarter more than in any other in recent memory is that names are vaporizing on even the hint of bad news.  Let me show you some frightening examples.



Cisco Systems

JC Penney

If the market was confident that this was just a blip I do not think these stocks would have responded this way and then barely rebounded.  Similarly, there are many names that have put up strong results, only to have sold off on the news.  HD, COH and RL come to mind.  To me this is evidence of the market sniffing out economic weakness ahead, and more importantly a Fed that is behind the curve for the first time since 2008.

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