Two Congressmen Push for Release of 28-Page Document Showing Saudi Involvement in 9/11

I have publicly questioned the official story of 9/11 for many years. Of course, I’ve never claimed to know exactly what happened on that fateful day, but I’ve maintained that the official story stinks to high heaven. I always found it beyond bizarre that the U.S. launched a war against Iraq following the terrorist attacks, yet never really questioned the potential (and obvious) Saudi involvement, despite the glaring fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens.

Saudi suspicion crept even further into my mind following their anger at the U.S. for not going to war in Syria, in what now seems likely to have been a Saudi provocation to begin with.

Disturbingly, it appears the highest levels of the Bush Administration knew all too well about such a link and intentionally covered it up. The Obama Administration continues the coverup. The Saudi link is made clear in a 28-page, redacted classified document from 2002, which has now been seen by two Congressmen who were “absolutely shocked” by what they read. They are now leading a campaign to have these documents released and we must all support their efforts.

More from the International Business Times:

Since terrorists attacked the United States on Sept. 11, 2001, victims’ loved ones, injured survivors, and members of the media have all tried without much success to discover the true nature of the relationship between the 19 hijackers – 15 of them Saudi nationals – and the Saudi Arabian government. Many news organizations reported that some of the terrorists were linked to the Saudi royals and that they even may have received financial support from them as well as from several mysterious, moneyed Saudi men living in San Diego.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly denied any connection, and neither President George W. Bush nor President Obama has been forthcoming on this issue.

But earlier this year, Reps. Walter B. Jones, R-N.C., and Stephen Lynch, D-Mass., were given access to the 28 redacted pages of the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry (JICI) of 9/11 issued in late 2002, which have been thought to hold some answers about the Saudi connection to the attack.

“I was absolutely shocked by what I read,” Jones told International Business Times. “What was so surprising was that those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me. I cannot go into it any more than that. I had to sign an oath that what I read had to remain confidential. But the information I read disappointed me greatly.”

The public may soon also get to see these secret documents. Last week, Jones and Lynch introduced a resolution that urges President Obama to declassify the 28 pages, which were originally classified by President George W. Bush. It has never been fully explained why the pages were blacked out, but President Bush stated in 2003 that releasing the pages would violate national security.

Do we really need an explanation? Whenever the government wants to cover up its own crimes, or the crimes of our allies, they just yell “national security.” It’s a disgrace.

It took Jones six weeks and several letters to the House Intelligence Committee before the classified pages from the 9/11 report were made available to him. Jones was so stunned by what he saw that he approached Rep. Lynch, asking him to look at the 28 pages as well. He knew that Lynch would be astonished by the contents of the documents and perhaps would join in a bipartisan effort to declassify the papers.

While neither Jones nor Lynch would say just what is in the document, some of the information has leaked out over the years. A multitude of sources tell IBTimes, and numerous press reports over the years in Newsweek, the New York Times, CBS News and other media confirm, that the 28 pages in fact clearly portray that the Saudi government had at the very least an indirect role in supporting the terrorists responsible for the 9/11 attack. In addition, these classified pages clarify somewhat the links between the hijackers and at least one Saudi government worker living in San Diego.

Former Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., who chaired the Joint Inquiry in 2002 and has been beating the drum for more disclosure about 9/11 since then, has never understood why the 28 pages were redacted. Graham told IBTimes that based on his involvement in the investigation and on the now-classified information in the document that his committee produced, he is convinced that “the Saudi government without question was supporting the hijackers who lived in San Diego…. You can’t have 19 people living in the United States for, in some cases, almost two years, taking flight lessons and other preparations, without someone paying for it. But I think it goes much broader than that. The agencies from CIA and FBI have suppressed that information so American people don’t have the facts.”

Graham notes that there was a significant 9/11 investigation in Sarasota, Fla., which also suggests a connection between the hijackers and the Saudi government that most Americans don’t know about.

The investigation, which occurred in 2002, focused on Saudi millionaire Abdulaziz al-Hijji and his wife, Anoud, whose upscale home was owned by Anoud al-Hijji’s father, Esam Ghazzawi, an adviser to Prince Fahd bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, the nephew of Saudi King Fahd.

The al-Hijji family reportedly moved out of their Sarasota house and left the country abruptly in the weeks before 9/11, leaving behind three luxury cars and personal belongings including clothing, furniture and fresh food. They also left the swimming-pool water circulating.

Totally normal behavior. Move along my little sheeple, nothing to see here.

Lynch said he didn’t know how the Obama administration would respond to the congressional resolution urging declassification, if it passes the House and Senate.

“But if we raise the issue, and get enough members to read it, we think we can get the current administration to revisit this issue. I am very optimistic,” he said. “I’ve talked to some of my Democratic members already, and there has been receptivity there. They have agreed to look at it.”

Considering we have been pressured to give up many of our civil liberties as a result of the 9/11 attack, you’d think we might want to know what actually happened. Please share this post and get the pressure going to get this document released.

Full article here.

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13 thoughts on “Two Congressmen Push for Release of 28-Page Document Showing Saudi Involvement in 9/11”

  1. I’ve spent a good amount of time — as so many have — drilling into the events of 9/11. Here’s some of what I’ve discovered:

    1) There were plenty of advance, detailed warnings of an impending attack from sources both inside and outside the US (the best compilation I’ve seen is in Massimo Mazucco’s 5 hour documentary ‘September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor’ (Highly recommended)

    2) Insider trading occurred (Poteshman, Journal of Business, U of Chicago, 2006) — “about a 99% probability” (Zarembka, SUNY)

    3) Some 34 minutes after the second tower was hit — after which EVERYONE knew we were under a coordinated attack — the alleged flight 77 flew unmolested into Washington, DC airspace and struck the Pentagon. Secret Service agent Garibito is on record of being aware of this plane apprx 30 minutes before impact. Transportation Secretary Minetta gave sworn testimony to the 9/11 Commission that he was in the PEOC and a man kept coming into the room to alert Cheney “the plane is 50 miles out…30 miles out…and 10 miles out” when the man asked “Do the orders still stand?” Cheney said “Yes…”

    4) Of the 500+ testimonies of first responders recorded by the NYFD Graeme MacQueen, Phd. identified 118 who specifically described seeing, hearing and feeling explosions and their effects. There are scores of other witnesses to explosions available by searching the net.

    5) The 47 story WTC 7 was the 3rd steel framed high rise to totally collapse that day and did so at 5:20 in the afternoon. NIST has admitted that it came down at absolute free fall acceleration for at least 2.25 seconds. NIST has admitted that it was and is the first and only steel framed high rise to EVER totally collapse primarily from fires. But the case is even stronger: no steel framed high rise has ever totally collapsed for ANY reason other than controlled demolition. Free fall means that a building designed with a typical safety factor to hold 3x its weight, went almost instantly from 300% strength to 0% over some 8 stories of its ‘fall’.

    I believe from my personal evaluation of the available open source evidence that US, Israeli and Saudis, among others, were involved.
    I consider this attempt to declassify these 28 pages, though important, to be an attempt to divert attention and obfuscate the event. With 15 of the 19 alleged ‘hijackers’ being Saudis, how can they now say with a straight face “How did we miss the Saudi connection?” The 9/11 ‘Truth Movement’ has made incredible headway and the perpetrators can feel the heat.

  2. What those Reps discovered can be found in Dimitri Khalezov’s 9/11 book.

    Download links:

    Or read at:

    In a 2010 interview, Khalezov explained that you can’t build a skyscraper in NYC without an approved demolition plan. On 9/11, the World Trade Center’s demolition plan was put into action to demolish the complex.

    Khalezov learned of this demolition plan from his job in the Soviet Union. He had worked in the nuclear intelligence unit and under an agreement between the Soviet Union and the USA, each country was obliged to inform the other of peaceful uses of nuclear explosions. The WTC was built with 3 thermo-nuclear charges in its foundations.

    Note: underground nuclear explosions do not produce mushroom clouds. This is only ever seen when the explosion takes place above ground. On 9/11, the explosions were deep underground.

    More info:

    You can watch the 2010 interview at:
    Video # 4 – WTC’s demolition plan
    Video # 14 – WTC 7 (which fell ½ hour AFTER the BBC announced its collapse).
    Videos # 24/25 – chronic radiation sickness of WTC responders (their cancers are not due to asbestos poisoning)

    Khalezov was interviewed on 4 Sept 2013:

    I know it is preposterous to claim that the WTC was brought down by nukes but go check the definition of ‘Ground Zero’ in the old dictionaries you have at home. You’ll find that there would only be one definition and it would be a place where a nuclear explosion has occurred.

    After 9/11, the US government sent people round to every bookshop and public library on the planet to replace ALL the dictionaries with amended versions which have more definitions for ‘Ground Zero’. For example, the new versions (even of old editions) of the Merriam-Webster dictionaries have two extra definitions which are:
    2: the center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity or change
    3: the very beginning : SQUARE ONE

    Have a look at this video:
    At 6:05 mins, he shows the old and new definitions of ‘Ground Zero’.

  3. we are too ‘fragile’, or ‘stupid’ – take your pick – in the judgment of our ‘leaders’ to handle, or be told, the truth, respectively.

    we should trust those ‘made of a finer clay’ to ‘lead’ us to a better place, as they have been and continue doing currently. that will solve all our problems.

    aren’t you inspired that we are lead by so many honest, forthright, trustworthy people?

  4. It’s pretty clear by now that 911 was an intrigue between MIC, international bankers and various ME dictatorships (incl. Saudi regime), no ? The war plans for the ME destabilization were drawn years before.


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