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Interview #2 with Blacklisted News.com!

Earlier this evening, I sat down for the second time with Doug Owen of the excellent site blacklistednews.com and we had a nice long chat about the bankrupt world we live in.  We start off discussing the recent congregation of ponzi scheme artists in Davos, move on to resource wars in Africa, and finally finish with an optimistic long-term view of the future thanks to the connectivity of a free and open Internet.

Enjoy the ride!

Picture of the Day: Happy New Year from Warren Buffett

Take that serfs!


Revolving Door Update: Shamed Swiss Central Bank Chief to Join BlackRock

Anyone surprised here?  So the guy who decided it was a great idea to peg the Swiss Franc to the sinking stone that is the Euro, and whose wife was accused of insider trading by front running that decision, finally received his reward from the crony capitalist financial oligarchs…a top position at BlackRock!  He will be reporting directly to Chairman and CEO Larry Fink.  You know, the guy that claimed “Markets like Totalitarian Governments” last year.  Here’s the clip in case you missed it.

Key Quotes:
Swiss central bank chairman Philipp Hildebrand, who quit over a currency trading scandal, is to join BlackRock as vice chairman in October.

Hildebrand resigned from the Swiss National Bank (SNB) after his wife Kashya carried out a currency trade just weeks before he oversaw the introduction of a cap on the Swiss franc’s value.

The former Moore hedge fund manager was later found by a SNB commissioned audit not to have broken the central bank’s rules. (hahaha what rules!)

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