Liberty Links 12/2/18 – France Fuel Protests: Tear Gas Fired in Clashes in Paris

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France Fuel Protests: Tear Gas Fired in Clashes in Paris (BBC)

Google Shut out Privacy and Security Teams from Secret China Project (Must read. Google is so dirty, The Intercept)

How a Future Trump Cabinet Member Gave a Serial Sex Abuser the Deal of a Lifetime (Infuriating, Miami Herald)

Marriott’s Starwood Database Hacked, 500 Million May Be Affected (Reuters)

It is Possible Paul Manafort Visited Julian Assange. If True, There Should Be Ample Video and Other Evidence Showing This. (More fake news from mass media, The Intercept)

Who Will Fix Facebook? (Matt Taibbi on internet banning/deplatforming, Rolling Stone)

How Bigoted ‘Backsliding’ in Saudi Textbooks Belies MBS’ Reformist Credentials (Must read on what’s being taught in Saudi schools, Al-Monitor)

Two Decades After 9/11, Militants Have Only Multiplied (Well done everyone, The New York Times)

U.K. and Ecuador Conspire to Deliver Julian Assange to U.S. Authorities (TruthDig)

Parliament Seizes Cache of Facebook Internal Papers (The Guardian)

Amazon and Lockheed Martin Announce Partnership (The creepiness factor of Amazon continues to rise, Digital Journal)

Has the United States Been Fighting the Wrong War in the Middle East? (The Nation)

U.S. News/Politics

Senate Defies Trump on Saudi Support in Yemen (Politico)

Why Is No One Treating Bernie Sanders like the Democratic Front-Runner? (The Spectator)

Why You Should Care About the Julian Assange Case (Rolling Stone)

Suicide, at 50-Year Peak, Pushes Down U.S. Life Expectancy (“America is already great,” AP)

Sundar Pichai Makes Case for a Potential Move into China by Saying Google Already Censors Information Elsewhere (Google’s CEO is awful and disingenuous, CNBC)

Google Employees Debated Burying Conservative Media in Search (The Daily Caller)

Rand Paul: ‘Right-Left’ Movement Coming Together to End Unauthorized Wars (Breitbart)

Twitter Permanently Banned Conservative Pundit Jesse Kelly (Reason)

Foreign Affairs/WW3

Mexico Elects Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador President (AP)

Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020 (Bloomberg)

Trump Administration Launches Last-Ditch Effort to Halt Anti-Saudi Bills (Al-Monitor)

Rand Paul: Trump’s Statement Puts ‘Saudi Arabia First’ (Washington Examiner)

Saudi Arabia Accused of Torturing Women’s Right-To-Drive Activists in Prison (The Telegraph)

Pompeo Handed Riyadh a Plan to Shield MBS from Khashoggi Fallout, Says Source (Middle East Eye)


Deutsche Bank Headquarters Raided over Money Laundering (BBC)

Free Vacations, $100,000 Discounts: Homebuilders Get Desperate (Bloomberg)

Across the West Powerful Firms Are Becoming Even More Powerful (The Economist)

Amazon Reportedly Left Police in Spain ‘Dumbfounded’ by Asking Them to Intervene in a Mass Warehouse Strike and Patrol Worker Productivity (Business Insider)

Cryptocurrencies to Survive Sell-Off: Allianz’s El-Erian (Reuters)

Liberty Blitzkrieg Partners

Open the Books (Every Dime. Online. In Real Time)

Pacific Precious Metals


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4 thoughts on “Liberty Links 12/2/18 – France Fuel Protests: Tear Gas Fired in Clashes in Paris”

  1. I’ve started telling people that Jeff Bezos represents a far bigger threat to American “democracy” (such as it is) than Trump. But it’s tough to explain why because you can’t fit the many reasons onto a simple bumper sticker.

  2. French Protests.Are not about only about Fuel l!!!! Macron’s last act was just the straw that broke the camels back!!!! That pushed the Freanch people over the edge!!!

    The Protests are less about Fuel and more about “Neoliberalism” !!!!
    Since Macron was elected ~ Macron has been systematically changing France into what the US population has been living with for Years.. The French People See this….. And the French People Are saying No!!! No!!! = No to Neoliberalism!!!

    The American People are like “Boiling Frogs” they don’ see that they are cooked and picked clean by Neocon & Neoliberal thieves who … Robbed them and corrupted their government for years… The French People and most of the world see this truth very clearly!!!! But the American MSM is owned by the same thieves that robbed them …. and MSM has Brainwashed them and distracted them and filled their minds with Bread and Circus !!!!

    The French People are doing what they did in 1968!!!! The American People should follow in the French People Footsteps!!!!! But they have been brainwashed for years …


  3. Macron must be dismissed because he violated the French constitution at least ten times.

    Violation # 1: impoverishment and precariousness of entire sections of French society.

    Violation # 2: the low-cost sale of strategic interests and public services.

    Violation # 3: the incessant denigration of the French people.

    Violation # 4: the muzzling in its favor of the public service’s audiovisual media, and the unprecedented attempt to impose a supposed truth by law, in particular by passing a law against so-called “fake news”.

    Violation # 5: undermining national unity

    Violation # 6: the programmed destruction of thousands of French communes.

    Violation # 7: a policy aimed at constantly eroding national independence and dissolving France in a federal Europe under German rule.

    Violation # 8: the violation of the rights of parliament and international law.

    Violation # 9: The permanent highlighting of a warlike rhetoric aimed at promoting continental European nationalism.

    Violation # 10: the constant disregard with which Macron deals with the French language and the French-speaking countries.


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