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“Slaves are Always Disarmed”

In the wake of the mainstream media’s latest attack on the 2nd Amendment care of Bob Costas and Piers Morgan, I bring you an absolutely phenomenal article by Charles Cook.  This man destroys Piers in a manner I thought only Jesse Ventura capable of.

As conservatives including myself never tire of pointing out to the uninitiated, the not-unrelated notions that the Second Amendment is either a historical anomaly or that it only applies to, say, hunters are both arrant nonsense. You won’t hear this in school, kids, but the right to bear arms is an issue that not only predates the Second Amendment by a matter of centuries, but one that strikes at the very heart of the relationship between the citizen and the state. Free men who control the government can, of course, bear arms. Slaves cannot. The distinction is crucial, as Dred Scott discovered.

– Charles Cook

Just read this article.  Fantastic work.

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