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The FBI Busts Up Another of its Own Terrorist Plots and Politicians Rush to Blame the First Amendment

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Like other recent sensational “terror plots,” however, the criminal complaint unsealed yesterday demonstrates the key role of an undercover law enforcement informant in both formulating and facilitating the alleged plot. It doesn’t appear that Velentzas or Siddiqui actually planned or attempted to bomb any target, nor is there any evidence of discussions about how to create a bomb before the introduction of the informant into their lives.

While Velentzas appeared to have latent sympathy with the Islamic State, contrary to sensational media reports she is not alleged in the criminal complaint to have had any contact with the group.

Their discussions allegedly progressed, with the informant and Velentzas meeting to talk in greater detail about how to create a bomb, using information gleaned from The Anarchist Cookbook, and discussing whether it would be appropriate to target a gathering of police officers with such a device. At several points in the complaint, Velentzas indicates her reticence about doing anything that might harm “regular people,” even criticizing the Boston Marathon bombers for killing and injuring civilians. During this time, the informant also provided both Velentzas and Siddiqui with printed copies of Inspire, including selected passages about how to create explosives.

– From the Intercept article: Informant Provided Bomb-Making Manual to Alleged “ISIS-Inspired” Plotters

What does a government wanting its population to remain in fear so as to justify a total surveillance state, and a military-intelligence industrial complex hooked on billions in wasteful corporate welfare do in the absence of genuine terrorist plots? Create artificial plots, naturally.

This disturbing trend has been covered here at Liberty Blitzkrieg and elsewhere in recent years. Read the following articles for a couple of recent examples:

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Moving along, yesterday it was announced that the Feds had broken up an “ISIS inspired plot” involving two New York women, Noelle Velentzas and Asia Siddiqui. While these ladies certainly appear deranged, what is also clear is that they are incredibly incapable. There seems very little chance that they could ever inflict serious damage to American society without assistance and encouragement from the FBI, which is exactly what the agency provided them.

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Of Course, J.P. Morgan is Right at the Center of the Latest Italian Bank Scandal

This should come as no surprise to anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to the ongoing theft and fraud being perpetrated by the “too big to jail” financial oligarchs.  J.P. Morgan in particular these days seems to have its grubby, crony paws in almost every degree of theft one can imagine.  From Vatican money laundering, to running the food stamp program, to ripping off U.S. veterans, these guys have all their bases covered.  The latest?  Well it seems they were right there in the center of the latest scandal at the oldest bank in the world; Italy’s Monte dei Paschi.   From Reuters:

Feb 6 (Reuters) – Monte dei Paschi lied to the Bank of Italy about the terms of the so-called FRESH 2008 hybrid instrument, worth around 1 billion euros, which it used to partly fund its acquisition of Antonveneta, prosecutors alleged in a document obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.

In the document, prosecutors alleged that Monte dei Paschi’s then chief financial officer Marco Morelli had signed an indemnity document in favour of J.P. Morgan which was hidden from the regulator. J.P. Morgan in 2008 underwrote a 1 billion euro capital increase in Monte dei Paschi, and then structured the Fresh 2008 hybrid instrument, convertible in Monte dei Paschi’s shares, and sold it to a number of investors.

J.P. Morgan in Milan declined to comment.

Of course they did.  J.P. Morgan only likes to comment when Jaime Dimon is running his big mouth about how important his crony ass is.

Yep, clearly civilization would cease to exist without the too big to jail bankers.

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