Martin Armstrong Reports on a Secret Meeting in London to Ban Cash

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At this point, anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention to the central planning economic totalitarians running the fraudulent global financial system is aware of the blatant push in the media to acclimate the masses to accepting a “cashless society.”

In the mind of an economic tyrant, banning cash represents the holy grail. Forcing the plebs onto a system of digital fiat currency transactions offers total control via a seamless tracking of all transactions in the economy, and the ability to block payments if an uppity citizen dares get out of line.

While we’ve all seen the idiotic arguments for banning cash, i.e., it will allow central planners to more efficiently centrally plan economies into the ground, Martin Armstrong is reporting on a secret meeting in London with the aim of getting rid of any economic privacy that remains by ending cash.

From Armstrong Economics:

I find it extremely perplexing that I have been the only one to report that there is a secret meeting in London where Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University and Willem Butler the chief economist at Citigroup will address the central banks and advocate the elimination of all cash to bring to fruition the day when you cannot buy or sell anything without government approval. When I Googled the issue to see who has picked it up yet, to my surprise Armstrong Economics comes up first. Others are quoting me, and I even find it spreading as the Central Bank of Nigeria, but I have yet to find reports on the meeting taking place in London when my sources are direct.

Other newspapers who have covered my European tour have stated that the “crash” of which I speak is the typical stock market rather than in government. What is concerning me is the silence on this meeting where there are more and more reports about a cashless society would be better.

If we look at the the turning points on the ECM, yes they have been to the day when there has been a concentration of capital in a particular market. However, it has also picked the turning points in political decisions such as the formation of the G5 with 1985.65, the very day Greece asked for help from the IMF in 2010, to the day of 911. What we better keep one eye open for here at night is this birth of a cashless society coming in much faster than expected. Why the secret meeting? Something does not smell right here.

This scramble by the power structure signals a certain desperation in the face of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. While these economic totalitarians always wanted a “cashless society,” they now realize time is not on their side. The best way to fight back against this is to support alternative, free market non-government solutions to the money problem (see my first article ever on Bitcoin: Bitcoin: A Way to Fight Back Against the Financial Terrorists?). Those of us who want a return to free markets and economic liberty need to do money better than governments ever could, so that the fiat fraud model is disrupted and thrown aside before it has a chance to evolve into something even more stifling and dangerous.

On a related note, if you haven’t seen the documentary America: Freedom to Fascism, I suggest you take a watch. If you want to skip to the part on the “cashless society,” go to 1:17:35.

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In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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14 thoughts on “Martin Armstrong Reports on a Secret Meeting in London to Ban Cash”

    • Try and fact check that!

      An other story did not name the bank that aledgedly refused to give cash for an 25 million or billion withdraw.

  1. Bitcoin … and it’s gone (yep, even that great new gold backed Bitcoin).

    The globalists want you in cryptocurrencies, Bill Gates says it’s “exciting”, muppets in abundance.

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    Champ is now an ‘operational system already in [the] tactical air force’

    Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile-Extended Range has been chosen as the delivery vehicle

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    Published: 12:36 EST, 26 May 2015

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    • Bitcoin is a scam because the block chain has physical constraints of size. It is a public ledger that must be held in many places to confirm ownership. There are not enough computers out there to support the ever increasing size of the block chain. Only govts and big corporations have that kind of capacity. BTW, the block chain records every transaction even the — it’s gone — type.

  2. The rich will never be cashless because they have mobility. When America goes digital Americans will go foreign. I can already see the atms at the chinese restaurant spitting out yuan.

  3. Here is my guess. The plan is a double hit: kill government paper + transform bank script into real cash. The biggest heist in human history, and here is why…
    Bank debt is a mutual debt: they emit script, which they owe us in cash. If we withdraw cash faster than we repay our debts, banks are wiped out. Bank script today is 97% of the money base. If they manage to convert script into cash, they clean their slate and owe us nothing anymore! They are willing to cause a massive crisis to impose the swap: government paper goes, bank script stays. In one single move, they convert all their debt into cash, get the full power of money creation, and control all human transactions. All this to save the economy, end tax fraud and stop terrorism, of course.


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