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Video of the Day: F*ck the Fed

On this day, when the banker-cartel commonly known as the Federal Reserve is set to announce its latest decision in central planning, I thought it would be wise to revisit an old, yet classic video which calls out this neo-feudal institution for the state-sanctioned criminal enterprise it is.

Neal Fox summarizes my sentiments exactly with three simple words that say it all: F*ck the Fed.


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3D Printing Entire Homes and Neighborhoods May be Just Around the Corner

3D-Printing, along with Bitcoin and crowd-funding have been three of the primary disruptive and positive innovations/technologies that have come to the fore in 2013, which have the potential to change human existence in extraordinarily positive ways.

Although much of my attention on 3D-printing this year has been focused on the decentralized production of firearms, the potential of this species changing technology is virtually limitless. In no way is this more apparent than with regard to the fact that many of our future homes will likely be 3D-printed into existence.

In what is a truly remarkable speech, Behrokh Khoshnevis, a professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering at USC, explains this promising new technology in 12 minutes. He claims that by using a process he calls “contour crafting,” a 2,500 square foot house can be built in 20 hours.

Truly remarkable.


Here’s What Happens When an MSNBC Anchor Attempts to Sign Up for ObamaCare…

Apparently “Hope and Change” means broken websites and a complete and total echo chamber of nothingness on the other end of the phone when you call the ObamaCare help desk. This short segment is priceless and pretty much sums up the “state of the union” in the American Banana Republic. It’s kind of ironic that this would emerge from President Obama’s official PR channel MSNBC, which by the way shouldn’t be operating in the midst of a government shutdown…

Video of the Day: Government Explained

Ever wonder what would happen if an alien came down to earth and asked an average human to explain the dominant political systems in place?  Although the video is more than a year old, I had never watched it before and find it a really effective way to wake people up as to how absolutely absurd and dysfunctional our current way of governing really is.  I continue to strongly believe decentralization is the future of mankind, and that we now have the tools to make it work, such as the internet, 3D Printing and Bitcoin.  Enjoy!

Piers Morgan Does it Again! The Guy Can’t Help but Embarrass Himself

Good ol’ Piers Morgan never disappoints!  The British “journalist,” who was run out of the UK for publishing false news stories is at it again; embarrassing not only himself but also his profession, as well as further damaging whatever credibility still existed at mainstream media propaganda outlet CNN.

All year, Piers has been on a crusade against the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Personally, if I was living in a foreign country I’d be a bit more sensitive to their unique culture and history, but not Piers!  Amazing, considering he was already chased out of his home country years ago.  Lucky us!

The most popular thing I ever posted on my website was a video in which Jesse Ventura made him turn red in the face in front of a live studio audience (that post received 122 comments), so I couldn’t resist posting this one…

If you are pressed for time, skip to minute 6.  This is where Piers starts losing it and resorts to name calling.  You know someone has no argument when all they can do is shout names.


In Liberty,

Juice Rap News: Excellent and Entertaining Video on the Surveillance State

This is simply a great way to spend 5 minutes on another horribly boring day in the markets.